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SCP-XXXX as recovered.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Personnel Requirements: Due to variations in the effect of SCP-XXXX on different personality types, Protocol 12 is authorized for recruitment of Class-D personnel for driver testing of SCP-XXXX. See addendum below.

Special Containment Procedures: When not undergoing testing, SCP-XXXX is to be kept drained of fuel and locked in Garage ███ at Site ██. The ignition keys and keys to Garage ███ shall be returned to Dr. ██████ after the end of each testing session. For offsite tests lasting more than one day, consult Procedure XXXX-█.

Personnel with psionic abilities should be especially careful when dealing with SCP-XXXX; under no circumstances should a deep probe of SCP-XXXX be attempted.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a white ████ Ford Econoline van, in normal condition for a vehicle of its age. The VIN matches that of an Econoline reported destroyed to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

A humanoid who sits in the driver's seat of SCP-XXX will be compelled toward certain behaviors, depending on the subject's emotional and psychological stability. While the compulsion begins almost immediately, only individuals with psionic talent and training will be able to recognize it before it is too strong for most individuals to resist.

Sociopathic or similarly morally-compromised individuals will be compelled to abandon SCP-XXXX and attract lethal attention from law-enforcement personnel or other dangerous individuals. (Dr. ████████-████ has compared this behavior to that of mice infected with toxoplasma gondii although autopsy of test subjects has revealed no abnormalities in the brain.)

Subjects with normal emotional and psychological responses will, at first, experience disturbing unwelcome fantasies of torture and murder. These fantasies will gradually feature more and more violent activities, and more and more sympathetic victims. After a period of three to ten weeks, the subject will begin to act out these fantasies, following a similar ramp-up of intensity. Post-test interviews show that subjects maintain full emotional and mental faculty; they are aware of what they are doing, they are aware that it is wrong, and the revulsion they feel for their actions remains undiminished.

Testing has determined that subjects experience a concurrent attachment to the



Because SCP-XXXX quickly rejects drivers who will enjoy the actions they are compelled to perform, usual sources of Class-D personnel are unlikely to suffice. Protocol 12 is therefore authorized for recruitment of personnel from outside the capital-offender population. General prison population is open for recruitment for SCP-XXXX; recruitment from the at-large civilian population requires specific authorization for each recruitment.

Note that all recruits remain subject to normal strictures and procedures pertaining to Class-D personnel, including monthly termination.


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