Orikae (Dr Miles Bigby)'s SCP Recovery Files


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SCP-893, pictured among Dr. ███████'s personal effects.

Item #: SCP-893

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Protocols: SCP-893 is currently located at the bottom of E-Well 12, an emergency water source intended to supply Research Sector-36 in an RK-class siege or local environmental contamination event. The well has been fitted with a secure door and isolated from the surrounding water table to prevent contamination of the water supply. The object itself is locked within a "Terminator"-brand wall safe, formerly the property of Dr. ████. Should containment fail due to oxidization, earthquake, continental drift, ████████, or other unexpected event, personnel at Site-██ are to remotely operate a dive-by-wire submarine robot, fitted with ███ candela spotlights, and replace the safe with a new containment unit with walls at least four inches thick. Replacement of the safe prior to failure is not recommended. Verification of the object's continued presence inside the well is to be made via closed-circuit camera. The object is not to be viewed directly by local personnel.

Description: SCP-893 is a wooden sculpture of a human head, with forty evenly-spaced nails embedded in its surface. Twelve to eighteen hours after exposure, subjects who come into contact with SCP-893 undergo a marked change in personality, expressing manic levels of excitement, optimism, laughter and energy. This change is proportional in strength to the difference between the subject's original personality and the new qualities bestowed by SCP-893. In numerous cases of D-class personnel slated for termination being exposed to SCP-893, the personnel laughed, shouted, and gesticulated with such intensity as to strain their vocal cords and damage musculature. In all cases, the subjects expressed no regret and maintained the experience's value even as they were terminated according to procedure. All recorded subject-object interaction to date occurred during incident ████-1397. If the subjects are not terminated within the twelve hour window, personnel who interact with the subjects begin to exhibit similar symptoms within minutes. Within a group, subjects exposed to SCP-893 undergo additional behavioural modification, including willful insubordination, sexual harassment, intoxication, mockery of senior staff, researchers, O5, themselves, and fellow personnel, and other unprofessional behaviour. The object's effects beyond a 24-hour window are unknown.

Incident Log ████-1397:

SCP involved: SCP-893

Personnel involved: Sector-36 Staff, Dr. Bigby, Dr. Gears, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Supervising Researcher: Dr. Bigby

Date: ██-██-████

Location: Research Sector-36

Description: The object was recovered from Foundation legacy stores as part of an ongoing cataloguing effort. D-class personnel assigned to crate-opening duty breached the container without difficulty and recovered the carving as per Archival protocol. It was assumed to be part of the personal effects of Dr. ███████, terminated ██-██-████, as all ancilliary information save the researcher's name was lost in the events of GOC incursion incident R-████. It is now understood that Dr. ██████ was principal researcher on this object, and he was terminated due to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Twelve hours after exposure, the D-class personnel who had recovered the object began acting erratically. Supervising Researcher Dr. Bigby noted the change, but as the personnel were nearing their end-of-month termination, further action was deemed unnecessary. After their day shift was completed, the D-class personnel proceeded to Lab 41-█ for their mandatory polygraph test. Upon arrival, the three subjects began commiserating on their situation, noting that "when they gave him a nose, [the technician] must have thought they said 'hoes' and asked for lots and lots". The researcher registered their reaction and administered the tests as per procedure. Halfway through the second polygraph test, the log ends abruptly.

The D-class were not recorded again until they appeared at containment chamber █-83, closed-circuit surveillance cameras depicting the subjects at the head of a parade. The crowd, composed of staff from all levels of security clearance below O5, had seized D-class uniforms from the dormitories and converted office supplies and reports into paper mache costumes. D-class ██████, the first to be exposed, had fashioned a crude likeness of Dr. Kain into a costume using various colours of highlighter and dry-erase marker. He led the crowd while brandishing a plunger taped to SCP-893 as a cermonial scepter. The other initial subjects had fashioned likenesses Drs. of Clef and Bright in a similar manner, using a bucket with eyeholes to represent Clef's head and a splatter guard from employee kitchen 7 to represent [[SCP-963]]. Drs. Bigby, ██████ and █████ were recorded wore oversized D-class uniforms over their work clothes, including handcuffs made of twisted tinfoil. Junior researchers dressed as MTF-Omega personnel prodded them with water pistols in a mock forced march. As the group paraded through Sector-36, personnel who abandoned their posts to investigate the commotion joined the group with little delay. This resulted in a wave effect throughout Sector-36, leaving many posts unguarded and Euclid-class SCP objects and phenomena at risk of containment breach.

