Pandora's Box

Item #:** SCP-1446

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1446 is to be secured in a secure bunker composed of an alloy of telekill and lead. It is located in the tundra of ██████. Area is guarded by electronic turrets with thermal targeting. Turrets are to be placed randomly ██ acres in any direction. D-class personnel are to test defenses daily. ██ agents are based nearby and are to respond if any turret is activated. Turrets have a range of 20 yards.

Description: SCP-1446 is a pithos that appears to be of the early Mycenaean era but carbon dating has shown it to have been created several thousand years before. It has various depictions of the Olympians punishing humanity on the sides. The pithos is assumed to have once had █ entities but now there is only █. It seems that it has been opened █ times since it was created, each time right before atrocities were committed. See Addenda for more detail.
SCP-1446 was recovered by Agent ██████. He was able to place it in a secure location before committing suicide. It is now believed that

Addendum-1: Pithos was first opened in a time theorized to be even before the Flood. In mythology the opener is referred to as the first human woman, Pandora, the wife of Epimetheus. This was supposedly done to punish Prometheus for giving fire to the human race. Many things that plague the human race currently were released along with the first entity to leave this jar.

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