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Bad Ideas for Later

  • parasitic marmosets
  • Tale about lunchlady in site-19 cafeteria
  • double batman, siamese twins who are also batman. this is not an SCP idea but DOUBLE BATMAN

[14:43:36] <murphy_slaw> bad idea: the giant array of artillery aimed at Seoul is actually the government of NK
[14:43:48] <murphy_slaw> And is driving all policy decisions there
[14:45:18] <murphy_slaw> When Kim Il-sung died, his consciousness inhabited the artillery array and continues to run the government
[14:45:36] <Roget> We would call it
[14:45:41] <Roget> "The eternal president"
[14:45:46] <murphy_slaw> except that now he thinks like a massive array of artillery that wants to destroy Seoul
[14:45:47] <Roget> cos thats his title
[14:46:16] <murphy_slaw> and the rest of the regime is doing everything possible to prevent him from blowing up SK
[14:46:22] <murphy_slaw> but HE REALLY WANTS TO

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