Visiting Sector-36 as part of a routine supervisory review, Dr. Gears noted the noise and abandoned guard stations and investigated via closed-circuit camera. After ascertaining the group's location, he followed them, attempting to blend in by procuring a Hawaiian ley necklace. Reaching the head of the parade, he noted that the group — now comprised of over 200 people — was moving towards Keter-class object containment. He seized SCP-893 and ran towards the emergency wells, stopping at Dr. █████'s office to throw the head inside a safe and transmit Emergency Signal Theta via the doctor's terminal. The parade approaching, Gears reached the water duct and dropped the safe containing the object into the well. The water and surrounding earth insulated the facility from SCP-863's effects, allowing MTF-██, MTF-███ and MTF-█ to breach the facility and subdue the affected personnel, many of whom protested that the strike teams "couldn't take a joke".

All personnel below Level 4 clearance were administered Class-B amnesiacs and allowed to return to work. For his negligence in noting anomalous behaviour, Dr. Bigby has been demoted to Junior Researcher. The cause of Dr. Gears' immuity to SCP-893's effects is under investigation.



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Image in the early stages of SCP-560 corruption.

Item #: SCP-560

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-560 is to be kept on a Foundation archival-quality optical storage medium at least ███GB in size. This medium should be accessed at least once per month using the stand-alone desktop computer within SCP-560's containment unit. After the computer ceases to function, the medium should be placed in a shock-proof case, specification ███-██-████. Persuant to Foundation secure-wipe protocols, the blank drive should be discarded through civilian avenues and replaced with a wipe-ready drive from Site-██ Research. Testing on workstations with any network access or removable media other than SCP-560's storage unit is prohibited by Level 4 order.

Description: SCP-560 is a digital lifeform of indeterminate origin. Viewed through a binary or hex editor, SCP-560 appears as a pattern of bits which travels through the data structure of the storage medium it occupies. Analysis of SCP-560's bit structure is ongoing.

SCP-560 behaves similarly to certain kinds of malicious software. Before the Foundation's discovery of the lifeform in ████, amateur researchers on the ████████████ message boards had discovered a pattern in appearances of the creature's spent data, attributing it to a particularly prolific virus. Rather than administer amnesiacs, Foundation personnel removed SCP-560 and allowed the board to continue their project. The message board recently celebrated the ██th anniversary of investigation into SCP-560.

When introduced into a digital habitat, SCP-560 begins processing the contents of the storage medium. It is currently hypothesized that the lifeform metabolizes data in a manner similar to amoeba, engulfing data within itself and excreting corrupted images, text files, executables, videos, and sound files. This corruption proceeds gradually on each individual file, as the lifeform moves from file to file while feeding, showing a preference for files containing sensitive data. This preference makes it ideal for use in Foundation secure-wipe protocols.

Unlike a standard computer virus, SCP-560 does not deposit copies of itself in corrupted files. Current speculation is that SCP-560 reproduces through [REDACTED], however, as there are no extant [REDACTED] As SCP-560's feeding process proceeds, it consumes data at an exponential rate, its feeding efficiency increasing in tandem with the amount of data consumed. After wiping a storage medium, SCP-560 enters a cryptobiotic state. Given a tiny amount of information, SCP-560 can survive indefinitely.

SCP-560 was contained by Foundation personnel during an engineered failure of ███████'s content servers on April ██, ████. The organism entered its cryptobiotic state and was successfully retrieved shortly thereafter. Given the recent [REDACTED], any leak of information pertaining to SCP-560 is punishable by summary termination.

Addendum: Viewing of materials corrupted by SCP-560 on a 3D-capable television or through stereoscopic, linearly polarized, or circular polarized glasses is prohibited. -O5-3

Revision ██-██-████ This includes 3D-capable video game systems. -O5-3


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SCP-XXX photographed in a sterile lab.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained within a 92cm x 92cm x 92cm standard Plexiglass holding unit fitted with H-class remote manipulators, airlock system, and cardiopulmonary bypass machine. Every 36 hours, a severed heart is to be placed in the unit's airlock and attached to the CPB for breeding purposes. In instances where a heart is not available, limbs may be harvested from available D-class personnel. It is imperative that SCP-XXX is provided with tissue within 4-6 hours of separation from donor. For further details, consult transplantation guidelines as defined in Document ██-████-F. If it is ever necessary to neutralize SCP-XXX, an application of standard insecticide would terminate the colony.

