One Question, One Answer
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid/Keter (pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, it is highly advised that the section, Description, be read fully before proceeding to the Special Containment Procedures.

Given the tendencies of SCP-XXXX, containment of SCP-XXXX is not feasible. Instead, suppression of instances of SCP-XXXX through destruction, termination, retrieval and quarantine procedures are advised. All records or instances of SCP-XXXX should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Retrieval of instances of SCP-XXXX should follow the procedures stated Protocol-XXXX-Rho.

SCP-XXXX-1 and 2s are to be stored in [REDACTED] in separate storage lockers. Access to SCP-XXXX-1 and 2s require paperwork with authorization and supervision from Dr. Faust or Level 4 and higher personnel. SCP-XXXX-3 brought to Site-██ are to be restrained in a straight jacket and placed in a white room, restrained to either a chair or a bed. No form of writing materials (including cutting tools) are to be provided. Should SCP-XXXX progress to Stage 3, immediate termination of subject is authorized.

Any tests with Subjects in Stage 3 or higher requires O5 clearance with supervision of Level 4 or higher personnel. Tests are to follow Test-Protocol-XXXX-Rho. As of the incident regarding [DATA EXPUNGED], tests are now required to follow Test-Protocol-XXXX-Sigma.

Any Stage 0 SCP-XXXX-3s are considered safe and after psychiatric evaluation and basic medical tests, can be allowed to return to normal daily routine if subject states so. Civilians are to be administered Class-A amnesiac and reported by Agents on a weekly basis after release.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of the question, [REDACTED]. The question is termed and referred to from this point on as SCP-XXXX-0. SCP-XXXX-0 would generally appear on pieces of paper or on audio recording such as musical compact discs. However, it has been observed to appear on laptops, television show recordings and graffiti among other forms.

Objects that have instances of SCP-XXXX in any visual forms are termed SCP-XXXX-1. Objects that have instances of SCP-XXXX in any auditory forms are termed SCP-XXXX-2. Humans under the effects of SCP-XXXX are termed SCP-XXXX-3.

Origin of SCP-XXXX-0 is currently unknown. Every year, exactly ██ number of cases of SCP-XXXX would surface randomly across the globe without fail, suggesting a sentient, moving source similar to █████. Tests has also shown possibility of SCP-XXXX-0 to be sentient. No known method of predicting the location of future SCP-XXXX exists.

Reading or listening to SCP-XXXX-0 would prompt the subject to answer the question. Testing shows that subconscious answering are also considered as answering. If subject answered wrongly, subject would be deemed an SCP-XXXX-3 and are considered 'infected' by SCP-XXXX. At the moment, no amount of amnesiac is capable of removing SCP-XXXX from memory. While under SCP-XXXX, subjects are shown to have increased resistant to amnesiac, retaining memory even after the administration of Class-E solutions. Affected subjects would progress through four (4) stages of SCP-XXXX. Doses of amnesiac has been shown to slow progression through the stages.

Stage 1 of SCP-XXXX would plant SCP-XXXX-0 into the subjects' mind. Agent Dimitri likened it to "having a song stuck in [his] head" during his time as a XXXX-3. Subjects are capable of daily routines without any lapse in judgement or interruption during activities. Class-A amnesiac has been shown to slow down the 'growth' of SCP-XXXX. Stage 1 is shown to last from anytime between 3 to 15 hours.

Stage 2 will see SCP-XXXX proceeding deeper in the subjects' mind. At random moment, subjects are known to attempt to answer SCP-XXXX-0 verbally or mentally without consciously realizing their action. Agent Dimitri's description of having the answer at the "tip of [his] tongue" is regarded as the best description of the experience. Subjects also loses concentration easily when performing activities with D-916700 forgetting his name for approximately fourteen (14) seconds. Effects of Class-A amnesiac on SCP-XXXX greatly diminishes. Class-C amnesiac works similar to Class-A in Stage 1. Stage 2 can last from anytime between 2 to 11 hours.

Stage 3 will have subjects openly speaking or recording SCP-XXXX-0. Subjects are known to write SCP-XXXX-0 on pieces of paper, walls, and even their own body while discussing with themselves on the answer to SCP-XXXX. When restrained, subjects are prone to looking around the room in what can be describe as a daze. Subject will also vocally say SCP-XXXX-0 every so often. Subject loses will to perform daily task aside from small amount of drinking and eating. Agent Dimitri described Stage 3 as being,"like [SCP-XXXX] was trying to test [him]" before returning to Stage 3. When questioned, subjects would not respond on occasion. When responding, subjects are known to rarely speak full sentences, usually replying with one-word answers, hand gestures and grunts. Class-D amnesiacs are shown to have no effect. Class-E amnesiacs are shown to have minimal effect on subjects, with subjects returning to Stage 2 for time between ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes before entering Stage 3 again. Stage 3 is shown to last anywhere between 1 to 4 hours.

