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Photograph of SCP-601 taken before containment.

Item #: SCP-601

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-601 must be contained at all times in a transparent .25 cubic meter room, with a circular .91 meter diameter “feeding” tube with two three (3) doors placed at the top, middle, and bottom of the tube. The room is filled with 11 centimeters of water, as SCP-601 has the possibility of dehydration in it's current state.

Tube connection travels upwards of 3.05 meters before another, similar opening is placed. The tube is opened once (1) every week twelve (12) days to prevent SCP-601 from starving and gaining enough mass to separate.

SCP-601's feeding menu consists of one live animal: Minimum 90 kilograms, to a maximum of 137 kilograms. Under no circumstances are human personnel, or designated “sapient” organic life to be given to SCP-601.

Regarding the hazardous properties of this SCP, SCP-601 is to be kept in a sealed off section of Bio-Containment Area-██. Sealed section is to be treated as a Level 4 Bio-Hazard zone, with any and all personnel in section to be equipped with personal Level 4 Hazardous Material Containment suits.

In case of containment breach all personnel in vicinity are to flee into the main section of the site after passing every infection checkpoint. All female personnel are to vacate area expeditiously, any repeat of SCP-601 Incident-002 can result in purge of containment site. Any non-essential staff are to be terminated once the “Safe” window is closed and have not yet equipped designated bio-hazard suits. Authorized foundation members are to use on-site flamethrowers in attempt to re-contain SCP-601.

Description: The mass now known as SCP-601 was discovered in 19██ in ████████. The Foundation first came to suspect evidence of SCP-601's existence when communications between ████████ and several surrounding town's ceased. Researchers were sent to investigate, and after communications between Agents ██████, ███████ and the Foundation ceased, the Foundation investigated personally. *Details of Initial Containment covered in Addendum*

SCP-601 is, as of current adaptation, a large organic mass shaped in an insectoid manner. Similar to the photograph on file, it has an exoskeleton, and several legs, the shell retaining a soft damp quality when touched, likely resulting from the multitude of subjects and behaviours SCP-601 has integrated in its time. As of its current adaptation, it no longer requires a host for survival.

As a result of the diseases, bacteria, viruses, and parasite behaviour SCP-601 has integrated into itself, it has shown the remarkable trait of being able to infect individuals through airborne or physical contact, and transfer of fluids or genetic material.

SCP-601, upon infection of a subject, hereby designated SCP-601-2, integrates and absorbs genetic material from the host. It then begins to assimilate and adapt to the host's genetic make-up, absorbing information from the host and later reproducing their genetic behaviour. SCP-601-2 may shown no signs of infection, or may suffer from a multitude of symptoms of SCP-601's integrated illnesses and behaviors.

The purpose of these infections is SCP-601's natural instincts for survival. It behaves as any parasitic organism, but shows signs of increased resilience, and accelerated, almost instantaneous adaption, adapting to its current state from a single-celled organism in a perceived 40 years of “life”.

As of SCP-601 Incident-002 it has been proven that, if sufficiently fed, SCP-601 will separate into two entities. To prevent this from occurring, it is fed the bare minimum to survive.

After initial testing, SCP-601's genetic structure was determined to contain over ███ of known diseases, bacteria, and viruses in its structure, integrated into it from decades of hundreds, possibly thousands of hosts. Because of the unique structure, infections from SCP-601 have proven highly resistant, if not immune, to known antibiotics and treatment.

Known Symptoms of Infections from it include but are not limited to:

  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Pus-filled protrusions.
  • Stomach pains.
  • Tumorous growths.
  • Destruction of immune system.
  • Feelings of suicidal depression.
  • Extreme Agitation.
  • Migraines.
  • Growths of dangerous appendages including, but not limited to barbed tentacles, claws, needles, and large spikes. The location of these seems to differ between those infected by SCP- 601.
  • Spontaneous ██████████ (See SCP-601 Incident-002 Report)
  • Regurgitation of a viscous liquid matching coloration of SCP-601.

Because of the possible infections and consumptions of similar creatures' before-hand, SCP-601 shows signs of limited sentience, capable of identifying words relating to its actions. Words recognized by SCP-601 are, in recognized chronological order, "grow", "consume" and "hunger".

According to reports recorded by both Researchers during testing, and operational reports made by Agents during SCP-601's initial containment, SCP-601 shows signs of linked minds between it and its hosts. Researchers have recorded applying painful stimuli on both SCP-601 and a test subject infected with SCP-601 reacting by writhing and, described by test researchers “screaming” coming from both SCP-601 and the subject.

Addendum: Initial inhabitants of the settlement appeared distant and, as recorded by Researcher █████ , “… seem to follow a pattern, several residents continue in similar paths and destinations. Though they are different people each day my fellow researchers and I have noted the exact same routine, with some residents entering and leaving from another resident's home recorded days prior.”

