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SCP-1078 while inactive

Item #: SCP- 1105
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1105 requires minimal security procedures, and is currently kept at Site-15. Unless SCP-1105 is being utilized for experimentation, it is recommended that it be kept from areas with large blank expanses, i.e. white walls, screens, whiteboards. It is also recommended that SCP-1078 be transported in a closed box, and should not be opened before in the testing area.

Use and experimentation on and concerning SCP-1105 must be authorized by at least two (2) Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP- 1078 is an unbranded overhead projector, first located in a storage warehouse in ████. When plugged into a power source, it functions as a normal overhead projector. However, if unplugged and put in front of an adequate space, it will function without the need for transparencies or external assistance.

When in front of a large blank area or appropriate screen, SCP-1105 shows a series of images that will always change from session to session. Although these images were initially perceived to be entirely random, a Foundation operative transporting SCP-1105 discovered that all images were pertinent to himself. Specifically, a personal incident wherein he [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although the item can function amongst large crowds of people, SCP-1105 functions best when viewed by a single operative or test subject. It usually displays images relating to them, more often than not culminating in more and more horrific scenes involving graphic [REDACTED], and a single frame of the subject in front of SCP-1078, watching what can only be presumed to be a similar display.


Interview 1078-1
Interview between Dr. and D-6927. D-6927 was convicted for murder in ███

Dr. ██████: Good morning, D-6927. This is just a cursory interview to confirm the experiment yesterday. We’re going to be recording today, so please mind your language. How did you set up SCP-1078?
D-6927: Did what you said, Doc. Just put it in front of the screen and it turned itself on.
Dr. ██████: And how was the picture quality?
D-6927: Pretty [redacted], I’ve gotta say. Black and white with lots of grain. Heck, I could do better with a [redacted] Nokia phone screen.
Dr. ██████: I see. Now, if you don’t mind telling me what you saw?
D-6927: …
Dr. ██████: Is something the matter, D-6927?
D-6927: … S’nothing. The first one it was… it was me and the wife, and this little guy here. Tyke of like two, three years old, all smiley smiley. Like a family photo.
Dr. ██████: I see. It says here in your personnel file that you had a son named Mike?
D-6927: …. Yeah. I did. And then the next picture was, like, me and the wife, and that kid dropping him off at school. Then his growing up-
Dr. ██████: And then a graduation?
D-6927: No. Then they both got iced by something… some creature. Like a crocodile. Only bigger. And nothing could get at it. And it was like a stop motion video of them getting eaten, and there was blood and [redacted] man, they were getting [redacted] KILLED out there! And I couldn’t [data expunged]
D-6927 was then restrained and given a mild tranquilizer before the interview continued.
Dr. ██████: Alright, D-6927, let's try that again. Will you cooperate now?
D-6927: [Nods dumbly]

Test Log 1078-2

Addendum 1078-3: Incident Report, ██/██, 20██

Before a third experiment was to take place, the SCP operative assigned to transport SCP-1078 dropped it on his foot and shouted said expletives at the item, after which he commenced carrying SCP-1078 to the experimentation area. Although undamaged, when properly set up for experimentation, the images shown were far more violent and brutal in nature than previously experienced, including an image of [data expunged]. It was noted by researchers that blurry text at the bottom of said projection was also visible, implying some sentience on the part of SCP-1078.

Two weeks later, said operative was caught attempting to destroy SCP-1078 with a sledgehammer and blowtorch, claiming that he “could fix this whole damn mess if this [redacted] thing would just GO AWAY!” The operative has since then been terminated, with SCP-1078’s containment procedure updated accordingly. While SCP-1078 is significantly dented, it is still functional and available for testing.

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