Princess Molestia

Item #: SCP-MOLE

Object Class: Pony

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-MOLE has to be contained inside a replica of her castle.

Description: SCP-MOLE is an alicorn from Equestria who takes on the form of Princess Celestia. The fact that this pony molests whoever it chooses makes it a high target. The fact that it can has magical properties makes it unpredictable on so many scales. SCP-MOLE has been known to use her hair as tentacles.

Addendum: One subject went into her chamber to check on SCP-MOLE was dragged in by her hair and was never seen again for a week. The subject came out, sexually abused in many, many ways that SCP-MOLE had destroyed the subject's ability to think at all.

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