SCP draft:

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A two (2) meters high wall has been constructed around SCP-XXX. The wall is to be patrolled by at least four (4) security guards at all times. Civilians approaching the area are to be told it has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Guards are authorised to use non-lethal force and to administer amnesiacs if necessary.

SCP-XXX-1 is to be fastened to the fence using a chain lock, to be opened only for testing or investigation of the area. In case of the latter, SCP-XXX-1 must be opened fully, then fastened to the other side of the fence, so as to avoid triggering the effects of SCP-XXX.

Testing requires Level 3 approval for groups of up to eight (8) subjects for a period of no more than 48 hours. Level 4 approval is required for more extensive testing. A testing chamber has been built inside SCP-XXX, to better contain and monitor test subjects. At no time are test subjects to be allowed to leave the chamber.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small abandoned town, located near the city of ████████, █████. It is surrounded by a wire fence, which has only one gate, designated SCP-XXX-1.

All subjects that are inside the enclosure when SCP-XXX-1 is closed, are affected by SCP-XXX. One subject, hereafter referred to as Subject Alpha, will be randomly selected from the group. All others (designated Target Subjects) are forced to obey any and all orders given to them by Subject Alpha. This includes harming or even killing themselves or others. Orders that a Target Subject is unable to understand (e.g. orders given in a language the subject does not speak) will not be carried out. Neither will orders that are physically impossible.

The effect on any individual Target Subject lasts until they leave the enclosure, after which it will slowly weaken over time. If the Alpha Subject dies or leaves the enclosure, a new Alpha Subject will be selected. If the Alpha Subject is killed by someone inside SCP-XXX, this person will become the new Alpha Subject.

A well in SCP-XXX's town square seems to be filled with a dark red, viscous liquid (designated SCP-XXX-2), which has been found to be organic in nature, but could not be further identified.

SCP-XXX came to the Foundation's attention in 20██, when several police officers went missing after being sent to investigate. Upon arriving, Foundation operatives were forced to engage in a fire fight with said police officers. They eventually retreated further into the enclosure, where they were presumably ordered to commit suicide. The burnt remains of seven other individuals were also found. An individual thought to be the original Alpha Subject was seen outside the town square, but fled before he could be apprehended. A single survivor was found near the edge of the enclosure, and was questioned and subsequently administered a class A amnesiac (see Interview-XXX).

Addendum: There have been several instances of Target Subjects regaining consciousness hours or even days after apparent death of starvation, dehydration or fatal injury. This does not always occur, and has never been directly observed because it cannot be reliably reproduced. Camera footage seems to suggest [DATA EXPUNGED].


Interviewed: J█████ S███, a 26 year old man who was found near the edge of SCP-XXX.

Interviewer: Dr. R██████ Mace

Foreword: This interview was conducted to gain more insight in the events surrounding SCP-XXX before it's acquisition by the Foundation, as well as the long term effects of exposure to SCP-XXX.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Mace: Hello, Mr. S███. Please sit down.

Mr. S███: Yes.

Dr. Mace: Well, let's begin the interview. How exactly did you end up inside SCP-XXX?

Mr. S███: I'd gone on a bike ride, and I saw that fence, and some buildings in the distance. I guess I was curious or something, so I went to take a look. And then I saw a woman, and she just pointed a gun at me when I got closer. Didn't have much choice then. Of course, neither did she.

Dr. Mace: For how long have you lived inside SCP-XXX?

Mr. S███: About two years. Funny, it seemed longer.

Dr. Mace: Did you ever try to escape?

Mr. S███: In the beginning, I did. But after a while, I realized it was no use. Leader would punish people who tried to find loopholes. (subject holds up left hand, which is missing three fingers). I got my name from this.

Dr. Mace: Your name?

Mr. S███: Leader wouldn't let us use our real names, just the ones he gave us. He called me Seven. To remind me, you see. So I wouldn't ever do it again. And I didn't.

Dr. Mace: What can you tell me about the substance found in the well in the town square?

Mr. S███: We used it as food, but it's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. No one knew what it was, or where it came from. If Leader knew, he never told us. And I'm not sure if I want to know. But it never made us ill, or anything. Weird, come to think of it. To be honest, that stuff scared the shit out of me, and it's not that I didn't have other things to be scared of in there. But there was something… well, I don't know. And then what happened to Missy…

Dr. Mace: For the record, can you tell me about this incident from the beginning?

