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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Because of its prevalence among the general populace, O5 has issued the following objectives regarding SCP-XXX:

  1. Terminate of all instances of SCP-XXX-1 when possible
  2. Remove public knowledge of SCP-XXX by any means possible

Mobile Task Force Psi-4 (a.k.a. 'World Watchers') is permanently assigned to to locate instances of SCP-XXX-1 among the general population. Due to a near-epidemic rate of infection and the possibility of various K-level events in SCP-XXX's activation, certain non-Foundation agencies have been informed of SCP-XXX's under various guises, see Document XXX-A for details.

Due to the nature of SCP-XXX, MTF-Ψ-4 has been divided into multiple subunits in an attempt to control SCP-XXX's effect and help locate potential restructing events, each with specific goals in localizing and reducing the effects of SCP-XXX's activation.

MTF-Ψ-4-α (a.k.a. 'All-Seeing Eye') acts primarily in an intelligence gathering role. It's primary function is to locate signs of SCP-XXX's activation or that a restructuring event has or is about to take place. Two Foundation supercomputers have been made available to MTF-Ψ-4-α to assist in locating these events and localize anachronisms associated with SCP-XXX's activation,

MTF-Ψ-4-β (a.k.a. 'Dream Walkers') consists of SCP-XXX infectees that either have been conscripted from the general population or Foundation employees who have been determined to be carriers of SCP-XXX. MTF-Ψ-4-β members act as the Foundation's eyes and ears within the collective unconsciousness of SCP-XXX-1, and are to be trained in techniques to allow for lucid dreaming.

Upon location of a possible restructuring event by either MTF-Ψ-4-α or β, Protocol XXX-Searchlight is to be enacted to confirm the event, and determine the scope and size of such event. See Document XXX-Searchlight for more information.

Description: SCP-XXX is a wild-spread memetic virsus that was originally discovered among the general population in 19██. Due to the nature of this mutation, containment and neutralization of SCP-XXX is the top priority for the Foundation. Although an exact count of SCP-XXX carriers (hereby designated SCP-XXX-1) is unobtainable, even conservative estimates place [REDACTED].

Although classified as a memetic hazard, SCP-XXX isn't a specific thought or idea; that is to say, one simply can not acquire SCP-XXX by reading or comprehending one specific idea. Instead, SCP-XXX infection appears to come from an understanding of [REDACTED]. Due to this, SCP-XXX often manifests itself in victims who have suffered a serve mental traumas of some sort. Common background demographics for SCP-XXX-1 carriers are individuals who have victims of abuse, rape, or domestic violence or otherwise exposed high stress, and traumatic events on a semi-regular basis. As such, SCP-XXX-1 is often found among individuals serving in armed forces, emergency services, or even in employment for the Foundation itself.

Based on available data, it is estimated roughly ██ in ██████ people worldwide are SCP-XXX-1 carriers.


As per Information Dissemination Protocol


Information Dissemination Protocol for SCP-XXX
Security Clearance - Level 3 Access Required

Two quick notes: it's either [REDACTED] or [DATA EXPUNGED] you're looking for. Also, since you've described a pretty wide array of trauma here, it might be wise to add something to the effect, "Fortunately, due to the specific nature of [REDACTED], only approximately ██ cases manifest annually." IE some way of indicating that not EVERY abuse victim and shell shocked soldier is liable to become a carrier.

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