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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-XXXX ever return to Earth, it is to be transported to Launch Site Alpha where the vessel can safely take off without obstructions. Only research staff are allowed entry. Entry of the cargo compartment of SCP-XXXX is strictly forbidden unless authorized by research command and an animal must be present inside the compartment, unless the intention is to initiate the launch sequence of the vessel. If launch is intended, staff on site must be sure that there is nothing above SCP-XXXX that would obstruct its launch. Air traffic must also be cleared prior to launch and a 30 kilometer no-fly-zone must be established prior to launch of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an extraterrestrial vessel of unknown composition or age 15 meters long, 10 meters tall, and 10 meters wide. It was first acquired by the Foundation after the events of [DATA EXPUNGED] where █ civilians were sealed inside the vessel and launched into space. The vessel returned to Earth █ years later where it landed in the █████████ Forest in Canada. The Foundation was promptly notified and proceeded to transport the vessel to Site ██ in order to study the vessel. However, after Launch and Recovery XXXX-A, Launch Site Alpha was created in order to ensure that n [See Launch and Recovery Log for information regarding Incident XXXX-A.]
SCP-XXXX is very simplistic in design, being composed of only a hatch on its port side that leads to a 5x5x5 meter cargo lighted cargo compartment and an engine, which has so far been inaccessible. The vessel has no access panels and no way to open other parts of the vessel for further study. Damaging the vessel or attempting to take it apart has been proven impossible due to the resilient hull. SCP-XXXX’s outer hull also allows it to enter Earth’s atmosphere undetected by any means other than visual confirmation. The way that it is able to do this is unknown.
The landing site of SCP-XXXX appears to be completely random, but so far it has avoided landing in bodies of water and urban centers, opting to instead landing in forests and wildernesses. After landing on Earth, SCP-XXXX will remain dormant until at least one live human subject enters the cargo compartment. Upon a live human entering cargo, the ship will abruptly seal the hatch and start up its engines. Approximately 5 seconds after engine start up, the vessel will boost itself off of the ground and propel itself upwards reaching speeds of [DATA EXPUNGED], completely obliterating anything in its path. After clearing Earth’s atmosphere, it accelerates even further and becomes completely untraceable even to tracking beacons installed onto the ship.
SCP-XXXX has been known to return to Earth, albeit most of the time without the original passengers. For the full details concerning test launches and recoveries, see the Recovery and Launch Logs.

Addendum: If an animal is present inside the cargo compartment, the hatch will not seal and the engines will not start, regardless of whether a human is present. The reason for this is unknown, but it is speculated that the end destination is intended for humans only. This is convenient for research personnel, as it allows them to study the cargo compartment without fear of the ship launching with them still trapped inside.

Recovery and Launch XXXX-A
Landing site: █████████ Forest, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: 3/12/19██
Description: Original acquisition by the Foundation. Was promptly transported to Site ██ and stored in an underground storage room that was large enough to contain it. Without knowing its full effects, Dr. ███ stepped inside of the cargo compartment and was locked inside. Vessel started launch procedures and proceeded to rocket through the facility, resulting in containment breaches of SCP-██, SCP-███, and SCP-██. Effect is noted and Launch Site Alpha is established to effectively contain SCP-XXXX should it ever return to Earth. The Foundation is now watching out for reports of “crash landings” or “UFOs” that could possibly be SCP-XXXX.

Recovery and Launch XXXX-B
Landing site: █████ Desert, South Sudan
Date: 8/03/19██
Description: Vessel transported to Launch Site Alpha. No trace of Dr. ███ is found. A tracking beacon is installed onto the hull of the ship. Test rats are placed inside the ship. This is when the “animal effect” is discovered, as D-927 steps into the ship as ordered and the ship is not launched. Further research is conducted thanks to the rat presence in the cargo hold. After research is concluded, rats are removed and D-927 is ordered back into the ship. Once D-927 is inside, hatch closes and ship launches. Tracking beacon is able to track the ship up until the ship clears the upper atmosphere, where it is reported to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Signal to beacon is lost.

Recovery and Launch XXXX-C
Landing site: ██████████, Ukraine
Date: 2/26/19██
Description: Vessel transported to Launch Site Alpha. No trace of D-927 is found, however, a small data disk is found inside. Analysis of the disk is still ongoing, but a translated segment has revealed the phrase “…WE MEAN NO HARM… [untranslated segment] …NEED YOUR HELP… [large untranslated segment]” A DNA comparison is also included along with this data, which compares human DNA alongside an unknown DNA of non-terrestrial origin. The alien DNA, however, is surprisingly similar to human DNA. A star chart was also found that depicts our solar system, along with the [REDACTED] solar system in the middle, highlighted. It is presumed that the solar system highlighted in the middle of the star chart is the destination of SCP-XXXX, as well as where it originated from. It should be noted that this system lies ███ light-years from Earth. Due to the sensitive matter of inter-species relations, D-class personnel are deemed not reliable to use in communication with alien species, therefore only volunteering research personnel are to be used to launch SCP-XXXX. Dr. Adkins is the first to volunteer and is launched with SCP-XXXX. He is provided with research materials along with data disks containing human history, alphabet, arts, etc. to facilitate communication with alien species.

Recovery and Launch XXXX-D
Landing site: ███████, Colorado, USA
Date: 11/05/20██
Description: Vessel transported to Launch Site Alpha. Dr. Adkins was found inside the vessel, although with heavy cybernetic implants, along with several data disks of alien origin currently going under analysis. Examination revealed that 60% of Dr. Adkins’ body was replaced with cybernetics. Upon interrogation, Dr. Adkins remained silent. However, upon introduction to the highest level researcher present, Dr. Adkins narrated the following in a heavily computerized voice:

Hello. We are sorry that we have not been able to communicate further with your species, but…[static]… no time and your computers and sensors are not able to …[static]… the signals we send you. [static]… must keep this brief, we don’t know how long your subject can hold up. They are killing us… [static]…where they came from… [static] will be coming for you next. The key… [static]… your DNA. You… [static]…stop them… [static]… entire galaxy. As your species says… [static]… the torch to you now…[static]… carry on our legacy… [unrecognizable speaking followed by screaming and mechanical grinding. End of audio. Dr. Adkins collapses and expires.]

Autopsy later conducted on Dr. Adkins revealed a projector embedded in the chest cavity. The device played a holographic projection depicting what seemed to be an alien city of elegant design, from what is assumed Dr. Adkins’ perspective. Dr. Adkins is led along a narrow catwalk by [REDACTED] and eventually reaches what appears to be a launch pad with SCP-XXXX in the middle. This gives a better view of the city, which shows it to be in flames and being [REDACTED] by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Adkins turns around before entering SCP-XXXX and watches two aliens fight off [DATA EXPUNGED] with unknown energy weapons. The aliens are surprisingly human in appearance, except taller, skinnier, no hair, and two sets of eyes. The aliens are able to kill 4 of the attackers before one of the attacking aliens [DATA EXPUNGED], brutally killing both of them. Dr. Adkins steps into SCP-XXXX, just as the attacking aliens let out a horrifying scream and start charging him. He is saved by the closing hatch and the vessel launches for Earth.

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