Mr. S███: Okay. Well, Missy was… he used her as a… he raped her. Many times. And life wasn't great for any of us, but if you didn't try to abuse loopholes, and didn't say anything Leader didn't want you to say, then you wouldn't be punished. But Missy, she was always being punished, whether she deserved it or not. And she didn't want to go on any more. Everyone sort of knew that, already. But she couldn't commit suicide, because it was against the rules. But that day, she punctured her eardrums with a sharpened stick, just so that she wouldn't hear him any more. And she ran away but she still couldn't escape. And Leader didn't even want her back. So she stayed away for more than a month. Everyone thought she was dead, after some time. She had to be, right? We told each other that she was at peace now. That it was for the best. It may sound crazy, but it gave us hope. We didn't see much difference between dying and escaping, you know? She got away, we thought. Maybe we could, too. But then one evening, we found her inside one of the houses. She was all covered in food. You know, the stuff from the well. And she could hear again, just like that.

Dr. Mace: Did she tell you what had happened to her?

Mr. S███: She didn't remember. Even when Leader made her tell him everything, she still said she didn't know. She remembered falling asleep, and waking up days later, the way we found her.

Dr. Mace: Did she seem any different to you, after she came back?

Mr. S███: She was crushed, of course. She'd starved herself to death to get away from Leader, and now everything was just like it was before. But… yes, there was something else. She was afraid of things. Just perfectly ordinary things, you know? Like rain, or her own reflection. Hell, she was even afraid of trees for a while! And she kept telling everyone that she wasn't ever going to try again, that she was glad it hadn't worked, and we shouldn't try either, because it wouldn't solve anything…

Dr. Mace: Why is it that the police officers inside SCP-XXX were found shot, while those who had been inside for a longer time were killed in a fire?

Mr. S███: I'm not sure, but… we were his, you see. We weren't supposed to leave. He had to make sure we didn't come back. He yelled something after me when I ran, but I couldn't understand the words. But he knows, you see. And he told me he'd kill me rather than let me escape. He told me so many times.

Dr. Mace: Do you have any idea where we might find him?

Mr. S███: I don't know. Sometimes I think he's here. But that would be… that would be impossible, wouldn't it? But I really shouldn't be here. There's no way it'll last. He's going to find me and send me where the others are… Please, don't let him do that. I'm begging you.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Subject was found to have committed suicide shortly after the interview. An individual matching the original Alpha Subject's description was seen climbing over the wall from inside SCP-XXX. Subject was restrained, but tried to escape and was subsequently terminated.

Personal Log: of Dr. ████ M██████

Date: October 14th, 20██

This is the last day before the experiment. I'm a bit nervous, because apparently a lot of SCP-XXX experiments ended badly. But then, what did they think would happen if they gave convicted criminals absolute power over eachother and stuck them in a room together? So now, they asked five research assistants to live inside SCP-XXX for a month, one of which is me. Hey, it's a lot better than the other projects they let me choose from. And we get the whole area, not just the testing room. It will probably be alright.

Date: October 15th

We entered SCP-XXX today, and I met the people I'm going to live with for the next month. John, Phil, Paul and Kirsten. We decided to call eachother by our first names, or I did, really, because it turns out I'm the Alpha Subject. Hadn't counted on that, but I admit I'm relieved, since I am the only person I can be sure is trustworthy. For all I know, the rest could be ax crazy.
We had trouble finding a suitable house to sleep in, and when I decided to use the same one those other people had, Kirsten started arguing with me. I couldn't convince her, but then I didn't have to. I am supposed to be in charge, after all.

Date: October 16th

Being in charge is a lot harder than it seems. Kirsten kept complaining about having to sleep in that house. After a while I got sick of it and told her she could sleep outside. In that case, she'd rather sleep inside, she said. I wouldn't let her, and she gave me a look as if I was out of my mind.
Then again, it is cold outside. She's probably still awake. I could allow her in and pretend I was going to do that all along.

Date: October 17th

Apparently Kirsten doesn't deserve more sympathy after all. Yesterday night, when I went outside, she was gone. She just wasn't there. So I had to get everyone out of bed and send them out to look for her. Took quite a while to find her, for she could've gone everywhere as long as she stayed outside. When they finally did find her, she wouldn't coöperate. I just wanted to ask her why she ran away, but she gave the shortest, most literal answers possible. Eventually, I ordered her to sit perfectly still until we were finished. After that, it didn't take longer than twenty minutes.
I got up late the next morning. I sent them out to 'explore the surroundings' and put John in charge. Really it was just to keep them busy. We need some hard-and-fast rules around here, and I've been writing a list. It will be ready tomorrow.

