Nightmare Door
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Item #: SCP-1174

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1174 is to be contained in underground bunker, three (3) m down, consisting of one (1) three (3) m x three (3) m x three (3) m room. The room is to be lined with rubber, twelve and seven-tenths (12.7) cm thick, with door arches cut into the center of each wall. Light fixtures are to be made in the shaft and inside of the bunker. If a power outage occurs, no personnel may enter SCP-1174's containment bunker until the power is restored.

No personnel below Level 2 may enter SCP-1174's containment bunker, however D-class personnel are permitted access when supervised by a Level 2 personnel for testing and maintenance purposes only.

The bunker to contain SCP-1174 is only allowed to be constructed if two important requirements are met:

1. The location for SCP-1174's containment bunker must be a minimum of sixteen (16) kilometers from any

2. The location for SCP-1174's containment bunker is to include an underground water tank, containing no less than 70 gallons of water; this tank is to be refilled every week. (Pending authorization; substituted with a smaller 20 gallon tank, which is to be refilled every other day)

Only one (1) personnel is allowed to enter SCP-1174's containment bunker at any time, with two (2) armed guards watching the entrance. The means of descent/ascent is by a integrated rappel system in the surface hatch of the bunker. This hatch is to remain closed and locked for the duration of the observation, and is to only be unlocked if the personnel establishes a radio contact; confirming that the observation is over.

Description: SCP-1174's physical appearance is that of a white door with a golden knob and lock. However, SCP-1174 is not seen upon entering it's containment bunker. It is unknown how SCP-1174 manages to not be seen in such an enclosed space, many speculate that it has some sort of telekinetic power affecting perception. Any personnel who are in the chamber must look through the corner of their eyes to reveal SCP-1174. Previous test have concluded that SCP-1174 is sentient and mobile, however it must be able to [DATA EXPUNGED]. This field also effect's electronics inside of the bunker, stands simple two-way radios; making surveillance of SCP-1174 nearly impossible.

SCP-1174 was brought to the Foundation's attention May ██, 19██, by the local police force of ███ ██████, Iowa. A group of seven (7) orphans came across SCP-1174 while they were trespassing at an abandoned warehouse, however only five (5) of these orphans survived the encounter; resulting in the knowledge of SCP-1174's sentience and mobility.

The orphans who survived explained that the other two (2) orphans that had come into contact with SCP-1174 opened the door, and walked in, while chanting: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon entering, the door closed and the blood-curdling shrieks of the two (2) orphans could be heard loudly throughout warehouse; alerting the locals. The containment team was ordered to execute the surviving orphans and local police force.

Mobile Task Force █████-█ was assigned to secure SCP-1174 for Mobile Task Force Alpha-1. While on site, Task Force █████-█ reported that they could not find SCP-1174; as if it [DATA EXPUNGED]. Task Force Alpha-1 was tasked with the job of finding SCP-1174, to which they were successful one (1) week later.

Upon classification, SCP-1174 was only allowed access by Level 4 personnel; but after three (3) years of inactivity, and no incidents, it was lowered to Level 2. Four (4) years later, SCP-1174 spewed the bones of the two (2) orphans into it's containment bunker; which were collect and labeled SCP-1174-1 and SCP-1174-2.

Dr. Alexei Yakovlev was assigned to a research report (see Research Log 1174 Aa – Exploration Log 1174 Bd – Exploration Log 1174 Be) referring to SCP-1174's contents, he was tasked forty (40) D-Class personnel for this project. His results came back with a 100% fatality/mortality rate for subjects who opened the door, resulting in the death of thirty (30) D-class personnel; along with the other ten (10) losing sanity, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Yakovlev was permitted a testing period (see Experiment Log AY), upon completing his research report.

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