Doctor's Syringe
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Item: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX is to be locked in a standard security locker. Level 4 Clearance is required for experiments involving SCP-1XXX. If SCP-1XXX-1 is sighted at any time in Site 19, no attempt to interact with SCP-1XXX-1 is to be made. SCP-1XXX-1's operation is to be left uninterrupted, although SCP-1XXX-1 has not shown hostility to Foundation personnel. If SCP-1XXX-2 is spotted leaving Site 19, pursuit is to be made until SCP-1XXX-1 is observed operating on a patient. Attempts to trace the final destination of SCP-1XXX-1 will prolong the time required for the anomalous effects to subside.

Under no circumstances are any patients involved with SCP-1XXX allowed to leave Site 19 in order to maintain confidentiality.

Description: SCP-1XXX is an old-fashioned brass syringe, 100 cc . It actively resists attempts at disassembly, though no evidence suggests that the item is indestructible. SCP-1XXX bears a number of scratch marks, some of which were inflicted through careless testing by the foundation.

SCP-1XXX is always filled with a saline solution, refilling itself after being used. No other anomalous effects are manifested until the next injection given with SCP-1XXX to a patient.

On the next occasion when the patient enters REM sleep, an entity known as SCP-1XXX-1 will appear in or enter the subject's current room. This entity appears dressed as a 20th century doctor from rural Germany and carries a black leather satchel containing various pieces of equipment. SCP-1XXX-1 will proceed to operate on the subject, "treating" the disease or condition. The operation itself varies depending on the condition to be treated, other than the first step, which is the administration of an unknown drug that immediately induces a form of sleep paralysis in the victim. The drug will wake the victim and prevent the victim from losing consciousness or moving until the until the drug wears off roughly one (1) hour after the operation.
Once the operation is completed, SCP-1XXX-1 exits the room and begins to walk away, hurrying and cutting corners if pursued. Once SCP-1XXX-1 is no longer visible either remotely or directly, it will vanish completely until the next use of SCP-1XXX.

Examples of "treatments" provided by SCP-1XXX-1 include removal of the liver, amputation of limbs, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. About 90% of survivors show development of post-traumatic-stress-disorder in psychological exams following the event.

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