Aelanna yoric: I still have no clue what happened over there
15:08 Aelanna Other than that some people are upset? At Bright?
15:09 saevitia Its livejournal. Livejournal turns normal, rational people into whiny srs bzns fantards. That's what happened. :
15:10 * TheRaven joined #site19
15:10 pooryoric bright tried to RP properly and the others were wanky LJ trogs
15:10 Gentry_X lol… sounds like the scary kind of people i dont pay attention to on the interwebs.
15:10 saevitia ah crud. Gotta run guys,
15:10 saevitia TTYL
15:11 *
saevitia quit (Client exited)
15:11 Rights Aelanna!
15:11 Imants Mmm
15:11 Aelanna Hi
15:11 Imants That's not -exactly- the vibe I'm getting
15:11 Aelanna :U
15:11 Gentry_X elaborate, imants.
15:12 Gentry_X por fa please.
15:12 Aelanna those are some huge muscles…
15:12 Rights Uh, yeah
15:12 Imants Well ok, they wanted to wank.
15:12 Imants But they admitted that.
15:12 Rights :D
15:12 * TheRaven is now known as Ravinoff
15:12 Imants That seems to be the actual style of RP.
15:12 Rights But they have their purposes
15:12 Rights I don't suppose you can read my handwriting?
15:12 Aelanna just barely~
15:12 pooryoric yes, imants
15:13 Aelanna reminds me of a dragonhawk :3
15:13 Imants Bright might not have wanted to wank, but the RPG is literally a wank RPG. And he knew that going in.
15:13 pooryoric and they had some severe baseline misconceptions about what the SCP Foundation is about
15:13 Gentry_X obviously.
15:13 Gentry_X from the comments about Able and -682
15:13 Imants I have yet to read what he said, or read their RP's.
15:13 pooryoric bright tried to correct for the spirit of what we as authors intend
15:14 Imants But my basic point is that essentially, they made it clear that it was not going to be in the spirit of SCP.
15:14 Aelanna It sure sounds like the whole situation could have been handled better, though…
15:14 Imants That ^
15:14 pooryoric and the wankers couldn't take the idea of a universe not made of mary sues and bullshit
15:14 Imants Things could have been handled better, and frankly, we knew that.
15:14 Imants We could have tried to put a stop to it but Bright decided to play instead.
15:14 pooryoric which put a stop to it
15:15 pooryoric what's the problem?
15:15 Gentry_X shrugs noncommittally.
15:15 Imants If we didn't want it, we should have said so from the start
15:15 Imants not 'oh, well i liked it then but not know even though nothing has changed'
15:15 teaflower :o!
15:15 Imants not now*
15:15 Gentry_X true, but drama and the internet go together like pb + j
15:16 pooryoric I would say that going in on a personal level and taking care of the problem was a much better move from both a public relations/internet political standpoint and an administrative action standpoint
15:16 Imants doesn't look to be that way
15:16 pooryoric bright took care of the bullshit LJ RP without dragging the entire wiki into the issue
15:16 Imants it also just looks like a culture clash
15:16 Alias …seems like they're mad cause Bright was overstepping his powers, which is sorta true…
15:16 pooryoric "wankery" is not a culture
15:16 Imants LJ seems like a place with actual… decent people.
15:16 Alias but why the heck didn't they have a site rep on the mod team?
15:16 Imants Don't refute a point before I make one, yoric.
15:16 Alias There should have been one >.>
15:17 pooryoric bright was staying true to the spirit of the character HE wrote
15:17 Imants Whereas we're all… dicks.
15:17 Quikngruvn [TITLE: Ashes To Ashes VIEWS: 1000 FAVES: 16 RATING: 5 RATERS: 7 UPLOADED: VitaminStringQuartet ] [TITLE: Ashes To Ashes VIEWS: 1000 FAVES: 16 RATING: 5 RATERS: 7 UPLOADED: VitaminStringQuartet ]
15:17 Gentry_X yay, dickery!
15:17 Imants Perhaps not as much as some, but we're pretty much dicks.
15:17 pooryoric imants, LJ is full of wankers and emo kids.
15:17 pooryoric legendarily so.
15:17 *
Gentry_X is now known as DrXaties
15:17 Imants Oh, well.
15:17 Imants Then that's alright.
15:17 Imants My point is refuted.
15:17 Imants We could not have handled things better.
15:18 DrXaties ok, no more nick changes… i'm happy with my format now.
15:18 Imants Bright was perfectly right to get written up in an article called 'fandom wank' and anger the LJ community.
15:18 pooryoric obviously, because of all the HUGE negative backlash we've been just innundated with, right?
15:19 Rights I don't know why we care?
15:19 DrXaties is any of this negativity actually effecting our wiki?
