'Reality-Warping' Paper


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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is, in its dormant state, a standard A-4 sheet of A-4 paper, with dense handwriting on both sides. It is to be kept in a sealed envelope in the Dangerous Storage . Currently, no tests are cleared.

Description: This item is a treatise upon the inherent dangers of radio waves to the atmosphere and the human race that experts have indicated to be unscientific and unprovable. Its anomalous properties arise when read seven times by any combination of people, with its count being reset upon its return to an envelope. Upon reading, its claims become accepted as a reality by that reader, whoever they might be. This reader then becomes an active memetic agent, capable of passing on the theory to others, who will themselves become memetic agents. An upper limit has been theorised for this spread, but testing is currently barred.

Ordinarily this would merely be anomalous, but evidence from the initial recovery operation suggests that when a significant threshold of believers is met, it begins to impinge upon observable reality. Before recovery, levels of neutron radiation began to rise in the atmosphere at a small, but steadily growing rate, eventually reaching 4.21 REM, an increase of 330% over the average background level, for reasons that were initially attributed to SCP-███ activity.

While in the process of obtaining information related to tracking another SCP (SCP-███), an agent was approached on ██/██/19█8 in [DATA EXPUNGED], IA by a man proclaiming the dangers of radio waves. Initially, nothing was thought of this, but communications experts had noted a substantial decline in radio traffic amongst city agencies in [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the initial SCP was captured and the agent's report on the encounter was mentioned in the debrief, an investigation team was dispatched, consisting of five armed field agents in standard MIB gear.

Contact was made with civilians from [DATA EXPUNGED] at approximately 9:00 PM, local time. During the initial investigation of the town, nothing out of the ordinary was noted except for a lack of any radio chatter on any of the civilian bands that would normally be in use. A pamphlet detailing a series of speeches given by a local environmentalist led the team to a residence towards the middle of town.

While initially peaceful, the meeting went rapidly downhill upon radio crackle echoing from an agent's walkie-talkie. The environmentalists demanded that the radios be destroyed immediately. Upon refusal, they refused to cooperate with the Field Agents. Commanding Field Agent █████ (subsequently reprimanded and reassigned to SCP-███ duty) ordered the arrest of the civilians and ordered termination when they refused to accede to his request. A minor firefight ensued, during which all four civilians, including the original subject, were terminated and Agent █████ suffered minor wounds.

In the course of a standard investigation, the paper's anomalous properties were first noticed when one of the agents began to read from it. Initially deemed to be just another scrawl by the deceased (then hypothesized to be either the memetic carrier himself), the other agents dismissed this document until one of them radioed in for extraction. The agent who had read the paper suddenly opened fire, needing to be subdued with nonlethal force until extraction, while all documents and items he had been in contact with were taken into custody. Class-C amnesiacs proved effective.

Upon the application of Class-C Amnesiacs to the community, the above-mentioned radiation increase reversed, and the level of radiation in the atmosphere returned to its previous position. Correlation between the two was only noted during standard debriefing and observation, but further experiments upon D-Class personnel due for termination have allowed the Foundation to establish it beyond a doubt. The ultimate goal of testing was to discover the precise source of the memetic impetus, a process that took six months owing to Incident [DATA EXPUNGED] and the subsequent chaos.

Addendum: Following the appearance of websites detailing the precise language and theory behind SCP-635, an investigation has begun into all residents and tourists who may have passed through the town from ██/██ to ██/██, ███8. In the meantime, these websites are to be taken down and their webmasters and visitors given Class-C Amnesiacs whenever possible.

Addendum2: A similar outbreak was recently reported. A rumor began that vaccines for [REDACTED] contained mercury. Standard testing revealed that the vaccines were, in fact, contaminated, but that batch was eliminated before it would be injected. Despite attempts by local and state officials acting under our auspices, the precise origin point has not been found. This instance has currently been declared SCP-XXX-2.

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