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SCP-1105 in bloom

Item #: SCP-1105

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The valley containing SCP-1105 is currently surrounded by a threefold security barrier. The innermost barrier shall consist of a concrete-lined ditch 3 meters across and 2 meters deep. This ditch is to be equipped with a pumping station so that it may be filled with water, or drained when necessary. The second barrier will consist of a 20 meter expanse of earth, surrounding the ditch, which is to be sewn with salt. The third barrier shall consist of a 4 meter high wall, comprised of concrete mixed with ██████████. A 10 square kilometer area surrounding the valley has been designated as Remote Station 5A. Due to the proximity of several population centers, a dummy corporation, The ██████████ Horticultural Research Center, has been established as the 'owner' of the property in question. Camera surveillance and guards are to be stationed around the wall and throughout Remote Station A.

Description: SCP-1105 is a heretofore unknown species of Campanula, commonly known as the bellflower family. It appears to be genetically closest to Campanula rotundifolia, the Scottish Bluebell, Harebell, or Dead Man's Bells. As with many species of the bellflower family, the leaves and roots of SCP-xxxx are edible. The anomalous properties of SCP-1105 become evident when the leaves or roots are ingested by a pregnant female.

After eating the leaves or roots of SCP-1105, a pregnant female will experience cravings for the plant. These cravings have been found to be purely psychological in nature, but subjects may experience physical problems stemming from depression if further supplies of SCP-1105 are not provided. Beginning 1-2 weeks after the last consumption of SCP-1105, subjects will complain of nightmares. Said nightmares either involve an unknown person carrying an infant, or a black hare staring at them. The person carrying the infant will walk farther and farther away from the subject as the nightmares continue, and the hare will creep closer and closer. The nightmares last an average of 3-4 weeks if no further SCP-1105 is eaten; pregnancy will proceed normally.

If the subject if allowed to further consume SCP-1105, nightmares will cease as long as SCP-1105 is eaten in response to a 'craving'. If SCP-1105 is consumed for the duration of pregnancy, pregnancy will proceed normally, but within 1-3 months of birth, the infant will be the victim of 'cot death'. The subjects will be convinced that the nightmare individual has taken the child, seemingly unaware of the remains.

SCP-1105 came to the attention of The Foundation after a sharp rise in the number of 'cot deaths' in the vicinity of the town of ████████████.

Addendum: Note from Researcher K██████████ ██/██/20██: There has been a noticeable rise in the population of rabbits in the area since the barriers went up. They've been burrowing in the area of the outer wall. Requesting permission to exterminate.

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