ADDENDUM: In accordance with recent medical advances, it is preferred that SCP-XXX be provided with a 'beating heart transplant' outlined in Document ██-████-G. In cases of emergency where medically trained personnel are not available, it is recommended that on-duty agents [REDACTED]. For further information, please consult training film serial number ██████████, "When Containment Requires Extra Measures."

Description: SCP-XXX is a subspecies of fly originating on the American continent. To the average observer, SCP-XXX appears similar to a housefly. As a result, outbreaks of SCP-XXX are virtually undetectable until the breeding grounds expand beyond the confines of a single household.

SCP-XXX is unique in the Diptera order in that it borrows some characteristics from the mosquito and reverses the usual reproductive process of flies. Like the mosquito, SCP-XXX bites human flesh, injecting an compound which dampens coagulation. Unlike the mosquito and other flies, however, SCP-XXX's bite functions as a local anaesthetic. After the bite

Because of the hemostasis-blocking properties of its saliva, infestations of SCP-XXX are often mistaken for moquito bites. However, the itching of SCP-XXX bites promotes scratching, which increases blood flow to the larval site, in turn shortening the gestation period. As the infestation enters the pupal stage, the new SCP-XXX specimens tunnel through the living tissue, often weakening the integrity of the subject's muscular system. The pupae need to breathe very infrequently, and generally gain the little oxygen they need through surfacing as part of their feeding habits. It is at this stage that the subject experiences intense pain until SCP-XXX eats through the nerves. Aside from discomfort, this typically presents as bruising and numbness in the affected limbs, although some functionality will remain until the final stage. Cell death from consumed tissue will result in gangrene and liquefaction, forcing the pupae to spread throughout the host's body.

Eventually, the pupae will undermine the subject's internal structure to the point that 'sinkholes' of collapsed flesh will appear, the freshly winged specimens bursting out of the site and leaving in search of new hosts. The combined saliva of the emerging insects leaves the host paralyzed until succumbing to blood loss.

If the infestation is discovered before the extensive tunnelling stage, it can be averted by amputation of the affected tissue. SCP-XXX will continue to consume the tissue as long as the blood vessels remain oxygenated.


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SCP-319 as photographed among Dr. ██████'s kit.

Item #: SCP-319

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-319 is to be held in a 10 m x 10 m x 10 m ground-level container composed of steel-reinforced concrete. Placing SCP-319 on any support other than the concrete floor of its container is punishable by assignment to maintenance duty. Should it become necessary to move SCP-319, consult Document █-███- ██████. No personnel are to enter SCP-319's container except during a scheduled test authorised by Drs. █████ or ████████. Unauthorized personnel observed entering SCP-319's container will be terminated due to the problematic nature of recovering SCP-319 after it has begun influencing a subject.

Description: SCP-319 is an orbitoclast of 19██-era make and manufacture. Cast from a single piece of steel, its form consists of a pointed shaft and a slim metal handle. Its serial number does not match any recorded production lot, and there are no manufacturer's marks. The current hypothesis as to its origin [DATA EXPUNGED]

When handled, SCP-319 implants anatomical details and surgical procedures into its holder's memory. These instructions have no memetic effect; rather, they seem to be typical surgical operations, save for their apparent lack of function. When asked by Foundation researchers to transcribe SCP-319 materials, subjects provide detailed illustrations and instructions, even if they have had no previous medical transcription or illustration experience. These transcripts have been classified SCP-319-1 through ██ and may be accessed with authorization from Level 4 personnel. They do not match any currently used operation or proposed operation within the developed world, although they uniformly include lobotomies as part of the procedure. There are no adverse effects from SCP-319 exposure within the first thirty days if no operation is performed using SCP-319. The Foundation has no data on longer exposure times.

