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SCP-XXX, with an unknown language written on it

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a secure lockbox in Storage Facility ██ at Site ██. Permission from a Level 3 personnel or higher is required before SCP-XXX can be handled for experimentation. It is suggested that any personal handling SCP-XXX be multilingual. If any experimentation on SCP-XXX is to be done, a trained linguist is to be present. Any personnel handling SCP-XXX is to wear a level 3 biohazard containment suit. In the event of contact with SCP-XXX the personnel should be isolated until the trained linguist can ascertain the effect SCP-XXX has had upon the personnel.

Description: SCP-XXX is a stone weighing approximately 2.2 Kilograms. SCP-XXX appears to be a fragment of a larger stone tablet, as of ██/██/20██ no other stone fragments exhibiting the properties SCP-XXX have been found. The carvings on SCP-XXX will periodically change into what are apparently other languages. Languages identified include: Old English, Modern French, Classical Latin, Cherokee, various Polynesian dialects and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Examination of the writings lead researchers to conclude that the tablet SCP-XXX was broken off of was being used to describe some catastrophic event, but due to the small size of the fragment, what this incident was can not be determined.

When a human being makes skin contact with SCP-XXX, the subject will promptly forget a language that he or she knows. It will be replaced with another language at random. If the subject is multilingual, he or she will forget one language at random. The languages vary from languages still spoken on Earth, to dead languages, to languages that have no known record of existing on Earth.

SCP-XXX was found on 03/18/19██ by Dr. ██████, an archaeologist, in ██████, China. Reports of his staff being suddenly unable to communicate with each other lead to Foundation intervention, Class A Amnesiacs were given to all involved, and the affected staff were taken into Foundation custody.

Addendum XXX-1: After the results of Experiment-XXX-5, SCP-XXX has been updated to Elucid class.

Addendum XXX-2: Attempts to use SCP-XXX to gain a person capable of translating the information contained in [DATA EXPUNGED] have been suspended, due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXX.

+++Experiment Log Test

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Experiment Log XXX


Languages Known:Mexian Spanish(Native), American English
Primary Effect: Upon contact with SCP-XXX, D-XXX-3 forgot Spanish. Upon being asked to speak to Dr. H██████ in Spanish, he found himself unable to. Instead he spoke in Ancient Greek.
Other Effects: None observed.


Languages Known: Canadian English(Native) and Québécois French.
Primary Effect: Subject forgot French. Upon being asked to converse in French, Subject instead spoke in Klingon, a constructed language based off the televison franchise Star Trek
Other Effects: Subject admitted to being a fan of the series and was amused by the situation.
Notes: "Well, at least now we know that the languages that SCP-XXX produce don't have to be natural" - Dr. H██████


Languages Known: Japanese(Native) and Korean
Primary Effect: Subject forgot Japanese. Upon being asked to converse in Japanese, Subject spoke in Mandrin Chinese instead
Other Effects: Subject was still able to read the Japanese readings of Kanji, characters in the Japanese written language borrowed from Chinese. But she was unable to read the Hiragana and Katakana characters. Upon questioning, Subject revealed that she knew the Chinese readings for the characters before being exposed to SCP-XXX


Subject:Dr. ████
Languages Known: American English(Native), Mexican Spanish, and Esperanto
Primary Effect: After accidental exposure to SCP-XXX, Dr. ████ was interviewed. At first, it appeared that Dr. ████ had not forgotten any language. However, upon close inspection by a linguist, it was determined that Dr. ████ was no longer speaking American English, but one of the dialects of British English.
Other Effects: Despite speaking British English, Dr.████'s accent is unchanged.
Notes:"So other dialects are considered unique languages by SCP-XXX? Fascinating." - Dr. H██████


Languages Known: European French(Native) and German
Primary Effect: Subject was silent for forty-eight hours after exposure to SCP-XXX. Finally, he was coerced into speaking, and only spoke in German. Revealing that it was French he had forgotten. Finally, after another twelve hours, he agreed to speak in his new language. He then began to speak [DATA EXPUNGED]
Other Effects: Subject began to bleed from ears, eyes, and mouth. He began screaming [DATA EXPUNGED] made an appearance on site, followed by [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject was terminated.
Notes: "Holy crap. This rock is going up to Elucid now." - Dr. H██████


Languages Known: German(Native), European Spanish, American English, Arabic, Hebrew
Primary Effect: Subject forgot English. Upon being asked to converse in English, Subject began speaking an unknown language.
Other Effects: None observed
Notes "Our linguist is having a field day with this one. Requesting suspension of D-XXX-18's termination" - Dr.H██████

Notes on the SCP-XXX derived language spoken by D-XXX-18

The language has a highly complex sentence structure. Position of subject in sentence is based of a complex mixture of social structure and personal feelings the speaker has

It possesses thirteen unique vowels, including several sounds previously not thought possible for human vocal chords to make.

The written language is just as strange. Being written not in any sort of column. Instead it's written in squares spiraling into the center. Words are represented by 596 unique characters compounded into groups of three or more.




Languages Known: Italian(Native), European Portuguese.
Effect: Subject forgot Portuguese. Upon being asked to converse, subject began speaking an unknown language.After study and experimentation, it was discovered that if the audio from the interviews was played backwards, Subject was found to be speaking American English
Other Effects: None observed
Notes: "How is that considered a language? I mean… how?" -Dr. H██████


Languages Known: American English(Native), Gaelic.
Effect: Subject forgot Gaelic. Upon being asked to converse, Subject began speaking the dialect that SCP-411 speaks.
Other Effects: None observed


Languages Known: Mandarin Chinese(Native), Japanese
Effect: Subject forgot Japanese. Upon being asked to converse, subject spoke, but no sound came out of her mouth.
Other Effects: Whenever Subject "spoke" any piece of paper within her line of site suddenly had text written on it. The text was written in Mandarin Chinese, and upon being shown the text confirmed that it was what she had been trying to say.
Notes: "SCP-XXX's definition of what a 'language' is continues to impress me." - Dr. H██████


Languages Known: American English(Native), Mexican Spanish
Effect: Subject began to speak in English. However, Subject's words had a memetic effect similar to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Fortunately, Memetic Cleansing Procedure 235-C was able to contain the threat. Subject Terminated.
Other Effects: None observed
Notes: "Darn it. Now we have to watch for memes? This thing just gets weirder." -Dr. H██████

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