Sentient Printer's SCPs
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SCP-XXXX upon initial discovery

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Is to be kept in 16500x4200x4000mm steel vault at Site-██. Any testing with SCP-XXXX must have O5-█ approval.

Description: The machine was discovered when a call was made to the police, reporting that there were body parts materializing from the film. After this call, all witnesses were administered level 1 amnesiacs and the call log was destroyed. SCP-XXXX a Film Printing Press, weighing at 13000kg. It is similar to a model made by ██████ Machinery Co. Model Number YAD-D. ██████ Machinery Co. denies all record of manufacturing this model. There are no noticeable physical anomalies, other than the reported film. All body parts created from this machine are fully functional when attached to the human body. (Please note this must be done manually, the body parts do not "latch" on to organisms) Studies show that all attached body parts do not reform to become organic material, but stay in their previously stated ink form. When cut or severed, ink secretes from the area, and the body part begins to 'deflate'.

Body parts printed from the machine include

• Arms
• Legs
• Fingers
• Toes
Notes: Occasionally it creates organs, but after being placed into the body, the subject quickly expires from blood poisoning.

Addendum: This machine may be used for medical purposes following on-site incidents. Avoid areas above 1832 degrees F, as this is the boiling point of ink. Please terminate whoever wrote this. Idiots.

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