After a team of combat personnel entered one of the buildings, a local ██████████ which resulted in 3 casualties. Of the two survivors, they reported Agent ████████ began complaining of stomach pains, 3 hours later resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED] causing every member of the team deceased, excluding the two aforementioned survivors.

Ensuing from the aforementioned incident, the Foundation requested immediate aid in containing the source of this threat.

After determining the cause of threat biological and infectious in nature the Foundation proceeded to quarantine the area, setting up several blockades. The Foundation ordered three units to clear the settlement of life, save the sample copy of SCP-601, and four cleaner units to sanitize the area and prevent SCP-601 from recontaminate the area.

Following the capture, containment, and study of records in the town, SCP-601 was determined to have been “born” 40 years prior, and began infecting the town at a steady pace until discovery and containment.

SCP-601 Incident-002

Incident-002: Site ██, Bio-Containment Area-██, SCP-601, August 12th, 19██

SCP Involved: SCP-601

Description: On the date of August 12th, 19██ a mistake made by Researcher A████ during a feeding of SCP-601 led to a breach in containment. A recording was discovered which led to the details of SCP-601 Incident-002. The recording is as follows:

Alarm: -rning, all personnel are to vacate Bio-Containment Area-██. SCP-601 has escaped containment. I repeat, all personnel are to vacate Bio-Containment Area-██. SCP-601 has escaped containment.

Researcher A████: I'm making this recording in case I don't make it out in time. SCP-601 has escaped containment. There was an… accident… feeding the damn thing.

It's smart, I don't understand how, maybe it was waiting the whole time, but when we opened the hatch, it flew out. Well, the main one didn't, but… there was another one… started scurrying across the floor, I ran out, had to escape. I don't know what happened to anyone else in there, but… I mean, that's our job right? "Secure, Contain, Protect". I have to make sure it's locked up, even at the cost of some live-

Doctor S███: Researcher A████! What the hell did you think you were doing! You locked us in there after that thing ripp-

The tape shuts off at this point and resumes with events synchronized at 2 minutes 32 seconds later.

Researcher A████: I'm turning this back on… if I die here, I'm going to die with-

Agent G██████: We're getting you both out of here, SCP-601 containment breach ceased. We terminated the infected personnel in it's room and burned the bastard's offspring. The containment breach is ov-

Researcher A████: I… I don't feel so well.

Researcher A████ begins screaming, alerting more personnel.

Doctor S███: Your stomach… it's bloating up, don't just stand there gawking, kill the poor girl, she was infected when 601 broke containmen-

The recording ends at that point. Both Doctor S███ and Agent G██████'s after action reports state that after the transmission ended, Researcher A████'s stomach grew to grotesque proportions, and eventually gave birth to seven mutated offspring, with exoskeleton's matching SCP-601's coloration, and six legs, three on each side, described as "spindle-like needles" by Agent G██████.

The offspring were surprisingly intelligent and agile, terminating and infecting several assorted personnel before on-site personnel made use of Level 4 Containment Flamethrowers to destroy both Researcher A████'s offspring, and the subsequent infected personnel that proved hostile.

Bio-Containment Area-██ was put under thorough investigation to confirm SCP-601's successful re-containment, and on October 17th 19██, was declared clean of infection and research on subjects recommenced on October 21st 19██.

"Up the containment procedures on this thing, we were feeding it too much, the piece that broke containment separated from the main mass and hid in the space between the original two openings. Feed it less often, and upgrade it's containment area." -O5-█

”Please, keep female contact of any species with SCP-601 to an absolute minimum… we do not want a repeat of SCP-601 Incident-002”-Dr. S███

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Item #: SCP-232

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-232 is to be kept lit at all times. No shadows should be allowed to form in the presence of this object. Should one of the redundant light bulbs burn out, a two agent team may enter to replace the bulb: one to change the bulb and one to carry the lamp to prevent shadows from occurring behind the agent changing the bulb. The lamp is stored in the cabinet outside the room, and must be inspected before each use.

Description: Moved to Site-19 5/7/1997. Origin is suspected to be of Sumerian design. SCP-232 is a statue of the goddess Ereshkigal, being offered a liver by what is assumed to be an utukku, or Sumerian demon. When SCP-232 is in the presence of slight shadows, agents may note the sensation of claws dragging lightly against or through their skin. In the presence of heavy shadows, light scratches to deep gouges may appear. The eyes of the statue have been noted to follow teams as they enter.

Blood and viscera left in the presence of the statue have been noted to inexplicably vanish before they may be cleaned, so sanitation staff is not required in the event of activity. Class 2 hazardous containment procedures should be maintained in the event of activity.

In the event of complete power failure, the entry airlock will be sealed automatically.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #232-1.

Document #232-1: SCP-232 additional procedures

In the event of activity, those directly involved should be monitored as per protocol 11B in the Security clearance database. SCP-232 is suspected to use some of its victims to survey the surrounding area.

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained within a clear glass box, measured at ( ), in Containment Vault- ██ at Site- ██.

Description: [Paragraphs explaining the Description]

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

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