15:19 Imants It's because we're tiny.
15:19 Rights I mean, people who like the SCP site and enjoy it will keep coming
15:19 DrXaties erm, affecting?
15:19 pooryoric drxaties, that's my point, yeh
15:19 Imants No.
15:19 Rights People who don't, will stop comign around
15:19 Imants because it's tiny.
15:19 pooryoric imants is all offended
15:19 Rights And unless I see bad effects on the wiki, then I don't see why it's a problem
15:19 Alias Technically I think because of our Share-Alike license people are allowed to create horrible mary-sueish things based on our wiki >.>
15:20 Rights What peopel think and complain about and do outside of the site is their business, so long as it doesn't bring bad business back to us
15:20 DrXaties if this experience keeps the emos and wankers out of our community, then more power to us.
15:20 Imants If we get larger, there might have been negative effects.
15:20 Rights Even if peopel bitch about us
15:20 Rights *people
15:20 pooryoric no, imants, because bright made himself the target.
15:20 Imants If we get -really big- then it would have rather noticeable negative effects.
15:20 pooryoric bright is reviled by the LJ wankers, but the wiki is not, which was the point of what he did
15:21 DrXaties heh, human shield.
15:21 DrXaties i like it, it's got style.
15:21 pooryoric he handled it on a personal level
15:21 Quikngruvn Well, orangutan shield, but yeah.
15:21 pooryoric and the wiki was not involved
15:21 pooryoric it was well done
15:21 Imants Bright is also a site admin, and thus part of the face of the wiki.
15:21 * seisatsu quit (Ping timeout)
15:21 Aelanna From what I see, the backlash is directed only at Bright, though
15:21 Imants "Oh, he helps run the site. But really, just because he helps run it doesn't mean he affects it."
15:21 Imants I know
15:21 pooryoric bright is allowed to take a shit without wiping his ass "for the wiki"
15:22 Rights I agree with Yoric here
15:22 Imants my issue is not that this incident was bad.
15:22 Waxx What's all this
15:23 Waxx stumbles on i
15:23 Waxx in
15:23 pooryoric he got himself in trouble and was removed unecissarily from several other communities he was involved in specifically so that he, the user, would be the one taking the blame and not the entirety of the SCP wiki
15:23 Imants It's that I'm wondering if it could have been handled better.
15:23 Quikngruvn Short answer is yes, only because nothing can be handled perfectly.
15:24 Waxx What are we talking about
15:24 DrXaties but on the other hand ( if i might finish your thought, quik), as a stopgap measure, i think it worked beautifully.
15:24 DrXaties er, who has the link for waxx?
15:24 Imants http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1242307.html
15:24 pooryoric no. it really couldn't. the only other option I see would have been for a group of authors to enter negotiations with the LJ wankers, which WOULD have brought the wrath down on the wiki
15:24 hresult yoric likes to get hit in the gonads then stick his hand down his pants and pull on them…
15:24 pooryoric oh baby oh baby
15:25 hresult :D
15:25 Quikngruvn Yes it could have been handled better. Bright could have not misspelled one word and it would have been "better".
15:25 Waxx Oh these faggots
15:25 *
Kald quit (Quit: )
15:25 pooryoric waxx speaks truth
15:25 Waxx First of all
15:26 Waxx Anyone worried about the "image" or the SCP wiki on the internet is being silly
15:26 Ravinoff /x/ is getting raided. Lock and load boys.
15:26 Waxx It is a wiki on the internet and if this concerns you, then you have entirely too much time on your hands
15:26 pooryoric the LJ kids are wankers who got all butthurt because bright wasn't cool with marysueing his character
15:26 Waxx Secondly
15:26 Waxx If you're going to make a game based on something, at least try to make it resemble whatever it is you're basing it off of
15:26 Waxx Otherwise make your own god damned storylin
15:26 Waxx e
15:26 pooryoric wisdom
15:27 Waxx The tl;dr version of all this is some kids got trolled hard by Bright and whined about it on the internet
15:27 Waxx A++++ to Bright
15:27 DrXaties amen, brother!
15:27 DrXaties can i get a hallelujah!
15:27 pooryoric claps
15:28 Quikngruvn I doubt anyone but Bright could have done it.
15:28 Waxx Subtle trolling is best trolling, IMO
15:28 Quikngruvn Just imagine anyone else trying it.
15:29 *** hresult quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
15:31 Waxx I love it when kids get trolled hard
15:31 Waxx trolled
15:31 Waxx hard
15:31 Waxx whips out a dong
Rights eats the dong
15:32 Rights burp
15:32 Aelanna >.>
15:33 Imants Ahem
15:33 Imants Having read more of the threads in which this took place
15:33 Imants I rescind my prior statements.
15:34 Imants Thank god for Bright.

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