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…yeah these are legitimate and conceptually complete ideas that hopefully will be written out… soonish.


A megaphone. Anything you say into it will be "stored" inside the memory of the megaphone. The people who listen to you talking on the megaphone hear the latest thing "stored" (what the guy who last used it said) instead of what the guy is actually saying, which is "stored" for the next use.
Interesting spin on the idea. Instead of working one frameshift in the past, the megaphone could work… in the future? That's going to be really hard to implement. Maybe some sort of "random" thing where a random stored message, whether from the future or from the past, is played. The juice is in chronology.

A disease or virus of the eye that causes one to see recurring shadows, leading to paranoia and often insanity. The juice is in the fact that it infects SCP agents, who also report strange noises and things near those who have the "virus". They themselves are unsure whether it is a disease or whether the shadows are real but they refuse to accept its reality by categorizing it as a disease.

A joke SCP article written by an alien planet about humans. "Special Containment Procedures:" Confined to Earth, more or less. Juice is basically the concept. You have to deliver it well. Write like an alien.

Links, so I can personally find them next time I decide to work on these ideas.

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SCP-1222, prior to Incident 1222-A.

Item #: SCP-1222

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As they are inert when not in use, SCP-1222-1, SCP-1222-2, and SCP-1222-3 are to be kept in a standard locked safe in Storage Unit-05. Normal surveillance procedures are to be observed. Any experiments to be performed on SCP-1222 must first receive clearance from a Level 4 personnel or higher. Testing has been discontinued until further notice.

10/13/20██: Due to Incident 1222-A, heightened security measures must be taken. Two additional surveillance cameras, one inside and one outside the safe, are to be monitored at all times. A thermite explosive is to remain inside the safe, to be detonated remotely in the event of a containment breach.

Request to destroy SCP-1222 has been rejected by O5-██.

Description: SCP-1222 consists of three pieces of cutlery manufactured by the █████ ██████ Silverware Company. The fork, designated SCP-1222-1, the knife, designated SCP-1222-2, and the spoon, designated SCP-1222-3, are each approximately seventeen (17) centimeters long and constructed of common stainless steel. They each possess stylized ceramic handles which display ideograms of unknown meaning. Work to translate these symbols is ongoing.

When any instance of SCP-1222 is used as a utensil to ingest any food material, the individual who consumed the food item is subject to specific but inexplicable symptoms. The exact effects of SCP-1222 depend entirely on the food eaten. The subject exhibits properties displayed by the ingested food; more of these properties accumulate over a period of several minutes until the subject is exactly identical to the ingested food.

SCP-1222 was first brought to the attention of the Foundation on 5/9/19██, when a man living in ███████ called the local police claiming that his fingers were "turning into noodles" and his hair smelled "really cheesy". Authorities who arrived at the apartment several minutes later discovered it to be empty. Items in the apartment included an empty carton of "5-Minute Sweet and Cheesy Spaghetti", a pile of noodles on the floor by the front entrance, and SCP-1222 on the kitchen table. SCP-1222 has since been acquired by the Foundation.

Log of Experiment 1222-01:

Goal: To establish the effects of SCP-1222
Subject: One Class D personnel, male, 38 years of age
Food Item: One T-bone steak, well done
Experiment: Subject was instructed to eat food item using SCP-1222-1, SCP-1222-2, and SCP-1222-3. Subject expressed confusion at having to use SCP-1222-3, but complied. Subject ingested over 90% of steak flesh before stopping. Approximately two minutes in, subject began complaining about chest pains. He reported these pains to be escalating throughout the next minute; requested medical attention was denied. Three minutes in, subject screamed that his "bones" were "moving" before continuing to yell incoherently. Subject collapsed onto the floor, fully conscious, and began █████████. Throughout the next two minutes, subject's flesh rapidly disappeared, with facial features and extremities fading first. Throughout this process, subject continued █████████ and screaming, even without a mouth, indicating consciousness. Six minutes in, subject, reduced to approximately 20% of original mass, abruptly ceased movement and vocalization. After another minute, subject appeared physically identical to the ingested steak and remained inert. Later testing confirmed that the subject was identical to the food item.
Conclusion: Use of SCP-1222 transforms the subject into the food consumed.

