What happened?! Well, I realized that the O5s would not ever get even minimal access to SCP-1231, since it's an infohazard. Roles have changed accordingly. The stories can stay the same though. The characters are now part of the team working on the SCP.

Hi! You're probably wondering why I invited you to this page. Simple. I'm writing a Tale about a research team viewing SCP-1231. Each of them are reminded of a time in the past when they used to work on another SCP, and see themselves in a familial setting. The SCPs that they are reminded of are listed below, but if you have a suggestion, just ask me (Reject) and I'll see if I can accommodate you.

Please only write one entry. If you really want to do more, ask me, and I'll see what I can do. First, I'm going to see the numbers of people who want to contribute. This is not an open log. If you do an entry, please sign your name next to it on the list like I did. Know that I have the power to review and change any entries. However, if I do change anything other than grammar/spelling, I'll let you know. It's fine to reserve an entry spot, but if you wait too long after that, I will hunt you down. :)

The entries should be paragraph length. The length of the paragraph, however, is up to you.

Here's an example. I was very tired when I mocked this up, so forgive the quality. The gist of the tone and style are what you should be getting. Very detached third person, starting with first person. It's like the camera was in someone's eye but then flew out as the scene went on. Get it? Make sure to make at least one member of the family (the father figure, the mother figure, or the child figure) have a Bad End.


He sees a little boy, four at the most. The boy is wandering through the rubble of his hometown, covered in rags. A disgruntled Task Force member sees him trodding down the street. The boy kneels at a corpse, a dead woman whose body is trapped beneath a steel bar. A man slightly older than her is breathing his last breath next to her. The boy begins to cry, but dries his eyes at the sight of the American with a gun. The soldier stares back at the boy. He realizes that even before the boy had seen him, his eyes were wet. His gaze remained intact until he heard the soft thud of a toddler's unconscious body falling to the dirt floor.

In case you couldn't tell, the little boy was an instance of SCP-1076.

  1. E-4128: SCP-1076
  2. E-1470: SCP-166
  3. D-5961: SCP-600 - zaratustrazaratustra
  4. Research Assistant ██████: SCP-450 Mr WiltMr Wilt
  5. Researcher Sosa: SCP-1170
  6. Researcher Greenstone: SCP-453 Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone
  7. Researcher Grey: SCP-590
  8. Researcher Golani: SCP-342 - TanhonyTanhony
  9. Dr. ██████: SCP-089 - EskobarEskobar
  10. Dr. Andrews: SCP-1203 - RESERVED
  11. Assistant Director Surovy: SCP-231 - GargusGargus
  12. Site Director Richards: SCP-HAPPY - RejectReject

Cheat Sheet: To make it clearer what happens to SCP-1231-1, -2, and -3 in each segment.

  1. E-4128:
  2. E-1470:
  3. D-5961: SCP-1231-1, -2, and -3 are confined to a "TV set" life
  4. Research Assistant ██████:
  5. Researcher Sosa:
  6. Researcher Greenstone: SCP-1231-1 assaults SCP-1231-2 non-lethally until they exit the script and are taken by foundation personnel, SCP-1231-3 is not present.
  7. Researcher Grey:
  8. Researcher Golani: SCP-1231-1 and SCP-1231-2 present, SCP-1231-3 falls victim to SCP-342
  9. Dr. ██████: SCP-1231-1 not present, SCP-1231-2 kills SCP-1231-3 quite happily
  10. Dr. Andrews:
  11. Assistant Director Surovy:
  12. Site Director Richards: All three are happy

Item #: SCP-1231

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1231 is contained in an unlit vault, dimensions 0.6 m x 0.8 m x 0.2 m, located in Site-20. Guards are posted outside of the vault….






They are sitting at a dinner table, eating. How was work, honey? You know, just another day at the office. That's nice. Did the kid behave? Oh, you know what they're like at this age.

He could never believe there were families like that. This tastes good, did you do anything different? A father that did not kill himself with drink, before he could kill his wife with fists. Oh, just the usual. A mother that could actually spend the time to have dinner with her children. Hunger is the best condiment, right? A child that will have more in its alphabet than drugs, theft and murder.

This family looked like a storybook. Like a TV show.


The three look up to the camera. They have no faces.

Research Assistant ██████


Researcher Sosa


Researcher Greenstone

He walks into the club and heads straight to the bar. He orders a bottle of red wine and walks straight into the men's bathroom. He stops and stares, shocked at what he is seeing.

A young asian woman is lying there, her dress up around her stomach and three men are in various stages of undress and arousal around her. The white man proceeds to beat the newcomers with the bottle until they lie unconcious on the floor as she screams. He grabs her and drags her out of the bathroom as she cries. He screams at her all the time, slashing her with the now broken glass bottle and cutting her breasts. She is sobbing harder now, wrenching her chest up and down.

He flings the remnants of the bottle aside and half-carries, half-drags her out of the club under his arm then stops on the street. He looks down at her in confusion and she looks up at him in fear. He drops her and watches in shock as the medics carry her away.

Researcher Grey


Researcher Golani

He looks down at the bundle in his arms, the child looking up at him with his eyes. The man gives a smile, hoping to be given one in return, then looks up at the woman. He laughs.

"He's got your ticket, honey!" It's true. The child holds the slip of paper in his tiny, pale hands.

The woman smiles. "He snatched it off me right before we got on. Didn't you?" She moves her face closer to her babies, her eyes wide, her mouth reaching out in an exaggerated grin. "Didn't you?" She repeats. The train passes another stop, and for a second, eyes look in through the charcoal windows. It's movements click in the confined space outside the vehicle.

Then it is gone, and so is the child; the ticket still held in its harmless, hell-sent hands.

Dr. ██████

She was so tired of the jokes, of the judgments. Even by her peers, and certainly by everyone she had known leading up to this point. Everyone constantly said the same thing. "You're just…just so ruthless," they said, "I don't think you'd let anything get in your way." But that was good, wasn't it? She never cared for a family, really, so it was never an issue. She had gotten pregnant very accidentally, and had kept it only because she had been on a deep assignment that didn't allow for that kind of operation. By the time the Foundation got her back from the moon, she was already eight months along, and the reality was, she'd fallen in love with the little bastard. Neil, she had named him. They had lived at the Foundation's Beijing site for two years when the call came.

And she was doing this for him, really. All of the news stories she'd seen about the famine, the riots, the death. She didn't care much for the people suffering from it, as a group, but she understood that she had a duty. She laid Neil down so softly in the earthenware channel, turned around, and ordered the band to play. One tear rolled down her cheek as she watched the spectacle, awestruck by how beautiful she found it.

She loved the fuel, so she loved the fire. Her promotion came a week later.

Dr. Andrews


Assistant Director Surovy


Site Director Richards

An old man stares at a computer screen. He's read the report, not to speculate about the content of any video he watches. Oh well, speculation isn't an issue for him. Like instructed, he clicks the first thumbnail. What pops up baffles him. All he sees is a tall white man, a slightly shorter Asian woman, and a baby in the woman's arms. And they look… happy…

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