Test: SCP-1034
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Item #: SCP-1034

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1034 is completely safe when left alone, and can be stored in any type of container, though it is suggested that it is as far from any recreational room with a poker table as possible as to prevent any accidental use.

Description: SCP-1034 appear to be two poker chips, one (1) red and white (SCP-1034-1), one (1) blue and white (SCP-1034-2). Each chip has marking akin to that of dice. Both are made of a composite of [DATA EXPUNGED]. While SCP-1034 are together, they display no irregularities from any normal poker chips. Only when separated from one player in a game of poker do SCP-1034-1 and SCP-1034-2 display anomalous properties.

In a game of poker between any two or more players, if SCP-1034 are in the same pile, the player possessing both SCP-1034-1 and SCP-1034-2 will play normally. However, when one of SCP-1034’s chips is separated from the same pile, the player losing either SCP-1034-1 or SCP-1034- 2 (but not both of) will proceed to stop at nothing to possess both of the chips in any way. The actions involved in attempt to acquire both parts of SCP-1034 include, but are not limited to:

- Cheating
- Attempted bargaining
- Bribery
- Threats
- Physical harm
- Homicide

When SCP-1034 were retrieved from ██████, ███, they were found in the possession of a Caucasian male, age 23, with the name of Aaron ████ in the restroom of the casino floor. Foundation personnel were called in after the Aaron ████ assaulted and killed ████ █████████. When asked in interrogation the reason for the attack, he would not respond. Mr. ████ was soon after placed in foundation custody and swiftly killed himself following the event.

It is interesting to note that if both SCP-1034-1 and SCP-1034-2 are betted with (or given away in any manner at the same time) SCP-1034 will have no adverse effects.

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