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Item #: SCP-046

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Object 046 is to be kept in a lighted plate steel enclosure with dimensions not below 5 x 3 x 3 meters. Temperature must be kept at 36±2°C, standard atmospheric pressure and composition. Note that light fixtures must be completely sealed from the outside environment to prevent escape.


Object 046 is a worm-like organism approximately 0.4 meters in length, and 0.2 meters in circumference. It has a mouth-type orifice containing many soft, teeth-like structures, and a semi-segmented body dark brown in color. Presumably of extra-terrestrial alien origin, It was identified by Task Force Delta-5 in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil (00°07′48″S 67°05′20″W) on April 15, 2000 at a local hospital. A patient, identified as █████ ██ ████████, a 23 year-old male, was brought in suffering from severe ocular trauma. He was declared dead on arrival. Upon removal of the patient's right eye, doctors noted that the sphenoid bone had been completely shattered, and that a large portion of the patient's frontal lobe had been breached. Inside the breached portion of the frontal lobe were several soft, black, spherical objects, of around 0.7 centimeters in diameter of unknown origin. Hospital staff contacted local authorities.

The spherical objects apparently incubated inside the patient's body, erupting while the patient was in the morgue. A mortician noticed this anomaly and quickly sealed the room containing the patient. The objects, which are understood to be eggs, hatched nine small, wormlike organisms. By the time Task Force Delta-5 arrived, the organisms had grown to the standard size of SCP-046 and had eaten a large portion of the patient's head. Recovery agents were attacked unsuccessfully by the instances of SCP-046 that were encountered. Specimens attempted to burrow into agents' protective suits. The bodies of other presumed victims were later discovered and disposed of, namely those of a family of three: ██████ ██████, a 47 year-old female; ████ ██████, a 50 year-old male; and their child ████████ ██████, an 8 year-old female.

Animal testing at Area-14 has revealed that these organisms attempt to enter the body of the host through any available orifice. This has included the ocular cavity, mouth, anus, and even the ears. Once it has breached a lifeform's skin, it attempts to burrow to a depth of approximately 3 centimeters to lay its eggs. SCP-046 is extremely aggressive and will attack almost any moving object present in its enclosure. Custodians of SCP-046 must always wear the proper protective clothing with complete metal chain coverage. SCP-046 may be able to breach many types of fabric.

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