Optical Crystals (WIP)
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^^ A non-anomalous crystal-creating set appearing identical to SCP-XXXX-a^^

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entity is to be contained between testing in a water-proof and humidity controlled drawer, as even small amounts of liquids can easily damage the components of SCP-XXXX-a. Any instances of SCP-XXXX-b not destroyed during testing should be thoroughly crushed and, if that is not sufficient, incinerated. At least Level 2 Security Clearance is needed to use SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX exists in two anomalous states, as far as tests have shown. The first, SCP-XXXX-a outwardly resembles a children's chemistry set produced by the company █████, designed to allow the user to "grow" crystals by first dissolving an ammonium potassium sulfate powder into hot water, and then having the solid precipitate into crystal form as the water cools. The cardboard box package includes a number of small plastic cups filled with the white grainy powder. In the packaged state, the only anomalous property is that when powder is removed from any of the containers, filled beyond the amount included when first opened, or mixed with foreign substances, and then placed back into the container, it will slowly return to its original state.

When a set of crystals is created from the powder by following the instructions provided within the package, a set of 1-4 cylindrical crystals averaging ten centimeters in length and three centimeters in diameter will be formed. The are formed out of a very fragile substance, and can be easily broken. As soon as one crystal is removed, any others on the same stem crumble until they have completely disintegrated. At this time, the crystal takes on a set of anomalous properties letting it be referred to as SCP-XXXX-b.

When a human being's skin makes contact with SCP-XXXX-b, that subject and their clothing take on a number of properties similar or related to those of light waves, including being able to pass through transparent surbstances and into reflective surfaces. Even if these properties are not obvious, a user of SCP-XXXX-b can be identified by their reflection being invisible. As soon as any damage is done to SCP-XXXX-b, the crystal disintegrate in a similar manner to the others earlier, leaving no traces, and any properties effecting the holder cease to affect them.

The crystals' properties such as density and transparency are different from that of the ammonium potassium sulfate crystals, but all tests to determine the chemical makeup of the crystal has failed, leading only to the accidental destruction of the crystal.

Acquisition Log: SCP-XXXX-a was first found in ██████, Illinois on April █, 19██. There had previously been reports of seemingly impossible burglaries with no traces on doors or windows. After a month of no progress in the criminal case, the suspected culprit, Sean █████, was found severed cleanly in half, with his head, some of his torso, right arm, and left upper arm inside the house of a family on vacation at the time, and his legs, left forearm, and the rest of his torso on their lawn. The Foundation's attention was caught when it was found that the window he seemed to be attempting to climb through at the time was both unbroken and designed specifically not to open. Upon investigation of Mr. █████'s home, SCP-XXXX-a was found hidden in a wall-safe along with $█████ worth of stolen jewelry. SCP-XXXX-a was taken, and amnesiacs were distributed to all non-Foundation persons involved in the criminal investigation.

Test Logs:

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