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SCP-1171 in an state of inactivity.

Item #: SCP-1171

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No security measures of notable importance beyond the standard 3.5x4.5m non-reinforced humanoid enclosure cell are required to ensure the safe containment of SCP-1171. However, to guarantee its safety in case of medical emergency it is mandatory that SCP-1171 be connected to a life support system of the following specifications:

  • Positive pressure, invasive intensive care unit SIMV/CPAP mechanical ventilator.
  • Full system hemodialysis/renal intensive care machine.
  • ICD-T pacemaker with tachycardia/bradycardia pacing and shock capabilities. (Implanted as of 17/8/2014, routine checks required, read Dr. Fulton's surgery log for full details.)
  • Urinary Catheterization.
  • D5 1/2NS or MVI-12 10ml total peripheral nutrition.

Complete bio-telemetry and maintaining of adequate facilities for rapid cardio-cerebro-pulmonar resuscitation is mandatory, as SCP-1171's vital functions may alter severely or completely shut down without previous warning. Neuropharmaceutics are only to be administered after corroborating with electroencephalography data.

Nursing personnel are required to monitor SCP-1171 during his waking moments and inform investigation personnel of the subject's periods of activity.


SCP-1171 is a 184.2cm tall, 71.1 kilogram adult middle-aged Hispanic man of a medium build with a tattoo displaying an unidentified symbol in his inner right arm. Possesses no identified biological anomalies, toxins or diseases other than an unusually high concentration of 2-Aminopentanedioic acid of unknown origin that is thought to be linked with the patient's mental condition, though the relation remains unclear. Another anomaly observed is a fluctuating density of inhibitory neurotransmitters in the GABA precursor range, though the causes and effects of this are also not fully understood.

SCP-1171's main anomalous characteristic lies in the fact that it has been observed that the neural structures of important parts of the subject's brain (prefrontal cortex, hypothalamus, limbic system and cerebellum) are in a state of constant random morphing and self-reorganization that could be best described as an extreme form of neuroplasticity.
This constant 'rewriting' of the brain results in the subject lacking a set 'conscience'. Instead, the subject's memories, learned abilities, psychological traits, perception, instincts and even senses are constantly shifting and changing. The processes or causes of this mechanism are unknown.

From a purely neurological standpoint, it can be argued that SCP-1171 lacks a defined identity, and instead the temporary "consciousnesses" that the subject shows are merely a reflection of the anomalous processes yet to be understood.

While most of these spontaneously-generated "states of consciousness" are incapable of coherent thought or speech (and in some cases incapable of sustaining its own biological functions, thus the constantly required life support), several have been observed to posses distinct, functioning traits and even exhibit complex structures like language, deduction or introspection which in some cases (see Addendum) allows it to conduct basic dialogue. No "default" state of SCP-1171's consciousness has been observed.

There is no known standard duration of the states exhibited by SCP-1171, which vary from lasting a few minutes to several days (with the longest being recorded at 7.2 days). In several times, the subject has been shown to remember things experienced by the medic or scientific personnel, and has come close to partially replicating some of behavior, memories, tastes and speech structure of existing persons ([REDACTED], Dr. █████ ██ ██, known NFL player [REDACTED] among others, see BREM-D-121 report for full list). Vague traits of several fictional characters and defunct persons have also "manifested" themselves in SCP-1711's consciousness.

The most common states, however, are vegetative or incoherent states of mind created by the haphazard reconnection of the subject's neural network.

SCP-1711 was recovered in the small town of [REDACTED] in the continental United States at ██:██ hours the ██th of ██████, ████ following his involvement in a major car crash resulting in the death of █ of the town's residents.
The subject was charged with identity theft after identifying himself as Mexican drug dealer Manuel Santos Salazar (eliminated in an ATF incursion 34 days previous to the incident) and was submitted to FBI under jurisdiction of federal agents [REDACTED] a day later. Federal authorities made quick contact with the Foundation once the subject's true nature was found.

Cover stories of the subject being an escaped mental patient suffering from paranoid-type schizophrenia (DSM 295.3) and further treatment of the matter to civilians remain under jurisdiction of the FBI, [REDACTED], to be contacted in case records are needed.

Addendum: Notable observed states:

  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] After seven days in critical condition, subject regained vital signs and repeated the letters 'M' 'C' and 'V' for the next three hours before falling into a coma.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Third repetition of the words 'Axaxaxas mlö' was heard in a span of 11 hours of incoherent speech.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Woke up speaking XVIIIth century Portuguese, speech was later translated and discovered to be some notions of combinative analysis, with examples of variations with unlimited repetition.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Subject spoke for half an hour in a Samoyedic Lithuanian dialect of Guarani, with classical Arabian inflections. After a lengthy process of translation, it was discovered he had said "Is everyone really as alive as I am?" to several nurses.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Subject appeared to wake up from a nightmare. Predicted the dates of demise of 3 paramedics assigned to the [REDACTED] hospital by speaking in a hexadecimal mathematical code.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] After holding an entonation for more than fifty-four minutes, the subject appeared to relive and describe in a combination of ancient Sumerian and Esperanto the sinking of what was identified as the Japanese merchant vessel Kachidoki Maru at the hands of the SS-383 Pampanito the twelfth of September 1944. Research is still going on to find out if the tale is true to life.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Subject suffered a 21-minute long cardiac arrest. Upon resuscitation he described a gas station near the A87 Stuart Highway in Australia. Geographical research proved this to be a real location.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] Replicated childhood memories of Dr. ██████, describing a familiar sight in great detail, suffered a seizure 3 minutes after.
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] "The orthographical symbols are twenty-five in number." Last recorded speech for almost a week, message interpreted by some as acting as a one-time pad for his next message, "[REDACTED]"
  • ██/██/████ [██:██:██] [REDACTED]
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