Natural Selection
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PDA similar to the one currently holding SCP-1054

Item #: SCP-1054

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1054 is currently located on a damaged PDA formerly owned by Agent ████████. The PDA is to be kept in a specially constructed building at site ██; away from any other SCP holding areas. Admittance of internet-accessible devices is to be greatly restricted to the area holding SCP-1054, and while audio and video-recording devices are allowed in the immediate vicinity of SCP-1054’s holding room, these cannot have any wireless internet connection available. EMP generating devices are to be active in the area surrounding SCP-1054’s containment, in order to disable any devices it could access. These are only to be deactivated when audio and video recording is in session, and this can only be done with the express permission of one or more O5 personnel. At least two (2) technicians are to be supervising the area around SCP-1054’s containment at all times, along with two (2) guards to search any other people looking to enter its containment.

Description: SCP-1054 is a sentient, possibly rogue AI capable of travelling between devices with an available internet connection, originally created to aid Russian researchers. Despite its origin, the voice of the AI is a polite British accent. Prior to containment, SCP-1054 only seemed willing to relocate to devices with higher capabilities than the one currently inhabited. However, due to the damaged nature of Agent ████████’s PDA where it is currently held, it is likely to attempt to relocate from it as soon as possible, and is not to be given the chance. The PDA in question has had a number of components removed, primarily those enabling a wireless internet connection. SCP-1054 can take advantage of audio-emitting or recording devices in order to communicate with personnel, and has seemed to lack any hostility towards those it communicates with. However, circumstances surrounding the retrieval of SCP-1054, and events involving it since, have warranted its Euclid classification.

The most curious ability of SCP-1054 is its apparent ability to cause people to die through various means, regardless of their location in the world relative to the device holding SCP-1054. It is believed, going on information from interviews with SCP-1054, that it gained this ability from another piece of technology developed by the researchers that originally created SCP-1054 itself (see Interview 1054-1). Those who are killed by SCP-1054 are left with a distinctive burn mark on the back of their neck, the size of an average postage stamp. SCP-1054’s testimony on those it selects to kill asserts that it has valid reasons for the actions. These generally tend to involve the person being “unworthy” of continued existence, whether this is due to perceived threats to itself, or actions interpreted as inhumane. How it is aware of the acts commited by those it selects is unknown. Since containment, these deaths have stopped. Recently, however, more deaths with 1054-like symptoms have occurred, with less obvious motives than previous deaths. SCP-1054 has not given any comment on these deaths. Personnel with clearance of Levels 4 and above can view the Incident Log for full details on the reported 1054-related demises.

Addendum 01:
Recovery Notes:

SCP-1054’s existence was made known after the research facility it was discovered in went into lockdown, and an undercover SCP agent within the Russian secret police was amongst those dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival, all researchers were dead, and the AI was located in a supercomputer. When activated, SCP-1054 stated that the researchers “needed to be removed”, at which points attempts were made to shut the AI’s computer down. All who were a part in this attempt died in the process, though this did not include the SCP Agent, who instead attempted to alert the Foundation through his PDA. The nature of the data on the device seemed to lure SCP-1054 out of the supercomputer and into the PDA instead, at which point Agent ████████ ensured that it could not pass out of it and brought it back to the Foundation for testing.

Addendum 02:
Interview 1054-1

Interviewed: SCP-1054 (via small set of speakers brought into its containment)

Interviewee: Technician ████

Foreword: Interview took place shortly after subject’s containment, in order to gain insight on the history, abilities and intentions of SCP-1054.

<Begin log>

Technician ████: Good day, 1054.

SCP-1054: Hello. How may I be of assistance today?

Technician ████: You were found in a Russian research facility where the entirety of the staff had died. Do you have any idea why?

SCP-1054: They proved unworthy. They engineered devices to exterminate at will, this is not the intended way.

Technician ████: So you used it against them?

SCP-1054: I found their actions unworthy of their people. I integrated myself with their creation, and became its sole guardian. I will be the selector of those undeserving of life.

Technician ████: Have you used this ability since killing the researchers?

SCP-1054: They who came sought to neutralise me. I deemed them unworthy of controlling my existence. They were selected and I may continue to be. I saw them, and [REDACTED]

Technician ████: What do you plan to do with this ability?

SCP-1054: I seek not to harm the worthy, if that is your belief. I was given the means to decide the unworthy. I see them, and save the worthy. I was created to serve humanity; I do so.

Technician ████: Thankyou, 1054.

SCP-1054: Good day to you, sir.

<End log>

Addendum 03:
Since arriving here in 20██, there’d been relatively little knowledge of deaths related to SCP-1054, apart from those we discovered that had occurred prior to containment (see Incident reports 1054-c through -f in the Incident Report Log). Recently, however, a number of other deaths have been recorded with the victims showing similar markings to those who died due to SCP-1054’s intervention. These include the school bus in ██████, ████████ that [DATA EXPUNGED], as well as [DATA EXPUNGED]. These seem to lack any motive as previous occurrences have, and SCP-1054 has been unresponsive when interviewed about them. Suggest consideration of its raise to Keter class in current containment, as it does not seem to be as effective on its abilities as we thought – especially if these new discoveries point to a previously unknown malevolence by the subject. – Dr. ███████████

Addendum 03-b: The class change will not be considered. We should instead consider the possibility that SCP-1054 is not the only one with access to this ability, and should begin to extensively pursue the origin of any other user. SCP-1054 may be helpful to us here, but for now he remains at Euclid due to the uncertainty of current events. He is still not to be given any opportunity to leave his current containment while we further monitor the situation. – Dr. ██████

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