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Item #: SCP-XXXX

The Scales

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a small room opened by a level 4 or above keycard due to the nature of the object. Anyone entering must be checked for any blood samples and watched carefully. If blood is not in the nature of the test, then it is not to be put on the object. To bar accidental touching, the object should be kept in a glass case as well.

Description: The object is a large set of golden scales with an intricate design on the axis of the scales. The design shows on one side, the left part of the scale a female angel figure, seemingly in prayer, and on the right, a male devil figure, who is seemingly holding a human head. On the top of a scale is a small iron disc that has a slight divot in the center. On the sides, two golden bowls are held up by chains, one on each side. The scale is in this way perfectly normal, but always stays perfectly balanced, even if a weight is put on one side or the scale is moved around. The following effects are seemingly the only way to unbalance the object.

When the iron disc is touched, the scales automatically change, as if balancing two different weights. This has been named a person’s “Karma.” The devil side shows bad Karma, and the angel side shows good Karma. When a person has “heavier” bad karma, then it is more likely good things will happen to them, and vice versa. However, this is over the period of that person’s life: all Karma is proven to balance out at the end of life.
The secondary effect of the scales is activated when a sample of blood is spilled on the iron disc. The scales will balance out as if touched, then the blood will all go to the divot in the center and a funnel-like effect is observed, to the point where all the blood is drained from the iron disc. In this amount of time, the scales become perfectly balanced. Also in this time, the person who the blood originates from has his karma suddenly balanced, no matter the extremity of the necessity.

Case logs: Blood tests.

01 Serial Killer Karma was balanced; Subject found his room collapsing around him. Did not die, bur both legs were broken, many ribs, and one lung had collapsed. Subject currently under intensive care. May be used for further testing.
02 Buddhist Monk Karma was balanced; Subject suddenly found 3 sets of winning lottery tickets, and appeared to reach nirvana. Karma was immediately unbalanced as he gave the lottery money away, but by this point the blood had drained and seemingly had not further effect.
03 Dead Nun Karma was not balanced, as it already was perfectly balanced, or the scale showed no reaction.


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The object

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Russian Roulette

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: This object is to be kept in a small room on a wood table surrounded by six (6) chairs. No more than five (5) people may enter the room without approval by Level 4 personnel.

Description: The SCP is a simple six-shot revolver, with a black rubber-covered handle and a steel frame. When the ammunition chambers are opened, there is always only one bullet. If the object were to be filled up the chambers with ammunition and open it again, only one remains. Otherwise it functions as a normal revolver, able to be fired. It also does not seem to lose the one bullet it has, even if it is fired.

When surrounded by six or more people, the barrel automatically starts spinning and six of the people will sit around the object in a circle. They will then play a game of Russian roulette, until only one of the original six is left alive. The ammunition chamber then opens, dropping out 5 golden bullets, and leaving its one regular bullet inside. It then takes one hour before it will activate again.

The object’s effects do not seem to affect anyone outside of the room, even if the door is left open. However, it fills any amount of space, for instance, it can affect six people in a large gymnasium.


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The SCP, picture taken during a residency.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

The Perfect House

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: The object is to be quarantined, with no one allowed within visual range of the object. A forest is to be grown around it, but in the meantime the area must be closely watched. Once the forest is grown, then the radius of the quarantine area may be lessened.

Description: The object is a two-story brick house, built in a tudor style. It has a steep roof, with black shingles, and brown-colored shudders. Its door is painted a reddish-brown, and the house is surrounded by a well-kept yard, and a forest that is currently being expanded. There is a ‘For Sale’ sign planeted in the ground near the house. There are two garage areas, which are empty short of a small, but stocked, tool wall. On the main floor there is a large entry room with a fireplace, and a kitchen that opens up to the dining room. The upstairs contains a large master bedroom, which contains a bar and a sitting room, as well as a very large master bathroom. There are also 3 bedrooms and a laundry room. The basement is empty and unfinished, save a small television set, complete with antennae and two dials- perfectly functional in every way.

When a human sees the house from any visual range, they are compelled to tour the house. Subjects have reported feeling as someone was leading them through the house and providing them with information about the home. The subject will always describe it as his or her ‘dream home’ and contact a number given to them (███-███-████), buying the house within two days of touring it. Within a week, they will have moved in, no matter what the cost. While there is a family residing in the home, the ‘For Sale’ sign disappears and no subject is compelled to tour it, although they are distracted by it, and anyone who passes seems more interested in it as the residency of the original family goes on.

Eventually, one of two events (although more may be possible):

One: The subject living in the home will go down in the basement and turn on the television set, turning it to channel ██ and watching a horror film, then going up to the master bathroom and taking a bath, then suddenly disappearing. Any objects not originally in the house also disappear. If there are other residents, then they will repeat the process of the subject and also disappear. The ‘For Sale’ sign appears again and the original effects of the house resume.
Two: If the resident lasts more than three months without going down to the basement, then anyone viewing the house reaches a breaking point in their envy for the house. One or more of these subjects will forcibly enter the house and murder the residents, then themselves go down and watch the television set, undergoing the same process as in the other event. All remains of the residents disappear as well.

It is unknown where the subjects disappear to, but testing of the soil has shown traces of organic material much like human remains.

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