When enacted by a team of medical staff, these operations have no effect other than death. However, if the 319 subject conducts the operation using SCP-319 itself, the operation succeeds. Afterwards, the subject lapses into a comatose state and expires within a week from the date of the operation. The success of each operation differs from the rest; for a list of diagrams and their effects, consult [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing on post-surgery patients suggests a significant shift in personality, moreso than even a lobotomy can account for. Other common effects include [REDACTED]. Curiously, when an operation is conducted using SCP-319 that does not follow the steps of any procedure outlined by a SCP-319 subject, he or she begins to exhibit signs of dissociative identity disorder. Before being terminated as per standard regulations, D-█████-319-██ remarked "██████████████████████ you wouldn't ██████████." Investigation into his statement is ongoing.

SCP-319 was brought to the Foundation's attention in ████, during the [REDACTED] incident in [REDACTED], when a Dr. R██████ was brought to trial for manslaughter, gross medical negligence, and murder. Dr. R██████ showed no remorse for his actions, stating only "melius anceps remedium quam nullum," which translates to "it is better to do something than nothing." It is not known how Dr. R██████ avoided self-termination as a result of contact with SCP-319. Agent C██████ discovered the case through [DATA EXPUNGED] and investigated. After Agent C██████'s self-termination, Foundation search-and-seizure personnel recovered SCP-319 with minimal casualties. The surviving members were commended.

Addendum: It is imperative that SCP-319 not be placed upon any table or supporting surface. Doing so designates the table or surface as an "operating table" and modifies SCP-319's effect on the subject. The subject will mutter commands to an incorporeal operating staff, which will have a tangible effect on the procedure. For example, commands to stanch blood flow or spread an incision will result in decreased bleeding and the incision staying open. Subject becomes much more fastidious in performing the lobotomy, and the victim remains conscious during the subsequent vivisection. Testing has revealed that the victim remains conscious even when wounded lethally in other ways, as in a case where the victim was shot in the head from outside SCP-319's effective range by D-██████. A request to adapt SCP-319 for life support use is under consideration.

Addendum 2: Personnel with previous medical or surgical experience are not to be allowed within SCP-319's container. -Dr. ██████

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SCP-XXX photographed in its inert state

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a wooden crate within Site-██'s secure storage. Researchers who requisition its use for experimentation are responsible for their own room arrangements. SCP-XXX is otherwise not to be removed from its container, especially for recreational use.

Description: SCP-XXX is a 16-millimeter film projector. When activated, SCP-XXX's projection lamp lights up and the reels begin turning. When the projector is pointed at a screen or other white surface, a film appears, even though the film on SCP-XXX's reel (hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-01) does not pass in front of the projection lamp.

The film feeder has been welded shut, making any attempt to load SCP-XXX-01 into the second reel impossible. Requests to cut through or replace the feeder have been denied. Examination of the SCP-XXX-01 suggests that it is blank while inert, though high-speed photography shows images on the film when SCP-XXX is in its active state. Analysis of these images is underway. When replaced with any other roll of 16mm film, SCP-XXX continues functioning as normal.

Despite SCP-XXX-01's content or lack thereof, when activated SCP-XXX projects a short film in the style of 1950s educational films. SCP-XXX seems to have a limited degree of awareness, as a female subject was shown a film entitled "So You're Not Going to Live Very Long!". Shortly afterwards, she was terminated at the end of the month as per procedure. An introverted D-class subject ██████-██ (despite previous convictions for [REDACTED]) was shown "Three Easy Ways to Remove ████████" a film explaining tools and techniques for home surgery, and was subsequently terminated after his attempt to use a toothbrush as a surgical instrument. That night, Dr. ████████, employed as a surgeon before the Foundation [DATA EXPUNGED] and who had supervised ██████-██, attempted to follow the film's advice. He was found dead the next day, ████████ and viscera scattered on the floor around him. Further experimentation resulted in the films "Digestive Systems of Woodland Creatures", "Three Handy Tips for Handling Amputation", and "Sightless Eyes: Dealing with Total Paralysis", which involved graphic descriptions of stroke victims' slow death by starvation before being found by relatives. All subjects suffered the described afflictions shortly after exposure to SCP-XXX.

Researchers are therefore discouraged from following SCP-XXX's directions, and to report any urges to activate SCP-XXX to their research supervisor.

^^Title card of film shown to Junior Researcher ████. ^^


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SCP-### photographed shortly before recovery.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-### is to be kept in High Security Storage within Site-██. Due to persistent rumours concerning SCP-###'s effects which have resulted in multiple containment breaches, its exact location is classified and accessible to Level 4 and O5 staff only. For access to SCP-### for research purposes, consult a senior supervisor, who will go through the proper channels to retrieve it. If at any time a staff member Level 3 or below becomes aware of SCP-###'s storage location, he or she is to be summarily terminated and SCP-### moved to another location.

