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Item #: SCP-LLL

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All usage of SCP-LLL is to be monitored. Any deviations from normal behavior and interactions should be reported immediately, otherwise all recorded information may be compiled into a bi-monthly census. Unauthorized vocalization of SCP-LLL is to be considered contamination of testing materials and should be handled as such. While conversing in SCP-LLL test subjects should refrain from use of any non SCP-LLL native words.

Description: SCP-LLL Appears to be a language Etymologically similar, but unrelated to, American English. In fact, SCP-LLL is a complex Ecosystem of sound based organisms. why the Ecology of SCP-LLL is unusual it can be easily summarized: Similar to biological organisms, words in SCP-LLL primarily fall into categories such as producer, consumer, prey and predator. while producer words seem to have an infinite population, all consumer have a set population and if killed off either by predators or starvation will disappear from the memory of all speakers, effectively becoming extinct.

Acts of hunting, nourishment and breeding seem to be facilitated via Verbal communication between two or more human beings. the exact nature of these interactions is difficult to analyze as it seems to have no relation to sentence structure, tone, or context. Additionally humans fluent in SCP-LLL seem to suffer from a slight but manageable compulsion to to speak it and teach it to new people. it is assumed this is a Defense mechanism used to prevent the extinction of the entire Ecosystem. It was this compulsion that warranted the containment of SCP-LLL.

Detection of SCP-LLL’s true nature was difficult. The idea of a linguistic ecosystem was assumed by researchers to simply be a unique form of grammatical structure and ideology, later it became apparent that the language did in fact evolve in ways that the speakers did not intend and further testing was carried out.

Nexer's origin in progress

He remembered the day in cold, vivid detail. the overcast skies cast shadows on the eerily empty street. the moving van, to him atleast, seemed monstrously, disgustingly big. Reluctantly he aided in her packing, heartbroken at the distance that would soon be between them.
“ I promise” she said “ this isnt the end, i’ll write every week ok?”
He did his best to remain calm. “no skype, or even phone?” he stammered, already knowing the answer.
“no, i told you no cell or internet connection at the lab” she continued to speak but he didn;t hear any of it,his fiancee, the love of his life, was leaving, even if they were still “together” he still was terrible at saying goodbye. he glanced down at her brief-case, ‘Seattle Cosmic-study Program’ , the people taking her away from him. He knew how selfish it was, but that didn’t change how he felt.
“You’ll get a letter in a week, and you can write me too ok?” she smiled sadly.
He stood there as the Moving Van and taxi pulled away, leaving him behind, as he watched them depart.

He remembered the Van’s logo ‘Speedy Crate and Parcel’

“SCP…” he muttered, his suspicions growing

Never&always has come online

Never&always: i'm looking for information about a foundation
Artliver33: hola, Never! u must be new, what lead u here
Gink12: eek! Newbie!
Never&always: follow the "SCP" Trail"
Artliver33: ohhh yeah gotta wonder how the hell a megaillumanati would make their cover that obvious
0one: Hubris
Never&always: yeah there must be a reason
0one: Hubris, the answer in Hubris, it is the same reason you can find this:
Artliver33: 0one, WTF i dont see anything
0one: because you are not looking, Memetic barriers block the masses from accessing it
Artliver33: lol, Never, get a load of this troll
Never&always: if anyones trolling its you, you really dont see this? it's everything
Artliver33: seriously, nexer?
Artliver33" *never
Never&always: no, actually i like the sound of that
Never&always is now known as NEXER

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