Primordial Soup
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Item #: SCP-1059

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1059 is to be enclosed in a 3 by 4 by 5 meter room, with routine time lapsed surveillance. No living organic material is to be introduced to SCP-1059 without Level 4 authorization and at least one Level 3 personnel supervising. As of 06-██-19██ (See Interview 1059-04), no one is to be allowed more than 65 man-hours of direct study. All researchers and personnel assigned to SCP-1059 are to undergo mandatory psych evals every 4-8 months.

Description: SCP-1059 appears to be a large amoebic mass or ooze confined in an ancient stone basin dating back to [REDACTED]. Container measures 0.5 meter high, and 2 meters in diameter. Attempts to remove SCP from its container are forbidden as of 10-██-████ (See Incident Report ████-██).

SCP-1059 appears to shift from color to color fluidly, without indication of what switch will happen next.

SCP shows anomalous properties when introduced with any foreign organic material. After SCP-1059 absorbs foreign material (hereafter referred to as subject), subject fully adapts to local environs (See Test Log). The same result may or may not repeat depending on the location of introduction and the species of subject introduced.

Chemical analysis of SCP reveals it to be largely water-based (although it is not soluble in water). In the center of the mass is a coagulated bundle of protein, specifically DNA. Said DNA is not from any single identifiable source, rather it seems to be from all identifiable sources. As of ██-██-████ (See Incident Report 1059-02), core samples are to be collected by D-class personnel only.

SCP is fully cognizant but not autonomous. Able to communicate with observers and surveillance teams. Postponing the feed by a few seconds, however, seems to remove SCP-1059’s ability to converse with those viewing the camera feed (See Interview 1059-06).

Wild specimen of SCP (hereafter referred to as SCP-1059-A) can be found in the Congo jungle. If found, capture or kill. Upon capture, SCP-1059-A are to be added to the basin. SCP-1059 does not appear to change in volume, size or potency due to added SCP-1059-A.

Drawn samples from SCP-1059 as well as SCP-1059-A are motile. They seem to roll forward, sometimes extending pseudopods to pull it forward. However, once added to the basin, movement ceases.


Incident Report 1059-01
The Foundation became aware of SCP because of local rumors about green men in the Congo jungle. Agents E█████ R███████ and I. A████ Lough were dispatched to investigate the situation.

What Agents R███████ and Lough found was a cult dedicated to SCP-1059, which the locals had deemed “Mvua Kirefu” (literally translating to Deep Rains).
Agent R███████ reports:

We were welcomed grandly. The cultists said that they had been expecting us. Some of them were green, covered in moss and leaf-like feathers, others had skin like bark, wrinkled and hard and peeling. Others still were [REDACTED]. They sat us down in front of a large fire, and spoke to us in plain English, although we communicated back in Kiswahili.
They told us that we were to become like them. We were as children, like they were once children. We were lost, misguided. The Deep would save us. The Deep was the father of all. We were to join. To become perfect. To right our paths. To spread the glory and the beauty of the Deep.
We agreed.
Lough went ahead. The Deep turned out to be this cyan goop in a stone dish. It was huge, immense, and beautiful. The trees around us shifted, and picked him up with their vines. They dipped him in the Deep, and tossed him back out. The screaming. Oh, god, the screaming.
I watched my friend age years in front of my eyes. His skin shed, and regrew. It hardened and blackened. He was one of them, perfectly camouflaged to live amongst the trees.
“Everything is so much more beautiful, E█████. I see the world as it was truly meant to be. Evolved. Adapted.” He sounded nothing like he used to. He offered his hand to me.
I shot him, twice in the chest and twice in the head, and ordered a napalm strike in the area.
The people were gone, the animals, the trees that had evolved were also gone. But that thing, that thing and its basin, they remained.

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