Note: We've had too many outbreaks and too much lost personnel. Procedures are entirely necessary. Stop asking me about them. -O5-3

Description: SCP-### is a small wooden head with several nails protruding from it in a spherical pattern, except around the cheeks and lower jaw. When held by the nails, SCP-### draws blood through the subject's skin. The blood is then absorbed into the head's surface, leaving no remnants or evidence of activity behind. Although the nails are rusted, testing suggests that this is because of the object's age. Despite outward appearances, the blood collected by SCP-### does not touch its nails or wooden surface. Investigation as to the eventual fate of subjects' blood is ongoing. When held by the cheeks in a manner that there is no skin-nail contact, SCP-### remains dormant.

When blood is successfully drawn from the subject, they immediately sit down, placing the head on the ground in front of them. After 5-10 minutes of staring intently at the head, the holder invariably goes about their day as though nothing had happened. Initially, the subject appears to be normal: they possess a strong desire to get back to 'normal life.' Until allowed to do so by superiors or family members, they are belligerent and even violent. Note that this desire is affected by environment and habituation; D-Class personnel are content moving back to their holding cells, apparently viewing their confinement as normal.

The holding cells in which Marshall, Carter and Dark clients were kept.

However, within 15-20 hours, the subject will begin to withdraw, smiling manically and refusing to eat or sleep. If no intervention occurs, the subject dies within a week from accelerated symptoms of starvation and dehydration. If kept alive through intravenous methods, eventually the subject regresses completely into a comatose state and ceases most muscle activity except for the smile. In some cases, blindness occurs as the eyeball dries out when the subject stops blinking. This may be ameliorated by standard-issue eyedrops.

Initially the mechanism by which SCP-### affects its subjects was unknown. After considerable testing and observation, including the use of ██████████ and other 'advanced interrogation' methods, it was discovered that patients affected by SCP-### saw a different reality than the observing staff. When testing for alternate [DATA EXPUNGED] returned negative results, teams were dispatched to fact-check various incongrous statements the subjects had made. In each case, the patient had made statements which implied that some person from their past had returned from a long absence, and that 'it was so good to see them again.' It is currently theorized that SCP-### implants the suggestion of some major trauma in the subject's past being corrected or not having happened. The subject then gradually descends into this delusional version of their life until expiring from lack of nutrition or fluids.

Currently the Foundation has ██ former subjects on life support within Site-██'s medical research wing. Limbs which did not show any pain response or which had stiffened to the point of immobility were amputated for ease of transport. EEG activity remains above-normal.

Addendum: SCP-### was recovered from a Marshall, Carter and Dark facility in █████, ██████, where they had been operating in the partially renovated facilities of ████ ████ Asylum alongside legitimate research groups. The bodies of several celebrities and prominent business leaders were found within a disused wing of the building, with SCP-### in a nearby room. Intel acquired by ███████ Team on recovery suggests that M,C&D were funnelling information and capital from these members of their organization while they were under the effects of SCP-###. Withdrawals of funds and occasional sightings of these same clients continued until Foundation personnel within major media sources planted evidence of their death. The location of the Marshall, Carter and Dark team which oversaw this operation is unknown.

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An electrophoresis gel of a gene similar to SCP-806.

Item #: SCP-806

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-806's special properties, containment efforts are currently focused on knowledge of SCP-806, rather than the item itself. Research Team ███ is to be given access to monitoring networks as well as eyes-only clearance for all developed-nation governments on a provisional basis. However, Team ███ is a contingency measure. The nature of SCP-806 ensures that once discovered by third-party science organizations, Foundation media moles will intercept and smokescreen the information, defraying the risk of a large-population activation. It is speculated that SCP-806 is linked to a recent rise in brain-stem birth defects.

Description: SCP-806 is a latent genetic sequence present in ‘junk DNA’ found within the human genome. The Foundation was unaware of its existence until 19██, when scientists working on the Human Genome Project discovered the genes and made a preliminary report centering around the genes' potential to retard brain development in fetuses. The Foundation intercepted their report due to similarities to SCP-730 and recreated their efforts, eventually independently coming to the same conclusion.

