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Item #: SCP-1492

Object Class: Safe (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1492 is to be kept in a humidity-controlled lockbox at Site-19's High Value Item Storage Facility. Standard positive-action defenses (explosive, chemical, biological, and memetic) are to be in place at all times, according to standard operating procedure.

Description: SCP-1492 is a roll of paper, appearing yellowed and slightly frayed from age. Though pieces can be removed for testing purposes, it has overall shown a remarkable resistance to accidental damage, especially given its apparent age and composition. Carbon dating has estimated its age to be 1250 years. The roll is 65 cm long and has a radius of 3.8cm; its size when unrolled varies (see below).

The image on the interior side of SCP-1492 varies, but by default it is a map of the planet Earth, at a scale of 1cm:200km, using a Robinson projection. The map is in full color, and unlabeled, but is updated in real time; aspects such as day/night, cloud cover, and natural disasters are all visually represented. When displaying this default image, the SCP unrolls to a length of 140cm. Attempts to unroll the object remotely, or using mechanical interfaces, always result in this default image.

When unrolled by hand by a person who is unsure of their current location, the image displayed is a more localized map, often of the building or town where that person is located. Color-coded arrows are added to the image, revealing the simplest and most direct path to exit the displayed area. If carried in the unrolled state, the image will update until the user has reached a point where they know where they are. SCP-1492 can in some cases continue unrolling to reveal new areas, despite no apparent changes in the roll's radius. Several D-class subjects were able to navigate a three-dimensional maze designed for this purpose successfully, and in one case a subject managed to exit the testing area entirely before security was able to terminate her. The longest observed extension of the map to date was 16.4 meters, on one occasion where the D-class subject deliberately ignored the directions and attempted to navigate the maze on his own.

In any case, once the object is returned to its rolled state, any images displayed vanish. It is worth noting that samples removed from the object while unrolled do not contain any pigmentation, and as such the method SCP-1492 uses to display its images is unknown.

Addendum: When first recovered by MTF Delta-7 "Peacekeepers", the object was in possession of one █████ ███████████ and unrolled, displaying images of [REDACTED] from existing containment procedure, as well as access codes and directions for breaching Site-██'s containment area. Due to the possibility of SCP-███'s release, SCP-1492 was originally categorized as Euclid, but researchers have failed to make it repeat this image or any similar intrusion-based directions, or indeed any text at all. After review, it was downgraded to Safe class.

Note: I still think this thing should be Euclid. After all, we never fully investigated its connection with SCP-███ or whether the images we first saw on it are accurate. Is my security clearance upgrade still on review? -Agent S. Ogier, Mobile Task Force Delta-7

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