• Flock of hawks that find and treat a random person as a falconer, to the point or organizing themselves inside that person's house, and trying to perch on that person's arm, and trying to get fed. Attempts to get rid of them invariably fail. If not fed, they swarm, dismember, and consume their host.
  • A log of SCP organisms that we were unable to contain and have spread enough to become accepted by the populace. EX: cymothoa exigua.

In Progress

  • Lot's wife: Pillar of salt in the desert that incites feelings of nostalgia, and the belief that one's home is directly behind them. Turn to look at it, and they collapse into a pile of salt.
  • Laika: A phenomena associated with saying specific words while in the presence of a large number of dogs. Results in hostile pack behavior, levitation, and occasional messages.
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