Gypsum cast of SCP-1480 in [REDACTED] form

Item#: SCP - 1480

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1480 should be contained in a vacuumed transparent polycarbonate box of 50cm by 50cm by 50cm under normal to human standards temperature and illumination. Observation should be automated through the use of a surveillance camera, a motion sensor and a biosensor to record and alarm of any change in shape or any chemicals released within the holding compartment. SCP-1480 has not shown any change in size, position or shape and has not released any chemical component during the entire period of its containment.

Until further information on SCP-1480 is acquired all personnel approved for physical contact with the item is required to wear a full Hazmat suit specific to emergency personnel responding to toxic spills unless cleared for approved testing.

Description: SCP-1480 is made of 28 dental units SCP-1480-1 to SCP-1480-28 encased in two unremarkable acrylic dental prosthetic recovered from a deceased human (see attached Document-1480-001). Each of the two acrylate bases hold 14 items consistent with human anatomy for their respective positions on the dental arcades. Following the X-ray scan document attached it can be concluded that the items are made of [REDACTED].

As deducted from the records recovered, the SCP-1480-1 to SCP-1480-28 objects have the ability to change their form into a needlelike shape and elongate up to 10-15 cm. This change is accompanied by the release of an undocumented neurotoxin that, if released into living tissue, can provoke pain induced paralysis and has an anticoagulating effect. No sample of the neurotoxin has been recovered.

It can be speculated that the dental units act as a weapon able to trigger itself by the release in the wearer's cortex of energizing neurotransmitters used to amplify the response to a danger perceived by the amygdala and insula parts of the brain. The only recorded victim seem to have triggered the response by being exposed to violent imagery while watching a movie. (see Document-1480-002). The circumstances in which the event occurs, could not be independently verified by Foundation research personnel. The dental units are considered sentient due to their ability to activate under owner's mental state and to fit themselves as the "host's" natural teeth.

It is not proven that the weapon is intentionally directed to harm the possessor but rather its properties are not suited for a human wielder.


Jun. 8, 20██: Item retrieved. A class A amnesic was administered to all non-Foundation personnel involved in the investigation and recovery of SCP-1480 except two subjects retained for questioning. All outside documents mentioning SCP-1480 were [REDACTED].

Jun. 9, 20██:Due to significant and unrecoverable psychological trauma, following the interview 1480-001 a request to euthanize the wife of Mr. ███████ was submitted. Request pending approval

Jun. 10, 20██: An official request was submitted for the use of D-class personnel into recreating, observing the event and gathering of samples. Request pending approval.

Jun. 10, 20██: Dr. Victor asked for the teeth to be individually removed from the acrylic prosthetic prior to begin experimentation on D-class personnel. Further experimentation is to be made after fitting the units individually to toothless test subjects. Request pending approval.

Addendum 1: Document-1480-001

Addendum 2: Document-1480-002

Addendum 3: Document-1480-003

It was sunny. We have been going up to a spot for some reason until we stopped and looked around for what may have been an opened air lock on the outside, under the clear blue sky. A draft of air we felt above us while the surrounding patches of grass got greener. Colors were falling on top of our heads like we were standing at the end of a rainbow. The idea we felt was funny. We felt. Laughing we took to digging incessantly to find the treasure. There must have been a treasure. We were at the bottom of the rainbow and there was a leprechaun that told it to us. A leprechaun that made the grass greener as to tell us to DIG HERE.

It was funny. Our nails were scratching the brown ground now and the green greener greenest patches of grass were in our mouths where we put them so to not miss them while we were searching for the treasure. It was funny. We laughed and laughed as the rainbow was pouring against our bodies in a shower of color from the air lock. The opened air lock. There were plenty others under that beautiful blue clean sky like the infinite.

It was all clear now. The air lock was there for us to show us where to dig. The opened one. The rest we haven't seen by now because they were invisible so of no importance. We felt no pain and the ground was making way for our curiosity. Our nails fell off I think but we kept digging because we don't need them. Pain was just weakness leaving the body. Now it was leaving through our fingers unstopped mixing with the moist ground. We were thirsty by now and the sweet green grass in our mouths felt sweeter than everything we have ever tasted. The rainbow was showering us in joy pointing the way through a puddle of color in the sea of brown we were submerged now. But no stopping until the treasure was found. I could hear his laugh next to me as he was joyfully putting the ground aside making the way to the chest shorter and shorter.

It was a contest. Me or him, who got it first? The chest! I think I have found it! It is it! Haha, thank you rainbow, I think I'll let tears upon you but first I have to take you out. It matters now what is inside. The box I need to see entirely in front of me and out of this hole but I am a bit tired and I feel like yawning and digging some more first. So I am digging and the rainbow gives me strength to carry on all around the box. Pretty beautiful colors washing me from this stupid pain leaving my arms through their stub like tips. Than I found one handle than the other and I was left behind. He already took his box out and was frozen in hugging it to keep it warm. I was so envious so I hurried. Finally. Got it out. The rainbow stopped. What have I.

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