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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I glad to see all of you, but I don’t like that the Foundation needs so much employees of your kind. But there is nothing to do with this. You’re don’t need to know my name, because it’s very doubtfully that we’ll met again, and if we’ll met, you’re probably don’t like it – I never visit anyone just to say “hello”. Also you don’t need to address me, because I don’t have time to answer questions. If you’ll not listen to me closely, agent Fork will continue the lecture, and it means, that I won’t to be on your place in this case. Though, you’re specially distributed to divided booths, in order to not be distracted and not chat with each other. If everybody placed with comfort and accommodation, let’s get to business.

There are two departments in the Foundation that usually not welcomed by common staff – the Ethics Committee and Internal Security Department. Transfer into first considered as the end of the career and employed person can turn into laughing-stock. Many of the Foundation employees laugh only about the existence of Committee, underestimated its importance. But they don’t laugh on ISD, they hate it. I hope you’re ready for it, because they will hate you too. Of course, it rarely concerns to high-rank administratives and never to O5 Command, but all other staff members, as they known about us, react approximately equally.

So, all of you went to work into the SCP Foundation’s Internal Security Department. The ISD specificity supposes that you’ve made the deliberate choice and will not begging to transfer yourself back to containment cells and to office desks. If you’re not, you’d better ask for amnesiac in ambulatory. Is there somebody who suddenly changed his mind? No? Ok then.

I think many of you would like to contend with me, but the Foundation – it’s not SCPs, containment procedures or tons of bureaucracy. The Foundation – above all it’s people in all senses. We protect and guard the humanity. “We” means “people”. People protect people. And our department works with people exactly. We’re gathering the data about everybody and watch for everyone. Yes, intelligence gathers the data about their candidates too, but it’s just need for reliable agents. We’re watching that everybody were reliable employees. Constantly.

How do you think, who deals with most dirty work? Right, our department. And if some operative will complain how some SCP kicked his group’s ass, you could only acidly grin, but say him nothing. Because our position is worse in any cases, we’re working against other Foundation’s employees, sad to admit it. ISD is watches and notes everything: who goes where, how who behave himself in company, who take an interest in what, who tried to sneak where and so on. That’s what you’re going to do.

All of you working at the Foundation long enough to start a friendly relationships, or even a romance. It’s naturally, human is a social animal and even our organization understands it. But when you’ll leave this room, your friends and colleagues will become your subjects to study additionally. And if your best friend turn on to be involved in something fishy – you must report about it. Nobody could cover someone forever; you’ll just share his fate. Very difficult choice, agree? So think about it one more time: do you really need it? For me it’s simple, I have no friends.

You’ll be work (as you may guess) at your previous place. It doesn’t matter whom you were – a medic, research assistant, operative, office rat or shitty janitor. You will stay at your former positions, but your salary will significantly grow. Our people are needed everywhere. Especially among low-rank employees because it is obviously more chances for spy or just windbag, wandering among them. And if you’ll notice something in staff member with higher level – don’t do anything stupid, report to your curator and he’ll deal with it. You have no right to make mistakes; it’s almost definitely that your first mistake will be the last one. Well, it’s same for any other employees. One more time: you’re not sure – you do nothing, because you can screw up and lost your incognito. After that you’re totally done as member of ISD. There was a case, than one of our agents (may he rest in peace), accused of espionage one of our high-rank scientists, without proofs and full comprehension of situation. But that scientist just discussed collaborate project, developed by Site 19 together with our, 7. That time he managed to keep his life, but the department had many problems, some members were dismissed. And dismissing in the Foundation usually organized accordingly the health condition. Understand? That guy, though, later was “terminated” too.

Every one of you will be assigned to one certain curator. You don’t need to look for curators; your bosses will find you by themselves and explain the details of data transferring procedure. I don’t explain it because all curators has their own, “civil” life and assumptions and their own schedule. It’s not very convenient, when you, the MTF member, trying to capture another one dangerous SCP and suddenly in this moment some newbie call you and reporting about John Dou, who traitorously stealing food from refrigerator and rummaging in his ass during that. In principal, there is only one general and quite obvious moment: all connections with your curator must be performed only when both of you are alone. Actually, ISD has its own internal network that provides high security connection. And yes, remember all that I’m talking properly, because any of you could become a curator one time.

You should not tell anyone about who you working for. It is matter-of-course, but I’ll make an accent on it, because there were cases, including cases with quite troublesome consequences. No, forget about this, the Foundation will always need the ISD, but the more you acting stupid, the more problems during the work will met your present and future colleagues. We are trying to maintain a legend that department is just a fable and most of the Foundation personnel really thinks so, but you should understand that it’s very, very difficult and expensive. So you’ve got the point: speak less, behave yourself like usual. If we’ll stick out too much, even the innocent people will get nervous and, correspondingly, start to work worse. When you’re working with certain objects, you’re need to be very attentive and concentrated. A thoughts about wandering around secret police members don’t work for that. And it can easily lead to a dangerous situation. So prevent the growth of paranoia among staff.

I want you to remember two things. First – put away compassion and other emotions, then far that better. This work is disgusting and only sick man will get pleasure from it. The Foundation works to keep world where we’re living. We’re working to keep the Foundation itself. You know, we have plenty of exterior enemies, and we must not let that some damn bastards are corrode us from the inside. If someone disseminate the information about the Foundation, you should prevent it, or report to your command as soon as possible. If someone tried to steal a SCP-object and failed – you will interrogate him, and if not – guards, who lost the SCP, will get a bunch of troubles. If someone asks too much questions – watch for him closely. Work like ours must be done well, like any other work.

And second – there is no way back. Even if you left the ISD, you’ll keep the mark of its informer, spy, snooper, whatever, the main point is same. And don’t even because if you leave the department, everybody will know about it at the same second. You’ll just always remember who you are and who you were. Do not count on amnesiacs much. Department – it’s forever, so if you came here, please stay with us, and don’t uncover yourself, of course.

Something else? Ah, yes, interrogations. I guess, it’s all clear here – minimum of pity and maximum of efficiency. If the words don’t make an effect – turn the face into bloody mess. If even this doesn’t work – use tortures. It’s unpleasant and vile, but usually works. Leave your inventiveness at home, however, the sadists usually not familiar with sense of proportion and the client dies earlier than tells something useful. There is no need to say that this is not good for the Foundation.

And the last one – not any abuses of official position. Exceeding of authority – it’s a serious crime and strongest blow to the reputation of the department, that hated enough as it is. So, if you can’t share the babe, do not sink another candidate in shit attaching to him espionage for CoBG. If they find out that this is a set up, the punishment will be fast and violent.

You’ll be informed about the additional instructions later. That’s all, I guess. Immediately start to fulfill your duties. Leave your booths only then green lights turned on, not earlier.

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