Pain Factory

Item #: SCP-1563 ''Pain Factory''

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1563 is located at ██████ surrounded by a 10 meter long concrete wall.

Any personnel has yet to stay approximately 30 feet away from it, Any Class D personnel approaching the SCP needs a camera within their chests to film the results. It appears to be giving effect on anyone viewing it while standing on the bridge in front of it which is ██ feet away. Class D personnel are advised to keep eye contact on it as even a little contact break with it will cause major damage to the subject's body.

Description: SCP-1563 is an abondened Factory currently named: Dale █████works established in 1901 no other chains of such name or owner exists. Any contact with this SCP or entering the facility will be higly [REDACTED] and Terminated, when a subject comes in view on the SCP the subject will remain eye contact with it and will hear themselves on the balcony top. The person will seem to tell themselves to ''Not to repeat it'' though it unknow of what the subject means by that, after 1-3 seconds the subject viewing it will shout ''Hey, Hey! Behind you! There's a fire!'' the building will let out a very high [HEAVILY REDACTED] as the subject suffers what seems to be █████ and dies within █ seconds. The building is █x█x█ meters high and seems still have light sources inside of it. The darkness inside of it has been studied furtherly and has been confirmed that the darkness is unnatural yet it is unknown of what entity is guarding it. Termination has been approved by Command O5-0█ yet it has failed on many attempts.

Addendum: SCP-1563-01

The Subject talking to themselves see Incident SCP-1563-03

And the Subject from the balcony of themselves see Incident SCP-1563-04

Incident: SCP-1563-02 resembles strongly what seems to be a talking Husky dog from the country ████████ that has hated towards a man under the name Sergeant █████, any attempts on trying to make the Dog do tricks etc is highly forbidden and the personnel will be escorted to death row. However, the Subject is allowed to request anything but termination or being let out. Only whenever the Subject needs to take breaks approved by Dr. P. Further research is to be made to find this human the Dog has such hate towards many fails has occurred so far.

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