^^ Instances of SCP ^^

Item #: SCP-1590

Classification: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered instances of SCP-1590 are to be secured with plastic film to prevent them from unrolling and kept in a sealed, airless (to prevent decomposition) container at Storage Facility 13.

Description: SCP-1590 are rolls of toilet paper.

Instances of SCP-1590, when unrolled, cause various reality-warping effects within a sphere of influence approximately 10m in diameter. Each effect begins instantly when a certain length of paper has been unrolled, and re-rolling the paper will return things to their original state. Detaching sheets of paper will make any effects established by them permanent. A list of the effects, arranged in the order they manifest in, is provided below.

Destruction of SCP-1590 by fire results in unpredictable and extremely volatile effects. The effects of natural decomposition are unknown.

List of Effects:

(Lengths are approximate.)

2m: walls within the area of effect are changed to glass.
4m: a loud noise, resembling a klaxon, sounds from within the cardboard tube.
7m: zero-gravity field.

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