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Picture of SCP-XXX before containment

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be stored in a secured locker measuring 0.5 x 1 x 0.5 meters within Site-██‘s Storage Facility. Access to the object can be granted through permission from a Level 2 or higher staff member. Within the locker, SCP-XXX will be folded lengthwise once, then draped carefully over a horizontal metal bar constructed inside the locker. If the metal bar wears down, staff will remove the towel while wearing heavy duty work gloves, place it on a flat piece of metal, and keep watch while another staff member repairs or replaces the bar with one of similar construction and drape the towel over the new bar. No guards are required for this procedure. All staff that work with this SCP object are required to read SCP-XXX's Safety Reminders, due to the number of accidents that have occurred during testing.

Description: SCP-XXX is a blue and white striped beach towel that appears fairly unremarkable. However, when pressed with significant pressure across most surfaces, the towel's material leaves behind deep grooves and shavings. Physically, the towel's texture is identical to any other beach towel of similar design, and with the naked eye, there is no discernible visual difference between SCP-XXX and another towel. But, viewing the towel through a powerful transmission electron microscope of half-angstrom resolution or more reveals [DATA EXPUNGED].

The object was recovered from a beach in ████████, ██████, where a woman and several companions were swimming. When the woman returned from her swim, witnesses reported that she had just picked up the towel from where she had unfolded it on the ground, and began to dry herself with it when she screamed. She had wiped it across her hair and face, sustaining severe injuries there as well as in the palm, fingers, and side of thumb of her hand, where she had gripped the towel tightly in pain. The scene drew many onlookers, and the Foundation immediately sent over an agent to investigate. When the agent sustained several lacerations upon trying to persuade the woman to drop the towel, Foundation suspicions were confirmed. The woman bled to death before she could be interviewed, but two of her companions were available for questioning. Please see Interview XXX for the details. Civilians at the scene were administered Class B Amnesiac, and told that the woman had been mauled by a wild dog, moderately common in the area.

Later investigation showed that the towel had sloughed off large sections of scalp from the woman, exposing the skull, and had also sheared off her facial features, leaving the hanging flap of skin and muscle of her face. One eyeball had been torn open, the vitreous humor leaking, and the enamel of her teeth had also been severely damaged. Analysis of the scratches on the skull shows a match between the grooves in the bone and the towel's fibers. The body was returned to the appropriate authorities, and the analysis of Agent ██████'s injuries are also consistent with the earlier findings.

Initial testing of the SCP object revealed that it was able to scratch titanium carbide with the same effectiveness as it scratches softer materials, such as glass and chalk. The damage seems to be entirely dependent on the amount of pressure. In addition, SCP-XXX cannot dull. After further testing, it was determined that its properties do not appear until ██ kg/cm2 of pressure is applied. The object does not appear able to damage itself.

Addendum: Researchers working with SCP-XXX should wear gloves and protective equipment that extends to cover the forearms in case of accidental injury. In light of new data obtained from experiment logs, under no circumstances should SCP-XXX be struck with sudden force. Both sides of the SCP object exhibit the scratching characteristic, whether it is wiped or struck. In addition, anyone found to be experimenting haphazardly with the object will be demoted.

Replacement of the bar should occur very rarely. SCP-XXX does not exert enough downward force when hanging on the bar to damage the metal, and the only replacement bar required was after a researcher tripped while returning the object to the storage locker, and injured both himself and the locker, shearing off the entire bar in the process.

Experiment Log XXX-X

Personal Log of: Dr. █████████


Objects used: Scissors

These are basic tests to ascertain the exact characteristics of SCP-XXX. Ordered trained staff to take the towel out, set it down, and try cutting it. He took an ordinary pair of scissors and attempted to cut the towel. After one try, the scissor's edge was blunted. He tried again harder, and the scissors looked as though someone had took a scoop of metal out where it made contact with the towel.

Notes: As expected, the towel is undamaged, and the scissor is unusable.


Objects used: Knife, coat rack

Trained staff was told to stab the towel while it was hanging. When the knife tip touched SCP-XXX, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Notes: Luckily, he wasn't injured that badly. Of the entire knife, only part of the handle remains, ostensibly because he jerked back the moment the SCP object started cutting into the side of his fist. I guess we aren't doing that again. A fine dust, present on the knife handle and on the towel, seems to be the remnants of the knife. Analysis does in fact show that the powder is composed of the same substance of the knife blade, namely, carbon and other elements of the steel alloy.


Objects used: Tub of water, knife, coat rack

This is to test whether water affects the towel's ability. Newly trained staff told to dip the entire towel in water, lift it back up, then hang it and throw the knife at the soaked towel.

Notes: We did do it again, yes. But with water. Unfortunately, when the first staff member lifted the towel up, she lifted it too gingerly and the weight of the towel was apparently sufficient pressure to cause it to shear through her gloves, neatly slicing off the tips of her fingers, and it fell back into the tub. Something peculiar happened to the water upon impact, though; the water seemed to [DATA EXPUNGED]. After getting another person, we finished the experiment. The knife was completely pulverized, with similar results as the previous experiment. This shows that the shearing and damaging properties of SCP-XXX are proportional to the amount of force exerted on it.


Objects used: Hammer, floor

Staff was told to place the towel very carefully on the floor, and hit it with a hammer.

Notes: [DATA EXPUNGED], and upon removal of the towel, the floor was also damaged. Lots of dust this time. SCP-XXX could conceivably be used to escape from places, if there were enough things to throw at it. I'd imagine that if a battering ram were fitted with the towel on its end, that ram could seem to melt through a wall. Though the ram would also be destroyed.


Objects used: Air cannon, wall

A three-inch thick wall was built for purposes of testing, where the towel was carefully held in front of the wall by a series of hooks. A powerful air cannon was aimed at the wall. Staff were ordered to shoot the towel.

Notes: SCP-XXX was pushed into the wall thanks to the air shot, and it did shear through the wall. Made a hole on the other side, with the towel sticking out. If the towel could somehow be replicated, but with only one side, this would have very unique uses for tools and weapons.

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