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Image 1: Lectum hosts posing for a picture at ███████.

Item #: AAAA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel must be examined for scars by medical staff prior to transport to Site-██. Any scars found must be reported and noted. Any scars aquired during their time at Site-██ must be examined and noted by relevant site personnel.

SCP-AAAA specimens are to be provided Class-D companions on a monthly basis. These personnel are to be ignorant to their purpose. Insomniacs are not eligible for this duty.

SCP-AAAA specimens cannot survive outside the conditions of the human body for long periods of time. Hosts are to be provided to specimens in order to preserve the specimens for experimentation. However, these hosts are to be kept isolated from each other and any instances of SCP-AAAA-1. If any unauthorised instances of SCP-AAAA-1 are found, the entire Site is to be locked down and armed containment teams must incinerate the SCP-AAAA-1, if not ordered otherwise, and check all staff for unregistered scars. Any staff with new scars are to be executed and incinerated.

Description: SCP-AAAA, or 'lectum parasites', appear to be small, flat insect similar to a beetle. Its exoskeleton is a dull yellow and four spines extend from the front of its carapace. Observation of its behaviour show that the upper spines are used to cut through skin. Site-██ is currently in possession of ██ individual specimens, all of which were captured at ███████.

In order to survive, specimens require themselves to be within the human body. In order to enter the human body the parasite will approach the sleeping body, create an incision in the skin, enter the body and somehow seal the incision, leaving a small scar. The parasite is now in complete control of its new host. The parasite displays human-level intelligence.

Once the parasites realise that they're disguise is compromised they will almost always become withdrawn and compliant. However, a small proportion deviate from this behaviour, either insisting that they are human or reacting violently to the accusation. No matter the reaction, control is confirmed when the parasite asks for another person to “keep them company” or some variation on the phrase. When the Class-D enters the cell the parasite will begin to 'act human', imitating human behaviour and even recounting memories. Investigation shows some 'memories' to be, at least, ██ years obsolete, with references to destroyed buildings and dead or missing people. When the Class-D begins to sleep the parasite will use the host to kill them, often using strangulation. The parasite will then lay its host down next to or on top of the victim and exit the host to feed.

Their method of reproduction is unknown as no specimen has reproduced while observed. However the discovery of SCP-AAAA-1 (see Incident Report AAAA-1-A) shows that our specimens are not only capable of reproduction but the lectus parasite is capable of laying approximately ███ dormant eggs over a small time frame.

Evidence found at ███████ (See image 1) suggests that our specimens were able to operate at ███████ for a lengthy period of time before discovery. New methods of detection must be researched in order to determine if ███████ was an isolated case or one of many.

SCP-AAAA-1: Any object found to contain dormant lectum parasite eggs, is to be deemed an instance of SCP-AAAA-1. While all instances identified to date have been mattresses it cannot be assumed that future instances will maintain this pattern. Analysis of the empty mattresses found in the basement of ███████ suggest that humans, or human blood, play a role in the hatching of SCP-AAAA specimens. The brief experiments we were permitted after the containment breach were inconclusive. An unidentified substance was also present on the mattresses.

██-██-20██- Termination request issued.
██-██-20██- Termination request denied due to potential wild specimens.


Experiment Log-AAAA-1

SCP involved: AAAA
Specimen: 1
Date: ██-██-19██
Location: Field Lab-██
Body of specimen-1's host body was destroyed during raid on ███████. When specimen-1 became lethargic…


(and an understanding of human emotions. A common reaction at this point is for the parasite to feign confusion and fear. If a staff member is present the parasite may question them or beg to be released despite the Class-D personnel being told that they would be staying in the cell for a week as part of the control group to an unrelated experiment.-create experiment log) (It is unknown how the parasite controls their host as any attempt to sedate or vivisect a host while the parasite is inside results in their body going into convulsions and the parasite cutting its way out of the body. The host body will be dead following this.-create experiment log)


(The parasite will do this even if being physically observed by a research assistant. Blood samples taken while the parasite is feeding show that a paralytic is administered by the parasite. Isolation of the host from the parasite results in the host dying from suffocation.-experiment log)


Incident Report AAAA-1
SCP involved: AAAA
Date: ██-██-20██
Location: Site-██
2045: Specimen-16 escapes from cell during feeding procedure. Security footage shows specimen-16 using D-5448 as a human shield before disarming Agent ██████ and executing him. Close analysis of the footage shows that at least one round was able to penetrate D-5448 and wound specimen-16's host, though it appears uneffected. Site-██ has been locked down at this point as per containment procedure.

2055: Containment Team Bravo-2 arrives at cell block █ to find its door unlocked. Specimens 14-20 are confirmed missing from their cells. Other teams report all other specimens secure.

2103: Specimen-16's host is found dead on the ground. Close inspection shows that parasite is absent. Body is sent to incinerator.

2114: Containment Team Alpha-3 open fire on four D-class personnel. Two escape in the ensuing fire fight and two are killed. Confirmed to be hosts. Specimen-15 is captured and escorted to cell block █. Specimen-19 confirmed destroyed. Note that the specimens demonstrated knowledge with military issue sidearms.

2142: Careful room-by-room sweeps confirm that missing specimens are not in the east half of the facility. Sentries are posted and containment teams converge on the west half.

2200: Specimen-14 is located in cafeteria amongst other D-class personnel. Captured and escorted to cell block █.

2212: Specimen-17, specimen-18, specimen 20 and Dr. █████, later confirmed to be specimen-16, are found in the staff dormitory. Specimen-17 was in its feeding phase at that point. All specimens are captured and escorted to cell block █. Forensics show that specimen-18 is killed when a blunt force crushed it beneath its host's skin. One mattress is found containing approximately ███ eggs. Item is designated SCP-AAAA-1.

The specimens were able to pass doors that should have been impassable to all but containment personnel. Similarly, it is not possible to unlock the cell block door from the inside. This has unfortunate implications given the nature of the lectum parasite. All staff are to be examined immediately and all scars are to be surgically examined. A request to terminate all specimens of SCP-AAAA was later issued by Dr. ███████.

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