SCP-806's function was unknown until the discovery of SCP-███ in 2004, which enabled simple and reliable [DATA REDACTED]. The scientist in charge of the project, Dr. ██████, had found notes relating to SCP-806 and attempted to activate the dormant genes within a donated zygote, retaining all other original genes. The resulting child of a surrogate mother was a human male without higher cognitive functions. Dr. ██████ designated it SCP-806-01. Initially, it was indistinguishable from a normal human baby except for its extreme dietary requirements. SCP-806-01’s average daily calorie intake for the first twelve months of life was 2000 calories, or the same as an adult human, more than four times the recommended amount for newborns. Its behaviour was exclusively defined by its consumption; while SCP-806-01 developed motor skills and demonstrated adequate sensory capacities, its language skills remained at the level expected of a 1 to 2-month old baby. From birth to termination at a physical age of 13, its oral communication exclusively involved cries, coos, and grunts. SCP-806-01’s caloric consumption remained at quadruple the expected rate of a human its physical age. At a physical age of 6, having used SCP-███ to accelerate growth, Dr. ██████ noted that SCP-806-01 presented signs of a myostatin deficiency resulting in hyperdeveloped musculature with an associated increase in strength.

While housed within a Foundation daycare, SCP-806-01 began manipulating a standard set of wooden blocks. After building a cube, pyramid, octahedron, and icosahedron, SCP-806-01 returned to the pyramidal construction and began elaborating on the structure. Creating a ‘shell’ from triangular prisms, SCP-806-01 attempted to polish the structure, and expressed frustration when unable to do so. When, as part of experiment ██████-391-06, it was provided with larger building materials, it replicated the pyramid as large as it was able and became extremely attached to the area. Structurally, the pyramid showed similarities to North African and Mesoamerican construction. Afterwards, SCP-806-01 proved extremely suggestible and docile, often rolling on its back to show submission. When additional specimens were birthed and grown to match SCP-806-01, they clustered around the pyramidal construction. After the group reached a critical mass of █, some adapted to ‘stockmen’ roles and kept the group within a defined area around the pyramid. On ██-██-10, SCP-806-01 [DATA EXPUNGED] meat described as 'savoury'. The subjects were terminated and Dr. ██████’s application for Keter status was approved due to a risk of large-population activation.

Further recreation of SCP-806-01 and the other ‘██████’ is restricted to O5 authorization. Unauthorized breeding will be met with summary termination because of the possibility of [DATA EXPUNGED] chemical trigger [DATA EXPUNGED]


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An electrophoresis gel of selected SCP-XXX base pairs.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-###'s special properties, containment efforts are currently focused on knowledge about it, rather than the item itself. Research Team ███ is to be given access to monitoring networks as well as eyes-only clearance for all developed-nation governments on a provisional basis. However, Team ███ is a contingency measure. The nature of SCP-### ensures that once discovered by third-party science organizations, Foundation media moles will intercept and smokescreen the information, preventing it from reaching public saturation.

Note: Use your time wisely. If I catch another research team member looking for credit card numbers it's termination for the lot of you. This stuff costs more than you're worth. - Dr. ██████

Description: SCP-XXX is a sequence of DNA base pairs found within various segments of 'junk DNA' within the human genome. Taken together, the base pairs comprise a series of promoterless genes which are marked to be passed on regardless of parent. The Foundation was unaware of their existence until 19██, when scientists working on the Human Genome Project discovered the genes and made a preliminary report. The Foundation intercepted their report and, using SCP-███, recreated their efforts, eventually independently coming to the same conclusion.

SCP-XXX's function was unknown until the discovery of SCP-███, which enabled simple and reliable [DATA REDACTED]. The scientist in charge of the project, Dr. ██████, had found notes relating to SCP-XXX and attempted to activate the dormant genes within a donated zygote. The result after implantation in a surrogate mother was a human male apparently without higher cognitive functions. Dr. ██████ christened it SCP-XXX-01. He was unresponsive until [DATA EXPUNGED] developing to an approximate age of 3. While housed within a Foundation daycare, SCP-XXX-01 emerged from its comatose state and began manipulating a standard set of wooden blocks. After working its way through the Platonic solids to an approximation of an icosahedron, SCP-XXX-01 returned to the tetrahedral construction and began elaborating on the structure. Creating a ‘shell’ from triangular prisms, SCP-XXX-01 proceeded to [REDACTED]. It proved extremely suggestible and docile, often rolling on its back to show submission. After accelerated [REDACTED], when SCP-XXX-01 developed to puberty, it began exhibiting symptoms of a myostatin deficiency. After [DATA EXPUNGED] described as 'savoury'. The subject was terminated and Dr. ██████’s application for Keter status was approved.

