Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Elucid

Containment Procedures: Despite stationary nature, SCP- is to be kept in a locked room of alternating layers of concrete and iron plating, with a guard of at least 4 D-level personnel, equipped with remote audio-visual recording devices to be monitored by higher personnel at a later date, in case object activates separate of testing.

Description: SCP- appears to be a man-sized cabinet made of a dark hardwood such as mahogany, though all attempts to analyze it have revealed [DATA EXPUNGED]. It stands at 2 m, and has been measured to be 100 by 250 cm in dimension.

SCP- was first discovered in 20xx in a small coastal village in [REDACTED], England, upon reports of 135 persons disappearing upon entering SCP-, after having been lured in by a man only referred to as “Cold Tom”. Subject referenced to having utilized SCP-, hereafter referred to as the owner, in this case should be considered armed and extremely dangerous and no contact should be attempted by personnel to original owner of SCP-, much less aggravation of original owner.

No trace has been able to be discovered where these people have been lead to. Historical accounts detailing nearly the same circumstances have been discovered, however, in folk lore local to the area, detailing a mass of people disappearing into a cupboard owned by a man known as “Cold Tom”. (See referred material “An Impasse at Waywickshire; and Other Tales of Impossible Truths”).

Object has shown temporal shifting abilities, even when in not in use of owner (refer to Experiment Log -a), especially in coordination with the Vernal, and especially Autumnal Equinoxes. Where the cupboard leads to is uncertain, as robotics have all been confused after breaching the barrier past the cupboard, as the place of arrival appears different with each attempt.

To date, what recovered logs have shown are a hallway of stone layered with molding garments appearing to date from the 13th century, a cavern of interminable depth with the sounds of rushing water, an empty room with shadows on the walls, and, once, what appeared to be a crude kitchen, with the view of an elderly, shrouded woman, before the robot was destroyed.

Pending approval to send in human subjects.

Due to the harmless nature SCP- when not in conjunction with owner, object may remain under minimal security in as much as it may, due to its orphan nature.

Addendum: Should owner of SCP- arrive in order to reclaim its property, immediate action should be taken to neutralize or terminate subject. In the likely event that it is impossible to do so, subject should be apprehended and contained on-site, until such means present themselves that make destroying subject possible.

Since object has shown relative safety in terms of nothing coming out of it, object is deemed as a non-threat.

Addendum: As official owner of SCP- is still at large, special precautions should be taken from SCP- being utilized in any way, except for testing by authorized personnel, until owner of object is neutralized or terminated.

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