No More Monsters

Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-000 is to be kept in its testing room.
This measures 6m x 8m x 8m fitted out with four-inch thick steel walls and a lead lining. Testing room should be decorated in keeping with a child's bedroom (as far as possible corresponding to the bedroom at [REDACTED], where it apparently originated. SCP-000 should be placed under the bed on the south-facing wall.
The room is to be kept double-locked when SCP-000 is not in use, the keys in the hands of Dr Gentrick and Dr Sunday.
When handling SCP-000, all attempts should be made to avoid damage to it.
No children or those of child-age mentality are to be allowed near SCP-000.

All personnel assigned to guard or research SCP-000 should have clean psyche reports with no history of violent behaviour, and preferably have children of their own.
Any D-Class assigned should have no history of [REDACTED], violence to humans and animals or [REDACTED].
Any research staff with no history of violence and a clear psyche report can request to experiment with SCP-000, with the proviso that casualties of children and D-class are not to be 'courted'. Tests with other 'Safe' SCPs are permitted.
Following the events of Incident I-000-TW1, SCP-000 has been reclassified as Euclid. Additional security measures have been put in place, and experimentation is no longer permitted.
A minigun loaded with 200 rounds of high-impact explosive bullets should be mounted inside near the entrance of SCP-000's containment room. Though the manual controls will not be removed, no staff should attempt to use it due to SCP-000's ability to detect 'intent'. Instead the mini-gun should at all times be left to the inbuilt computer.
High-powered Microwave emitters should be placed at each corner of the room.

If any instance of SCP-000-01 appears spontaneously (i.e. without SCP-000 being damaged or approached by someone who fulfils SCP-000's criteria for a 'monster') the room should be flooded with microwave radiation and a computer-operated mini-gun should be activated. Further force may be necessary; if so, contact [ADDITIONAL SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED] for approval.

In addition to the above criteria, any staff or D-class who has served in [REDACTED] should not be assigned to SCP-000. On no account should SCP-000 be allowed with three kilometres of [ADDITIONAL SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED].

SCP-000 is a large, seemingly empty cardboard box, 1m x 50cm x 50cm, of the kind used by many freight companies. A manufacturer's mark also reveals that it was originally used to transport a ████████ brand domestic vacuum-cleaner. On one side of the box are written the words 'No More Monsters' in crude letters with a marker pen. On the opposite side are the 'instructions', also in marker pen, as follows:

1) Place under the bed
2) Have sweet dreams

SCP-000 originally arrived at foundation site ████-██, at entrance B12, wrapped in brown paper and string. With it was a handwritten note, from a Mr ███ ██████ which read

'Dear Sir/Madame,
I made this for my children some years back, when they were young.
We have no more use for it and I thought it might well be safe with you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr ██████'

There were no fingerprints of any other genetic material on the note.
The postmark led the Foundation to a house in ██████, ████ which was visited by Foundation Agent Smetter two weeks after SCP-000 arrived. The house had been rented out by a local company, ████ █ █████, who had knowledge of the Mr ██████ and his family. The ██████ family had apparently moved out on the same date that SCP-000 was found at site ██████. No further information on the ██████ family has been found. The house was furnished and bore signs of living but, like the note, was completely devoid of genetic material of any kind.

SCP-000s properties manifest when it is placed under a bed with a child in it when it 'senses' a threat, either to itself (SCP-000 can be damaged by conventional means, like any cardboard box) or any nearby children by those who fulfil certain criteria.
In these cases an instance of an 'guard' entity, designated SCP-000-01 will appear.

SCP-000-01 tend to be grey, featureless corporeal bipeds of around 6ft tall. Mostly humanoid in shape, their heads are grossly elongated into a front-facing conical shape.
They emerge from under SCP-000's lid (how is unknown), and will defend any children nearby from 'monsters' in a manner which displays great technical knowledge of fighting and physiology. They will usually attempt to disable or terminate the threat (the 'monster') with as little force and as 'cleanly' as possible.
After the threat is neutralised, they will return to SCP-000, dissolving into a dust-like substance which will be 'sucked' into SCP-000 at great speed.
Instances of SCP-000-01 can also take other forms and behaviours , if the child they are defending is in REM sleep (see Test Log).
Instances of SCP-000-01 appear very dense. Although capable of sustaining damage, the effects of bludgeoning and projectile force are not significant. Explosive rounds are therefore necessary to dispatch them if they become hostile. Radition is also effective (see Test Log).
Due to the tendency of SCP-000-01 to dissolve back into SCP-000, no samples of an SCP-000-01 entity have yet been recovered and their exact composition is impossible to determine.
Multiple instances of SCP-000-01 can appear from SCP-000; there appears to be no upper limit to the this, however the effects are again consistent with the exact required minimum for dealing with a problem. The greatest number of SCP-000-01 which have appeared from SCP-000 is ██.
The intent of a subject appears to be known by instances of SCP-000-01, even if no outward signs indicate it (See Test Log).

Instance of SCP-000-01 shortly before [DATA EXPUNGED]

To be defined as a 'monster' by SCP-000, an individual approaching a child subject has to fulfil one or more of the following factors:

  1. Individual intends harm to the child in SCP-000's 'care'
  2. Individual is of sufficient appearance/size to frighten a child
  3. Individual has generally aggressive behaviours or attitudes
  4. Individual has a history of violence or [REDACTED]
  5. Individual possesses a method of causing harm (e.g. gun, knife, venom, sting, claws)
  6. Individual has a deep-seated dislike or hatred of children
  7. Individual has ever [REDACTED]
  8. Individual has personality trains the child in SCP-000's 'care' dislikes intensely

Test Log
Extensive tests were approved in case SCP-000-01 could be weaponized, due to their resilience and apparent intelligence.
In each case child subjects were fitted with sleep-monitoring equipment and results viewed via multiple video and audio uplinks.

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