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Item #: SCP-339

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No successful containment procedure has yet been determined. The procedures outlined below reflect best practices in light of all available information regarding SCP-339. Review these documents carefully and often to stay abreast of ongoing experimentation. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

As of █-█-20██, the door to SCP-339’s containment chamber must remain open and unsecured at all times. This containment chamber must be located in a wing of Site-█ which is easily accessible and which does not come under lockdown except during enactment of [DATA EXPUNGED] and other ultra-high-level security protocol. During these lockdowns, and only these lockdowns, all personnel have authorization to engage SCP-339 with lethal force. As of incident SCP-339-03, five armed guards in Type-2 armor must stand outside containment chamber at all times, with regular shift changes. No guard may stay on watch longer than two hours at a time. On-duty guards are to refrain from non-vital communication with each other and other staff. On-duty guards observed engaging in casual conversation or other diversions such as talking to oneself, whistling, chewing gum, etc., are subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Description: SCP-339 resembles a Caucasian man between 25 and 35 years of age. It has never provided a name; it has not spoken. Fingerprint analysis matches no known identity in any public or private record available to Foundation access. As of █-█-20██, it stands 1.8542 meters and weighs 83.914 kilograms. It has dark hair, blue eyes and no distinguishing features aside from its “penetrating gaze,” descriptions of which appear in several interviews with test subjects and in firsthand accounts with eyewitnesses in the field. Persons making eye contact with SCP-339 have reported extreme unease accompanied by horripilation (i.e. “goose-flesh,” “goosebumps,” “creeping of the flesh”). It excretes a noxious odor, which has been variously compared to “dried vomit,” “a summer [out]house” and “dead dog.”

SCP-339 can phase through any closed doorway, regardless of locking mechanisms and security systems. SCP-339 cannot pass through walls or any open door, provided the portal is capable of being closed. Experimentation has not satisfactorily clarified restrictions on SCP-339’s abilities; current containment procedures reflect changes made as a result of dozens of tests and █ breaches, resulting in ██ fatalities. See addenda for details on changes made to said procedures.

Security recordings taken during breaches have revealed that SCP-339 initiates assault by inserting its fingers or hand into a victim’s mouth. At this point, SCP-339 appears to alter its bone structure and organ composition, transforming into one long appendage of considerable strength which enters fully into the victim’s body via the throat. Victims’ cause of death is typically loss of blood from internal hemorrhaging, or shock.

SCP-339 will coil inside the victim’s stomach and digestive tract for anywhere from 2-10 minutes, if uninterrupted. SCP-339 regenerates any wounds and even lost limbs during this brief incubation period, then will return to humanoid form. This catastrophic transformation from within the victim invariably kills anyone who survives the initial assault. SCP-339 then seeks additional victims until it escapes immediate danger.

Anyone under assault by SCP-339 must remember that it cannot enter through an open mouth. Due to the noxious odor it excretes, maintaining an open mouth in its immediate vicinity can be difficult, but is vital. Denying SCP-339 entrance into one’s body forces it to either fight as a humanoid, which it does with the strength of a man commensurate with its height and weight but without any especial skill, or, more often, to flee.

Addendum SCP-339-01: SCP-339 was known to the general public as [DATA EXPUNGED], a serial killer active from 20██ to 20██, known not only for the brutal damage it inflicted on its victims but also the embarrassment it caused to law enforcement departments after twice escaping custody. The Foundation captured and contained it in 20██. An excerpt from an interview with one of its survivors prior to its capture, taken from the ███████ County Police Department, follows:

