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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX should be kept in a secure but furnished climate-controlled set of rooms, their walls lined with steel and checked periodically for structural damage. This enclosure is to be decorated in muted colors, and kept away from bright lights or loud noises. Subject is not to be allowed outside this enclosure under any circumstances, nor are any surviving friends or family members to find out subject's current whereabouts.

If the subject reports experiencing "auras" (specifically the perception of flashing lights or distortion in vision), any researchers in the area should evacuate immediately, locking the doors, and the light in the subject's room are to be dimmed and soft music played until the episode passes. Once the episode has ended and the safety of the room has been determined, personnel may enter the room, determine the radius of effect, and replace any corroded or decayed furnishings.

As a preventative measure, the subject must avoid the following:

  • caffeine
  • chocolate
  • fatigue
  • hunger
  • stress
  • bright lights

SCP-XXX is to get nine (9) hours of rest per night, and is to eat six (6) small balanced meals throughout the day. In addition, the subject is to receive regular doses of a mild sedative in order to alleviate the stress brought on by her condition.

SCP-XXX is a middle-aged woman, age 52. The subject reports that when she underwent menopause, she started suffering from debilitating migraines with the notable side effect of causing an entropic effect in her surroundings: organic matter decays, ferrous materials rust, wood warps and splinters, and other items corrode or wear away at a high rate of degradation. Living things in the area during one of her migraines are also subject to this effect; flesh decays as normal, causing severe pain and often death to the creature in question. SCP-XXX appears to be immune to this effect, but observing it causes great distress, and she has requested help in preventing her migraines. So far, no effective long-term preventative treatment has been found, though many remedies have shown promise temporarily.

When SCP-XXX first came to the attention of the Foundation, the maximum radius of this entropic effect was measured at 5 meters; since then, further observation has reported that the radius seems to be increasing with each successive episode.


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