Further recreation of SCP-XXX-01 and the other ‘██████’ is restricted to O5 authorization. Unauthorized breeding will be met with summary termination because of the possibility of [DATA EXPUNGED] chemical trigger [DATA EXPUNGED]—






If a human is allowed to pick up SCP-319 with another person in the room, the subject will attack and subdue the other person by any means necessary. If questioned during this period, the subject will shout for help and insist that the 'patient' is becoming violent. This has been recorded as happening even while the victim is sedated or unconscious. After the victim is restrained or subdued, the subject will proceed to insert SCP-319 into the victim's eyesocket and manipulate the brain randomly, resulting in severe brain damage and death. If the patient's corpse is removed at this point, the subject enters into a comatose state and will expire within █ days via organ failure.

If the corpse is left in the room, the subject uses SCP-319's point as a scalpel and proceeds to dissect the victim's body. The dissection is inexpert, resulting in damaged or punctured organs due to improper technique. Subject typically moans and pleads, apparently feeling remorse for his or her actions but unable to stop. If interrupted and restrained, subject self-terminates at the earliest opportunity, often by pulling out the esophagus. If not interrupted, after the subject concludes his dissection he will perform a lobotomy upon himself and expire. If 319 is separated from the subject, he or she will use whatever is to hand, including their own fingers if necessary.

It is important to note that SCP-319 does not appear, as some other SCP objects do, to enact an irresistable compulsion on its subject. Foundation researchers have documented █ cases of a SCP-319 subject resisting the impulse to perform surgery. When questioned, subjects state that the object is whispering to them, although they refuse to repeat these messages. Subjects invariably sweat profusely and tremble, sometimes going into convulsions. Notably, even when one of these subjects lose control or faint, they drive SCP-319 into their own orbital cavity, rather than the patient's.



Dr. Miles Bigby




  • Defense: 2
  • Foreign Cultures 3
  • Gun Combat 2
  • Melee 2
  • Persuasion 3
  • Sense Motive 2
  • Stealth 2
  • Street Sense 1

Addendum 1-A: Inventory of Possessions

  • Various Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology textbooks
  • One (1) Speed Bag
  • One (1) Laptop Computer
  • One (1) Pair of Brass Knuckles
  • Collection of DVDs
  • Leather Satchel
  • One (1) Echelon Team uniform with shoulder patch
  • One (1) deactivated Glock 9mm pistol, framed

Addendum 1-B: Inventory of Equipment

  • M1911
  • Fighting knife
  • Collapsible baton

Addendum 2-A: Notable Character Traits

Miles is quiet and somewhat bookish, though posessed of a surprising amount of strength. His experiences in foreign countries have trained him to be suspicious as a matter of course. He trains regularly to keep himself fit. Just in case. He wears stylish but formal clothes and has earned a doctorate while working at the Foundation.

Addendum 2-B: Notable Character Flaws

  • Death Wish - After the experiences that caused him to leave MTF Echelon, Miles has shown a propensity for reckless and self-destructive behaviour.
  • Curious to a Fault - Is fascinated by SCP and related phenomena, and will investigate to his own detriment.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

After a promising career in academia following the acceptance of a MSc in Anthropology, Bigby became obsessed with the investigation of occult objects reported from the Middle East. After a long sabbatical from his research institution, Bigby disappeared. His current location is unknown.

Although he required the use of thick glasses for many years, Bigby uses contacts for day-to-day life. He still tends to squint as if over a set of spectacles. Wiry and trained in martial arts for his various excursions into hostile territories, Bigby prefers to avoid violence, but steps up to the task if necessary. A trio of Latin letters are tattooed around his right forearm.

Recruited by the Foundation following his commendation for his role in researching ancient Sumerian scripture, Bigby now spends his time applying his knowledge of human culture and society to the study of SCP units. He has also gained tactical operations knowledge following his participating in MTF Echelon, a short-lived unit dedicated to the indentification and retrieval of SCP objects. MTF Echelon was disbanded and Dr. Bigby was transferred to Site 23.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

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