Log of Experiment 1222-02:

Goal: To determine whether a single instance of SCP-1222 will yield the same effects as multiple instances
Subject: One Class D personnel, male, 23 years of age
Food Item: One bowl of New England clam chowder
Experiment: Subject was instructed to eat food item using solely SCP-1222-3. Subject completed the task without objection. Approximately two minutes in, subject claimed to be experiencing a stomachache. Subject's skin gained a sickly white pallor and he claimed to have been poisoned. Subject began screaming and █████████. Four minutes in, subject began continuously vomiting, spewing a substance identical to food item. At this point, subject's flesh deteriorated rapidly. Two minutes later, subject, now at 15% of original mass, consisted of a featureless head and mouth, continually spewing food item. After a minute, the head had completely dissolved, leaving a puddle of excretion equal in volume and composition to ingested food.
Conclusion: Use of multiple SCP-1222 items does not change the effects of SCP-1222.

Log of Experiment 1222-03:

Goal: To determine the effects of SCP-1222 on partially-consumed food items
Subject: One Class D personnel, female, 33 years of age
Food Item: One fried chicken drumstick
Experiment: Subject was instructed to eat one bite of the food item using SCP-1222-1. Subject consumed approximately 25% of the target food item's flesh. Three minutes afterward, subject cried in pain, claiming to be experiencing a severe fever. Throughout the next minute, first-degree burns manifested randomly on subject's skin. The intensity and distribution of the burns increased rapidly, as did the subject's screaming and █████████. Screaming continued even as the subject's body rapidly dissolved. Extremities and facial features disappeared first, save for the subject's right leg. After a total of six minutes, screaming ceased and the subject's remains consisted of a heavily burned leg. This quickly transformed into a chicken leg identical to the original food item.
Conclusion: Using SCP-1222 to partially consume food items still leads to a transformation to a complete food item.

Doctor ████: This is getting out of hand. We all know what SCP-1222 can do now. Request to stop all further testing on SCP-1222.
Request denied by O5-██.

Log of Experiment 1222-4:

Goal: To determine the effects of SCP-1222 on previously effected subjects of SCP-1222
Subject: One class D personnel, male, 27 years of age
Food Item: The Class D personnel from Experiment 1222-03, physically identical to one fried chicken drumstick
Experiment: Subject was instructed to eat food item using SCP-1222-1. After one bite, subject immediately [DATA EXPUNGED], leading to the presumed deaths of █ agents and Doctor ████. The food item then began █████████ wildly, despite being completely inert prior to Experiment 1222-4. Security was successful in killing subject as well as destroying the food item. SCP-1222 remained intact throughout the ordeal and was successfully secured. The bodies of the agents and Doctor ████ are never found.

O5-██: All further testing of SCP-1222 has been discontinued until further notice.

Log of Incident 1222-A:


3:29 PM: The security camera monitoring SCP-1222's safe reportedly malfunctions. Two Level 2 Personnel are dispatched to the safe for repairs.
3:34 PM: The two Level 2 Personnel are found dead near the location of the safe. Multiple severe stellate lacerations and contusions are observed on their heads, arms, and torsos. The safe itself is unlocked and SCP-1222 found to be missing. A containment breach is announced. Reinforcements are requested on site; request approved.
3:35 PM: The bodies of Agents ██████, █████ and ████████ are found on the Northwest Corridor of Storage Unit-05. Similar injuries to those on the two Level 2 Personnel are observed. Agents ██████ and █████ were found with empty pistols near their hands.
3:47 PM: A creature, reportedly similar in appearance to SCP-███, is spotted on site. Reinforcements arrive and engage the creature.
3:50 PM: The creature has been rendered impotent and immobile due to continued machine gun fire. Reinforcements hold as creature begins screaming and █████████. Over a period of eight minutes, the creature dissolves and changes features, eventually appearing identical to Doctor ████. The order to execute is issued and the creature is killed by two bullets through the chest and rib cage.
3:55 PM: An autopsy reveals that the dead creature is physically human and identical to Doctor ████.
4:01 PM: SCP-1222-1 and SCP-1222-3 are found in hallways in Storage Unit-05. An empty petri dish, containing a chewed tissue sample of SCP-███, is also found.


8:22 PM: SCP-1222-2 has not yet been found. Stress tests performed on SCP-1222-1 and SCP-1222-3 have revealed that they are not indestructible. Heightened security measures are enacted around SCP-1222. After medical treatment, a total of █ personnel out of ██ total casualties have survived after Incident 1222-A. The creature is not part of this count.

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