Ouija Mousepad

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is to be kept in a double-locked 40x40x10 centimeters container made of 5 centimeters-thick bulletproof glass. SCP-#### is to be constantly illuminated to 1,000 lux. Backup power for the lights should be sufficient to last four months. Level 1 personnel should inspect SCP-#### weekly and report any sign of anomaly or deterioration.

Description: SCP-#### is a dark blue mouse pad adorned with subtle lighter-blue line patterns. Its dimensions are 30x25x0.75 centimeters. The phrase "This Side Up" is written in Times New Roman 20pt centered one centimeter from the top of the pad. The lower left corner shows signs of weariness.

SCP-#### was recovered from an investigation scene on 20█-█-█ in █████, █████, Alberta, Canada, where two teenage girls were found dead next to a computer of said institution. The cause of the death has yet to be established.

SCP-#### appears to be a completely normal mouse pad when used with a ball mouse or under sufficient lighting. However, when the light is dim (such as when all lights are off except the computer monitor; the illuminance threshold has been established at roughly █ lux) and a laser mouse is placed on the pad, the mouse cursor will spontaneously move on-screen, while the physical mouse remains in place. It moves to point to various characters, which, when written down together, form short sentences. Those sentences can be part of a larger and meaningful communication if the user is willing to talk. It appears that SCP-#### is unable to take input from the computer monitor itself, and all communications from the user must be done orally.

According to tests led by Dr. █████ ██ on ██-█-█, the sentience behind the communications appear to be the spirit of a deceased person known to the user. (See test logs below.) It is apparent that communicating with spirits through SCP-#### allows them to exert a certain influence over the realm of the living aside from moving the cursor of a computer, but the full extent of it, and the duration of the phenomenon, remain unknown.

Addendum: SCP-#### has obvious uses, especially in recent criminal cases; consequently, experimentation shall continue. However, because of the incident Dr. █████ ██ triggered, personnel willing to work on SCP-#### will need O4 approval. Test subjects will be required to have a clear criminal history and a background check for any dead enemies. The Human Acquisition department can help with this, since D-class personnel mostly does not fit this requirement. -O4-█

Document # ####-C: Dr. █████ ██ Initial Test log

The test took place in a locked dark room at Site-██. Subject had no direct control over the computer or mouse as the computer itself was placed behind a wall and only the monitor was visible through a bulletproof glass. Speakers and microphones were also installed inside the walls to allow the experimenter to communicate with the subject. The room was furnished with a standard chair for subject to sit on. The monitor was live-casted to the experimenter's own computer through a local area network connection. To facilitate communications with SCP-####, the desktop wallpaper featured the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" with various punctuation signs underneath. Subjects were given pen and paper to note the messages that would appear.

D-10582 is a 23-year-old Caucasian male of strong build with unremarkable sociological background. D-10582 has completed undergraduate studies in chemistry. Class-D classification is the result of [DATA EXPUNGED].

D-10582: All right Doc, I'm sitting tight. Light up that monitor.
Dr. █████ ██: Please watch carefully.

The monitor is working. For about 45 seconds, no visible phenomena takes place. After this delay, the cursor slowly starts to spontaneously move.

D-10582: It says… h-i- ██████████…

The cursor sensibly accelerates and the letters it points to form "im sorry".

D-10582: Who is it? Do I know you?
The sentience answered [DATA EXPUNGED].

D-10582: …oh god! Oh god! I am so sorry, and ████ is too! We constantly had nightmares about it. It was so long ago! Will you ever forgive me?
The sentience answers "i love you". D-10582 profusely cries and apologies. The cursor stops over a blank space and does not move again.

Document # ####-D: Dr. █████ ██'s Personal Test With SCP-####

The test took place in a locked dark room at Site-██. The setup used was identical for the test with D-10582, except this time Dr. █████ ██ would personally use the pad to reach his ██, who died prematurely of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Mansfield would supervise the experiment instead.

Mansfield: Ready, ██ ?
█████ ██: Please proceed.

Mansfield turns on the monitor. █████ ██ remains quiet as nothing happens at first.

SCP-#### writes "hi doc".
█████ ██: Who is this? Is that you, ███?
SCP-####: no but she tasted gr8

█████ ██ shows visible discomfort.

Mansfield: We can stop this right away. Are you sure you want to proceed?
█████ ██ [ignoring Mansfield]: What do you mean? Who are you?
SCP-####: remember scp-██ [pause] i was [DATA EXPUNGED]
█████ ██: Oh shit. Mansfield, shut down that monitor.
Mansfield: I have. Are you okay?
█████ ██: Yes. But I'm not ever getting close to that thing again.

Appendix ####-D-1: (by Dr. Mansfield)

As you may know, Dr. █████ ██'s mental health has been on a steady decline in the last few weeks. I am sorry to announce that he passed away last night at his home, of [DATA EXPUNGED] causes. His [DATA EXPUNGED] was expelled by his mouth and the solid green color of his blood was attributed to sulfur binding to hemoglobin instead of oxygen. Law enforcement officers that found his body were administered class A amnesiacs and will be on watch for the next weeks to ensure that [DATA EXPUNGED] has not propagated to them.

His house is to be razed, and the remains are to be entombed. I recommend to the Committee that test subjects operating on SCP-#### do not have any dead enemies to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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