Neutral Flesh
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SCP-1002 in its storage state, photographed on ██/██/██

Item #: SCP-1002

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1002 is to be stored in a sealed tank measuring 30X30X30cm with sides comprised of 2.5cm perspex beneath a layer of high-grade bulletproof glass, and a 25X25cm hatch on the top side with an airtight seal. Integrity of tank and seal is to be reviewed by Dr. █████ once per 3 days. Tank is to be flooded with prepared fluid isotonic to SCP-1002, which is to be cycled at a rate of 270l/h through a filtration system which sterilizes the fluid and adds a mixture of nutrients suited to upkeep of SCP-1002. Tank and filtration system is to be kept within a 5X5X2.5m chamber at site ██, in a standalone building at least ███m from the main building, with 60cm thick concrete walls and a combined airlock/sterilization shower with 2.5cm steel doors as the only entrance. SCP-1002 must be kept under permanent observation by at least 1 camera from a booth unconnected to the chamber. Personnel of all ranks, including D-class, are required to wear hazmat suits when entering the chamber, and physical contact with SCP-1002, or opening of the tank, is prohibited without authorisation from Dr. █████ or personnel of level 4 clearance and above. Breach of this by personnel of clearance level 1 or below is grounds for immediate termination, and breach by personnel of level 2 clearance or above will result in immediate demotion to level 0 clearance pending a performance review. No more than one instance of SCP-1002 is to be contained by the Foundation at any one time. Should SCP-1002 ever succeed in mulptiplying, the offspring is to be destroyed by means of incineration as quickly as possible.

Description: SCP-1002, in the state of its storage by the Foundation, is a mass of cranial tissue weighing 1.7kg. Despite its superficial resemblance to an exceptionally large rabbit brain, DNA testing on SCP-1002 has shown it to be much closer to the brain of ████████. Cells of SCP-1002 lack the ability to multiply by means of mitosis, and instead SCP-1002 grows and multiplies by a unique process not yet fully understood by the Foundation, in which a self-produced virus (SCP-1002-2) is used to rewrite the genetic code of the cells of organisms contacted by SCP-1002, forming SCP-1002 stem cells, which have the ability to convert back from whatever form of cell they developed into back to stem cells at any time. These stem cells are used to form a body for SCP-1002 (SCP-1002-3). The storage state of SCP-1002 (SCP-1002-1) appears to be its only permanent tissue, this brain being the only part of any observed SCP-1002 body not to be comprised of these stem cells. However, outside of Foundation storage SCP-1002 is theorised to be able to survive as only cranial tissue for a maximum of 7 minutes.

In a natural environment, SCP-1002 will mass converted tissue around itself in a manner suited to its environment with any organisms contacted (For unknown reasons, avian bone cells are immune from the effects of SCP-1002-2, as are cells of SCP-███ and SCP-███), including single cell organisms. SCP-1002 appears to be able to control the conversion of stem cells to useful tissue, and the movement of stem cells within the body by means of flagellum-based cellular movement. It can also shed converted tissue. However, it appears to be unable to control the conversion of foreign tissue by SCP-1002-2, which will continue until contact between SCP-1002 and the foreign body is broken.

During the bodily conversion process, the rate of SCP-1002's metabolism rises by upwards of █000%, requiring by the consumption of vast amounts of tissue by SCP-1002 to facilitate growth. This makes SCP-1002 an extreme hazard, especially if creating a body from only cranial tissue.

Addendum 1002-01: On ██/██/██, a containment breach led to SCP-1002 being free within site ██. Contrary to formerly observed natural behaviour of SCP-1002, it maintained the fastest rate of
consumption and growth possible for ███ minutes, leading to 174 casualties - 88 D-class, 46 security guards, 23 agents, 7 Doctors, and 10 others. Growth only slowed to a manageable level when the uncontrolled growth left SCP-1002 completely immobile, at which time [DATA REDACTED] until 98% of SCP-1002's body mass was destroyed through napalm carpet bombing of site ██'s east wing. Incident subsequently designated 1002-Alpha. Reclassification from Euclid to Keter given O5 approval on ██/██/██.

Addendum 1002-02: Following incident 1002-Alpha it has been established that SCP-1002 is able to produce genetically identical copies of SCP-1002-1 from converted tissue, and will do so on the largest scale possible as a means of self-defense if threatened. It will also do so following [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1002 is hereby prohibited from storage within ███m of any other organic SCP.

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