Date: October 18th

I've hung the rules on the wall today. They mostly took it well. Phil started ranting about not being allowed to leave the town. Ridiculous, after what happened before. Kirsten seems to be coming to her senses, though. She tried to reason with Phil when he got difficult. He seemed to calm down as well, after that. Proves once more that discipline is good for them.

Date: October 19th

I think they're talking about me. Sometimes, they all go silent when I walk past. And when I ask them what they were talking about, it always 'Oh, nothing important'. It's about the only thing they can say, since they're not allowed to lie, but you can call anything 'unimportant'.

Date: October 20th

Kirsten asked me if she could get something from outside the village. I said 'no', but she just can not take no for an answer! But she was sneaky this time. We have to hand in these forms, and when she went to the testing room, she just took the liberty to wander off to look for whatever it was she'd lost. I tried to talk to her, but she was more stubborn than ever, so I just made her stand in a room for a few hours, hoping she'd cool off. But then they all kept asking where she was. You'd think I'd kidnapped her or something. Must remember to find a quicker way to punish people. Also, to close any other loopholes. Kirsten was lying on the floor when I came back. I still don't know how she did that. Oh well, she couldn't leave, so I suppose it doesn't matter. I asked her if she would stop sabotaging me. She promised me she wouldn't. She seemed pretty exhausted, really. It almost made me feel sorry for her, but I knew that was exactly what she wanted.

Date: October 21th

Why can't things ever just go as they should? I was reading through the forms (I collect them all myself, starting today), and then I saw Kirsten had made a request to leave. When I asked her why, she said it was because of what happened yesterday. But that was her fault! She was the one who deliberately went against my orders. It was no more than reasonable that I should punish her for that. She eventually gave up on making a good argument and said it was her decision if she wanted to leave. It shouldn't be. After all, it would affect the rest of us as well. We really can't miss anyone, since we're already with very few people. They might even just cut the experiment short. I couldn't let that happen, could I? Of course not. So I forced her to withdraw her request. She must've told the others, since they've been glaring at me all day. I think they're plotting against me. I asked John to tell me if he heard anything of the sort, but so far, they've been too careful.

Date: October 22th

I was right after all. All three of them were plotting against me. They approached me and said they were giving me 'one last chance' to let Kirsten go. I suspected they were threatening me, but I said no, and then someone hit me on the head with something. I fainted for a moment, but then I woke up and John had rushed in to help me and I told them to back away.
I'm glad there's still one person on my side. I had John punish them for what they did today. They need to understand that if they hurt me, they'll get hurt worse. I'm inside trying to rewrite the rules, but I can't seem to get anything done. My head still hurts badly, and I can't concentrate because of the noise. Why can't they just shut up? They had it coming. He should tell them to shut up.

Date: October 23th

Dreamt I was somewhere else last night. There were cries of pain, just like yesterday, but it never stopped, and everything smelled like burnt flesh. This morning, they were trying to hide. John said they ran away when he let them go. I ran through the town, shouting 'get over here!' at the top of my lungs. I made them sit in the square, and I beat them with a stick until they were bleeding all over. Screams. Noise. I told them to shut up. Shut up. Shut up. The floor in this room has to be cleaned. There's blood on it. I told them, but they say they can't see any blood. But it's there, because I can see it. My head hurts. It makes me want to hit somebody. But I already did, and it didn't help.

Date: October 24th

I kept waking up tonight from nightmares, and because of the pain in my head. And there are sounds. First, I thought it was the wind, but when I listened better I heard it was screaming. And it grew louder and louder, and I just couldn't take it anymore, and I told them to shut up but it just went on and on. Kill it. That's what I said. That's what I remember saying. All I wanted was for the noise to stop. Did I say 'kill her'? I couldn't have. I never meant for that to happen. I never meant for her to die. Really, I didn't kill her. They did. It was their hands around her neck, so they are the ones who murdered her. They should be punished. I should punish them. But if I do that, there'll be no one left, but me. And what happens then?

Notes: Experiment was aborted on October 26th, after three requests were filed to leave the enclosure. Dr. M██████ appears to have died from being repeatedly stabbed in the back. Dr. John █████ is claimed to have done this by both other remaining test subjects, but there is no evidence to sustain this. All test subjects are suspended from duty until further notice.

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