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Item #:SCP-1057
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Subject may roam freely around the facility if it has eye contacts (blocking ability of 99% of ultraviolet rays for protection of Foundation personnel) and prescribed ██ goggles. Cell to appear the size of six (6.0) by eight (8.0) meters.
Description: Blond male by the age of twelve years(12) , with pitch black eyes. Optical contact causes SCP-1057-b to visualize their immediate death. In most cases, morbid.
SCP-1057, when made optical contact with, seems to disable the pain receptors in the brain, and cause a dramatic imbalance in serotonin levels, eventually resulting in suicide.

Agent ██████ deceased, due to initial eye contact with subject. SCP-1057-b (in this case Agent ██████ ) spontaneously began to gouge eyes out and bite tongue off due to the disturbing nature of his future demise.

Document 1057-01:
Dr. ██████:Are you awake?


Dr.██████: What's you'r name.

SCP-1057:I-I don't know…


SCP-1057:Um…Ky…le.Kyle, it's Kyle.

Dr.██████:Good, now, where were you born?


Dr.██████:Now, tell me, why are you here.

SCP-1057: I need help, I killed people. They look in my eyes and just… they ███ themselves.

Dr.██████:Well, we're here. Do you mind if we do a couple of tests?

SCP-1057:Will-will they hurt?

Dr.██████:Oh no, not at all.

SCP-1057: Okay.

Dr.██████:We'll return later, get some rest.

SCP-1057: okay.

Dr.██████ then left as SCP-1057 falls asleep. That night SCP-1057 had a dream about a man in a business suit and a war, nothing too descriptive, or of importance.

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