Interviewer: Dect. ███████

Interviewed: Ms. █████

Date: 3-10-20██

Dect. ███████: At what point did you realize [DATA EXPUNGED] was on your doorstep?
Ms. █████: He wasn’t there when I opened all the doors. To air out the house. I opened all the doors and windows. I’d burned a—a pot roast, I was making pot roast, and… I opened all the doors. I wasn’t thinking. You hear all sorts of awful things, and you know to keep your doors locked, you know? But I was just trying to air out the house, I’d burned a pot roast—
Dect. ███████: And after you opened the doors, how much time passed before you realized he was there?
Ms. █████: Oh God, I don’t know… a few minutes? It still… it still smelled like smoke, I got a stool to take the batteries out of the smoke alarm, it was so bad. And when I came back down, I turned and I saw him standing in the doorway, and… Oh God, I said, “Hello? Can I help you?” Like he—he was just a—a salesman or a—a Jehovah’s Witness or something, I don’t know. But then I knew, you know? I knew it was him and I screamed and screamed… but he just stood there. He just stood there, watching me, with this—this fury in his eyes. And I waited and I waited for him to come in and… [sobs]
Dect. ███████: Approximately how much time passed before you called the police?
Ms. █████: He just stood there… and I felt like… like he was a snake. You know? Like if I looked away, he would strike. And I was just… hypnotized. I couldn’t look away, I couldn’t look away even though it was so terrifying and all I wanted was for him to go away. So… I edged away from the stool and I went closer and closer towards the table where I had my cell phone. I didn't take my eyes off him for a second.
Dect. ███████: How long did it take you to get to the phone?
Ms. █████: It felt like forever. It felt like forever and forever. He could have… he had all the time in the world… why didn’t he… [sobs]

Experiment Log SCP-339-01:
Door to SCP-339 fitted with sensors. Mobile strike team confirmed in place. Door sealed remotely. SCP-339 walked through door. Sensors show [DATA EXPUNGED]. Locking mechanism remained in place throughout experiment. Mobile strike team deployed after escape confirmed; SCP-339 returned to cell. Door left unlocked and open. SCP-339 observed standing at threshold of containment cell for twelve hours before cell deemed secure.

Experiment Log SCP-339-02:
Door to SCP-339’s containment cell remotely removed from hinges with mobile strike team in place. SCP-339 walked out of cell. Mobile strike team deployed and SCP-339 returned to cell. Hinges remotely reattached. SCP-339 observed standing at threshold of containment cell for twelve hours before cell deemed secure.

Experiment Log SCP-339-03:
Door to cell propped open with simple rubber wedge. SCP-339 exited cell through open door. Mobile strike team deployed and SCP-339 returned to cell. Wedge disengaged. Door left open. SCP-339 observed standing at threshold for twelve hours before cell deemed secure.

Incident Log SCP-339-02
6/20/20██, 0323 hours
Security footage reveals D-class personnel (D-2020) assigned to clean hallway outside SCP-339’s containment cell responsible for containment breach. D-2020 operating standard-issue floor buffer at time of breach. D-2020 appears to have taken pity on SCP-339, which had its hands clapped over its ears, apparently to block out the sound of the buffer. D-2020 closed door to cell. Death occurred approximately 30 seconds later. SCP-339 incubated for 3 minutes, then [DATA EXPUNGED].

Experiment Log SCP-339-010:
24-hour heavy armed surveillance in Type-2 armor stationed outside cell. During shift change, SCP-339 attempted escape through open door. It was quickly subdued and returned to cell without further incident.
Door was wide open and unsecured, and he just strolled right out. So what constitutes a door? Do the armed guards themselves constitute the door, or does their presence render the open door effectively closed? Anyway, no casualties. Glad we sprung for that armor. Two things to point out, though. It's getting bolder; it knows we’re unwilling to use lethal force to keep it contained. Second, it has infinite patience. We've all seen it standing at the doorway, waiting. It’s only a matter of time before one of those boys lets their guard down again. Dr. ██████

Experiment Log SCP-339-013:
Containment cell enclosed within a larger containment block. Door to SCP-339’s cell remained open throughout experiment. Door to containment block sealed remotely. SCP-339 exited cell and attempted to exit containment block. Mobile strike team deployed. SCP-339 fled into cell #██ where [DATA EXPUNGED]. █ casualties noted.
It’s like the whole block suddenly became one big cell. The deeper we try to bury its cell, the easier it’s going to be for the thing to walk right out – and the more opportunities it has to hide along the way. Hide it in plain sight, that’s our best bet. Dr. ██████

Incident Log SCP-339-04:
7/3/20██, 0615 hours
After last test, SCP-339 observed standing at threshold for twelve hours before cell deemed secure. Mobile strike force had been taken offline; armed guard in Type-2 armor remained in place. Two hours later, SCP-339 exited cell, with █ casualties resultant. Armed guard taken completely by surprise. Type-2 armor deemed no longer effective. Twelve-hour protocol deemed no longer effective.
Tell those boys to keep their goddamn mouths closed. Dr. ██████

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