Stage 4 has the subject enter a psychotic stage. Subjects are known to attempt to record SCP-XXXX-0 via any method possible. D-919601 bit his tongue and wrote SCP-XXXX-0 on the floor with the blood from his mouth. Subjects would attempt to answer SCP-XXXX-0 in any way possible. Attempts to restrained Stage 4 SCP-XXXX-3 has resulted in physical confrontation with subject lashing out in what can be described as a mad charge. The subject would continue behaving in the aforementioned manner until a situation occurs where subject dies, either naturally or via termination. The experiment done on Agent Dimitri showed that Class-Ω amnesiac had negligible effects on SCP-XXXX-3s, rendering Agent Dimitri in a state of shock for three (3) minutes before returning to late Stage 3. Agent Dimitri returns to Stage 4 after two (2) minutes.

Stage 0 occurs when subject successfully answers SCP-XXXX-0. When subject attempts to speak the answer out loud, his voice will be muted to human hearing. Any attempts to lip-read the answer has caused visual discrepancy in the reader. Audio recording of the event will be replaced with a high pitch feedback while visual recording will be replaced with static. After answering the question, subjects in Stage 0 loses all memory of any event regarding SCP-XXXX. Subject will no longer remember the answer to SCP-XXXX-0. When exposed again to SCP-XXXX-0, subject will be unaffected by Stage 1 effects. Instead, subject will opt that he cannot see nor hear SCP-XXXX-0. Stage 0 subjects are being considered into forming a task force for containment and experimentationg of SCP-XXXX. There are currently only four (4) known Stage 0 SCP-XXXX-3s with one (1) of them deceased.

Addendum 1 - Collection Log-01: SCP-XXXX was first discovered in the town of ██████ with a population of ███. [REDACTED} from the neighboring town received a call about how the citizens have gone insane. Mobile Task Force Iota-10 intercepted the transmission upon receiving knowledge and dispatched containment team to the site. They were received by a panicked citizen, later identified as 64 years old cobbler, D█████ M█████. The nature of the situation caused the containment team to dispatch D█████ M█████. The citizen was later confirmed as the first known SCP-XXXX-3 in Stage 0. The town had been 'infected' by SCP-XXXX and inhabitants were in Stage 3 and 4 of SCP-XXXX. The town was quarantined and underwent [DATA EXPUNGED]. ██ number of Foundation personnel were affected by SCP-XXXX-0 and were terminated.

Addendum 2 - Test Log-XXXX-D-918212: D-7█████ was exposed to an SCP-XXXX-2. Test was overseen by Dr. Faust, Dr. D████ and Agent Dimitri. Subject went through Stage 1 and 2 of SCP-XXXX as expected. Four (4) hours after entering Stage 2, subject claimed to know the answer of SCP-XXXX-0. Footage were then interrupted by static with audio distorted by feedback. After recovery, subject claimed confusion as to where he was or what was happening. Subject was quarantined for twenty (20) hours before being sent for medical observation. He was deemed to have reached Stage 0 and no longer under the effects of SCP-XXXX-0 by Dr. D████. D-7█████ was sent to Site-██

The following is a Audi/Video Transcript of the event.

D-7█████ shows no signs of memory from prior experience with SCP-XXXX. Fourteen (14) days after the test, D-7█████ was exposed to a sample of SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2. However, D-7█████ claimed not to be able to see nor hear anything. Sample of SCP-XXXX-1 was described as a 'blank piece of paper'.

Addendum 3 - Test Log-XXXX-Dimitri: Agent Dimitri reported to Dr. Faust on ██/██/20██, stating he was under the effects of SCP-XXXX. He was quarantined immediately under Containment Procedure for SCP-XXXX-3 and later confirmed to be a SCP-XXXX-3. The Agent volunteered to undergo Stage 4 experiments with different classes of amnesiacs. Experiment was approved by O5-█ and overseen by Dr. Faust, Dr. Royce and Agent Gordon. Subject was moved to RR-3-4N. Test personnel oversaw the process in OR-3-4N.

Test was conducted in span of 12 hours. Below is a severely shortened version of the transcript to include only key moments. For full transcript, access [REDACTED].

Dr. Faust Note: In light of Agent Dimitri's sacrifice, we have gained invaluable knowledge in understanding the origin and functions of SCP-XXXX. However, future instances of SCP-XXXX-0 should be reported immediately to prevent such tragedy from reoccurring. I am also putting in a request for Agent Gordon's transfer to Site-██ to remove him from the mental burden of Agent Dimitri's death which is clearly affecting him.

Dr. Royce Note: Given the possibility that SCP-XXXX-0 might be sentient, I propose that SCP-XXXX be re-evaluated as a possible Keter class phenomenon.

Addendum 4 - Collection Log-19: During containment of an instance of SCP-XXXX on ██/██/████, civilian R█████ F█████ was found to be in Stage 0 of SCP-XXXX. Subject was administered Class-A amnesiac and brought to Site-██. She was detained for two (2) days for observation and released after with a does of Class-A amnesiac. Subject is to be monitored by Mobile Task Force Alpha-█ and reported on on a weekly basis.

Addendum 5 - Test Log-XXXX-D-966271: During initial contact with a sample of SCP-XXXX-1, D-9█████ answered SCP-XXXX-0 correctly under the supervision of D-10████. Upon attempts to listen to the answer, D-10████ claimed D-9█████ did not say anything and that D-9█████'s mouth did not even open. D-9█████ was later confirmed to be in Stage 0 and sent to Site-██ for further evaluation.

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