"Man-Eating Tree"

Item #: SCP-1651

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1651 is to be contained for observation in an indoor greenhouse located at Bio-Site 41. Greenhouse interior should be designed to simulate SCP-1651’s natural environment. Soil should be kept aerated. A temperature of around 30°C should be maintained to ensure the subject’s health. On a weekly basis, 1-2 live chickens should be provided as food.

Any personnel entering the greenhouse during testing are not to come within 3 meters of SCP-1651 unless otherwise directed. Removal of bark, fruit, or sap should only be performed via remotely operated means.

Description: SCP-1651 is similar to members of the genus Adansonia (baobab trees), though only of approximately 4 m in height and with a trunk diameter of 2.7 m; branches extend to nearly 2.5 m in length and are devoid of leaves. SCP-1651 displays several anomalous properties. The numerous tendril-like branches, which extend from the top of its short, thick trunk, have proven to be highly mobile and flexible, almost akin to tentacles in nature and unlike those of any other tree known to science, extant or extinct. Each branch is covered in small suction cup-like growths, speculated to be highly modified leaves, which are used for feeding. SCP-1651 appears to be incapable of photosynthesis.

SCP-1651 haematophagous feeding habits have been observed under controlled conditions. Once a warm bodied prey comes in contact with one of the subject’s branches, said branches immediately begin to tighten around it with enough strength to tear skin. As the prey is crushed, the blood is drained via the specialized feeding organs. Once the prey is devoid of blood, the corpse is dropped from the branches, after which it will eventually decompose and fertilize the surrounding soil. Said corpses are speculated to also serve as effective lures in order to attract more potential prey in the form of scavengers.

SCP-1651 was discovered within the ████████ Province of Madagascar in 18██, where locals of the town of ██████ had long told tales of "man-eating trees" living within the region as the reason behind the town's many disappearances over the years. Local Foundation agents investigating into these tales eventually discovered SCP-1651 after several weeks, as well as the remains of its prey. The bodies of various small mammals and birds collected from around its base were found to be drained of blood and covered in sucker-like wounds. Several human skeletons were also recovered. Subject was eventually uprooted and transferred to Bio-Site 41 for further study. Current research is being led by Dr. ██████ into how this species is able to achieve such a high level of mobility with its branches, despite it lacking a centralized nervous system. Research is also ongoing regarding the possible role the species performs within its own ecosystem.

As of ██/██/████, Mobile Task Force Gamma-2, "Nature's Fury", has been deployed in order to locate more examples of SCP-1651. They are under orders to incinerate any specimens which cannot be relocated to Bio-Site 41.

Addendum-1651-001: SCP-1651 attacked D-1324, who had failed to observe a suitable distance. After two fellow D-Class managed to free him from the subject's branches, said personnel was sent to medical to receive treatment for a broken arm and blood loss. Security measures have been updated.

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