TIME SENT: █/█/2008

"Ahhhh, it's been too long since I used one of these for my reports… Hey guys! Hope things are going well back home. Tell Saint I said "Hey" and not to give Dyne such a hard time. Things are getting a bit rough out here. Some days I'm not too certain I'll be comin' back in one piece… but hey, that's a given with this line of work, eh?

This one's a doozy, to say the very least… The closer I get, the more… obstacles… are tossed at me. All I can give is a very rough discription of the subject at hand.

PO 128R is a ruthless foe that will toss whatever it can into the mix to delay us. It appears to be a man in his early 30's dressed in a costume that makes him look like he stumbled out of the local Hot Topic in a liquor-enduced buying spree. Black boots, black dress jacket, red dress shirt, black tie with red bloodstain pattern, black fedora with red band, and red-tinted goggles. He has long black hair and, what I can only describe as ruby eyes. His entire eye is red with black irisis.

What makes this man such an enigma is that any time he casts a shadow, he can summon and manipulate imp-like creatures that are corrosive to the touch. They look as if they are made out of shadow, except for three glowing red eyes on their "heads". These creatures appear to have minds of their own, but have no interest in anything but suicide bombing anything around them, causing the target to melt within seconds of contact. We've lost six fine men trying to contain these destructive things, as 128R always has a legion of at least twelve around him at any given time. He's been using these things to wreak havoc throughout a few cities, and surpression of his acts are becoming extremely difficult.

We have no idea how he controls these creatures, only that they seem to have a sort of psychic connection to eachother and himself. Though we've had no success in subduing the man himself, we have had a bit of success lately with containing one of these creatures. This creature is similar to the rest, only it seems to have gained it's own sentience higher then the others, as well as it's acidic nature is almost non-existant. It responds to normal stimuli, and displays a completely human array of emotion, though it can only communicate through a small series of chitters and grunts. I've taken a bit of a liking to the little guy… He seems to like the name Riley. When I manage to get a chance to head back, I'm entering Riley in as an SCP Item. At the very least, he can help us understand more about 128R's minions. Plus, he's pretty darn adorable… I think I could get away with keeping him as a pet… maybe a bit of a mascot or something…

Oh well… I've requested access to 311 while I'm out here. Maybe the skelly's'll help against those damn little imps… I guess only time'll tell…

Agent Palhinuk, signing off


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