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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 3m by 5m by 3m steel room with limestone interior. One wall is bullet-resistant glass to allow for viewing of subjects. Temperature should be maintained at 25.6°C with 98% humidity level. The Chamber is to be sprayed with a fine mist containing water, calcium carbonate, and silica once every day week. Any personnel entering the chamber must use the designated path and wear gloves. Effective 06/01/20██, all rooms/hallways surrounding SCP-XXX’s Chamber are to be equipped with high-strength UV lamps as well as a set low humidity (anything below 50% should be sufficient) to be used in the event of a breach. SCP-XXX is to be stored at Site 27 Site 19.
Specimen SCP-XXX-α is kept in a 50 gallon (189.27 Liter) aquarium in Dr. █████’s office. SCP-XXX-α is cared for by Dr. █████ personally.

Description: SPC-XXX appears as a colony of butterflies composed of calcium and silicate compounds. The body of a member of the species is mostly calcite, with some of the internal organs composed of a material similar to quartz. This silicate impurity adds rigidity to the creature, giving it a rating from 3.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This coupled with the thinness of the wings and legs leads to those appendages being unnaturally sharp. In testing, lacerations as deep as 2cm have been measured. It appears to have no sensory organs, using a form of echolocation to view its surroundings.
The Life cycle is noticeable in that it appears more relatable to crystal growth rather than biological growth in that the creature starts out as a crystal “seed”, rather than an egg. The larval stage appears as anthodites, and the pulpal stage appearing as small stalactites. SCP-XXX is fully formed after █ hours. The number of SCP-XXX formed is directly proportional to the amount of nutrients available.
SCP-XXX is naturally docile, even going as far to land on researchers in the enclosure. However, when colonies of SCP-XXX feel threatened by an intruder, they will swarm around the intruder in an attempt to distract and or injure the hostile. Larger colonies will even [REDADCTED].

History: SCP-XXX was first discovered in a cave in central █████ by a group of amateur spelunkers. When one spelunker attempted to take an individual, the colony reacted as if threatened, and forced the spelunkers to separate, forcing one deeper into the cave and the rest out. The authorities were notified, and the Foundation was mobilized to investigate. 71 individuals of SCP-XXX were recovered, the first one being SCP-XXX-α, which was recovered by Dr. █████ at the scene of the incident. The spelunker in question was found dead 100 meters into the cave. Cause of Death was determined to be [REDADCTED]. The other spelunkers were given a class A amnesiac and the cave was cleared.
SCP-XXX was stored at Site-27 until the incident occurring on 04/██/20██, in which Site-27 was destroyed. 10 specimens of SCP-XXX were recovered and moved to Site 19. For details see incident report I-XXX-A

Addendum: For the last time, upgrading the subject class to Euclid just because the intern at Site-27 left the door open is an unprecedented action. -Dr. █████

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