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Item #: SCP-1113

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-██ , despite its distance from major urban areas, lies in a region subject to large scale trafficking of drugs, weapons, and human labor. As a result OS-5 has requested special containment procedures outlined in addendum SCP-1113-01.
Individual instances of SCP-1113 are to be contained immediately upon discovery of infection and treated as a class 4 bio hazard. In addition, use of heavy PVC coated clothing is mandatory whenever handling infected persons. Contaminated individuals are to be quarantined, euthanized and disposed of in a lime pit or incinerated, along with any clothing, bedding or belongings which could spread exposure of the pathogen. Any agent directly exposed to the bodily fluids of individuals suspected of infection should immediately report for medical examination as SCP-1113 has proved treatable at early stages through application of foundation resources.

SCP-1113 is an incredibly virulent, gram-positive bacteria closely related to Clostridium tetani, which is responsible for the condition known as tetanus. Like its more common relative, SCP-1113 releases miniscule amounts of a neurotoxin which paralyzes small areas of the muscular system. The bacteria then creates thin strands of stiff fiberglass-like material that rupture surrounding tissues, causing hemorrhaging, cysts, and when close to the skin, weeping lesions. Since the pathogen is blood-borne these lesions compound the threat of transmission, as well as expose the host body to further infection. During this time transmission can occur even with casual contact, since these fibrous projections can easily pierce unprotected skin, necessitating the use of PVC coated gloves, sleeves and smocks.

Eventually, increased levels of bacterial toxins cause the patient to enter a state of violent delirium, as well as cause powerful muscle spasms, which combined with the ever present threat of accidental infection, cause the patient to become difficult to control. Patients at this point become desperate, seeking out human contact, often causing severe injury to themselves to break free from restraints. During the final stages of infection the subjects lapse into a fugue state and will wander aimlessly while suffering from shuddering convulsions, covered in growing numbers of needle-like fibers. Eventually death occurs from a combination of hemorrhaging and fluid loss, however the body will continue to twitch for some time after expiring: a result of neurotoxins causing muscle groups to misfire.

SCP-1113 first came to the attention of the foundation after an unnamed Guatemalan immigrant identified as patient zero, was found by Mexican authorities suffering from a fever and covered in open sores. He was brought to [REDACTED] hospital where he ranted feverishly about a "city of gold" before breaking free of restraints, forcing police to respond, accidentally killing him. The staff as well as police who had contact with him went on to rapidly display similar symptoms, creating in short order a localized epidemic. Foundation response teams quarantined the area, secured the body of patient zero as well as those infected, and clamped down on news outlets before the "gold fever" could reach public attention.

Site ██ is located at ██° ██' ██" N, ██° ██' ██" W, approximately ██ Km south of [REDACTED], Mexico, containing an formation of solid iron-pyrite nearly 1Km2 in size, with individual crystals averaging ~8M3, arranged in a rough grid, and dominated by several larger step pyramid formations, which could easily be mistaken for the ruins of a golden Meso-American city. The high levels of moisture and iron sulfides around the area support large numbers of SCP-1113 in soil samples as far as █ Km from the site as well as on the surface of the crystals themselves. Growing throughout Site ██ are clusters of SCP-1113 fibers extending upward around the base of the crystal formations, which showed to be host to thriving bacterial colonies. Excavation has proven difficult due to the remote nature of the region as well as obvious hazards, however it has been ascertained that crystal growth started in the Yttrium soil layer marking the ██ extinction boundary.

Addendum SCP-1113-01

Addendum SCP-1113-02

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