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There is a clearing in the woods where there are five sacks of human skin (in humanoid form) are tied, stapled, nailed, or skewered against various trees. If person enters the clearing and waits till a breeze hits, they become animate and start yelling out guilts, dreams, suspicions, and insecurities about the person, as well as every thought the person is be thinking at the time. As the wind becomes stronger, the skin becomes proportionally louder and more emotional, each one trying to get more attention than its fellows.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area of .5 square kilometers surrounding SCP-XXXX is to cordoned off and is to be surrounded by a electrified fence no less than 2 meters tall. The fence is to be inspected on a weekly basis by maintenance personnel equipped with noise canceling headphones. Any civilians found within the area surrounding SCP-XXXX are to be given a class A amnesiac and are to be given to the nearest local authority.

After direct contact with SCP-XXXX on site personnel are to undergo psychological evaluation over a period of no less than 1 month, subject to extension at will.


SCP-XXXX is located ██ kilometers within the forest surrounding the province of █████, ██. It is a small, roughly circular, 30 meter clearing in a mature deciduous forest. Within the clearing there are the epidermises of five separate human subjects. Beyond the main dermal layer, no trace of bone, fat, organ, or muscle tissue can be found. Each is fastened to a tree through application of industrial staples, nails, rope, or impalement via sharpened branches. In addition, each of the layers of skin have been opened in various positions along their anatomy through non-natural means.

(SCP-XXXX becomes active in winds beyond 10/kms, during which time its five instances become animated. As wind speeds increase, the level of animation increases.)

SCP-XXXX becomes active during periods of wind speed exceeding 15/kms. As airflow enters the tears in the skin layer, the instances of SCP-XXXX will become animated. More activity occurs during higher levels of wind. This activity can be relatively begin, such as turning their heads to search for the nearest individual, or more erratic, such as actively trying to escape their bindings.

If an individual walks within 20m of the clearing during its active state, each of the remains will begin to channel an aspect of the subject's consciousness. Invariably the skin begins to whisper or yell the subjects ambitions, guilts, insecurities, suspicions, and any of their thoughts during exposure. Subjects report the mannerisms and voices used by SCP-XXXX to speak are nearly identical to their own thought processes. During exposure to its active state, subjects seem to be unable unwilling to escape the clearing, despite exhibiting extreme emotional trauma during the event. The voices produced by each instance seem to take on an accusatory or mocking tone towards the subject, even when the thoughts expressed are relatively benign. The subjects will stay in the clearing until an end condition is met, normally a cessation of wind or of higher brain function.

(What happens in groups?)

(Include test logs)

As of ██/██/2009 only two of the remains have been successfully attributed to missing persons, notably, these people resided in areas several hundred kilometers away from each other. How they became a part of SCP-XXXX is still under investigation.

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