Interview 723-1

Interviewed: SCP-723

Interviewer: Dr. Samuel Corvus

Foreword: This is an interview with SCP-723 for the purpose of obtaining more information about the subject and its origins. Conversation is translated from Danish

<Begin Log, █-█-20██, 15:46>

Dr. Corvus: Hello there. I've been led to believe that you can communicate via speech, is this true?

SCP-723: [Incomprehensible]

Dr. Corvus: What was that? I'm afraid you'll have to speak up if you want to be understood.

SCP-723: Free me! Free me or I will tear every one of you humans to pieces.

Dr. Corvus: [In English] Oh dear. We're not going to get anything from him while he's in this mood. Alright, pack it up, we'll try again later in the week.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The subject was in an unstable mood today. Interview has been rescheduled for a later date.

Interview 723-2


Interviewer: Dr. Samuel Corvus

Foreword: This interview is a continuation of Interview 723-1, also translated from Danish.

<Begin Log, █-██-20██, 12:37>

Dr. Corvus: Alright, hopefully this interview will go better than last weeks. So, we now know for certain that you can speak. Still not sure how but-

SCP-723: Gift from the gods, the power of speech was,

Dr. Corvus: Excuse me?

SCP-723: [growling noises are heard] You heard me, human, don't ask me to repeat myself.

Dr. Corvus: O-okay then, moving on, do you have a name?

SCP-723: SCP Seven Twenty-Three is what your people call me. That is good enough.

Dr. Corvus: You're not going to make searching for information of your past easy, are you?

SCP-723: No. This talk is over, now leave.

Dr. Corvus: But-

SCP-723: [more growling is heard, louder this time] Leave, before I rip your throat out with my teeth.

Dr. Corvus: R-right then, leaving now. [In English] Pack it up guys, we're leaving now.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: As with all previous interviews, SCP-723 abruptly ended this interview, threatening Dr. Corvus with violence. Dr. Corvus is currently under remand for asking questions not deemed appropriate, and as such, will be unable to resume the interviews for several months. Dr. ████ will be taking his place.

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