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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained within Safe Storage Facility ██ in it's original packaging. When SCP-XXX is assembled and undergoing testing, light must be shone to illuminate all exposed sides. Under no circumstances are any non Class-D personnel to enter SCP-XXX when experimentation is under way (see incident report [REDACTED]).

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a green average single person tent. Created on the 6/10/████ by ███'s Outdoors. When SCP-XXX is set-up it is empty inside. However Ultra-Violet lights have shown that the floor and sides of SCP-XXX are covered in [DATA EXPUNGED] with no relation to any known cults, religions or other practices.

SCP-XXX appears to be difficult to penetrate. The only object shown to have been capable of cutting through SCP-XXX easily was a Diamond Cutter, however all those involved in it's damaging suffer horrible nightmares until repairs were made to SCP-XXX.

During experimentation it was later found that SCP-XXX only becomes active when placed in an environment of total darkness (see incident report [REDACTED]). Further experimentation found that a subjects inside SCP-XXX was safe as long as they were not alone when the room containting SCP-XXX was darkened. However those inside SCP-XXX have been found unable to escape, as SCP-XXX seals itself and will not open until it is enveloped in light. Those left inside SCP-XXX until the next day are found mentally broken and unable to perform even remidial tasks, speech deteriorats until subject is completely incoherent and shortly after the subject will lose control of all bodily functions. Subject later dies from multiple organ failure.


XXX-1: All non Class-D personnel are reminded not to enter SCP-XXX when the light are out following [DATA EXPUNGED]. - Dr. ████

Interviewed: Class-D Test Subject

Interviewer: Prof. ████████

Foreword: The Class-D Test Subject was placed inside SCP-XXX for an hour before we shined the lights on SCP-XXX and retrieved the Test Subject.

<Begin Log, 05/04/████ 9:47PM>

Interviewer: Prof. ████████: You have been inside SCP-XXX for roughly one hour how do you feel?

Class-D Test Subject: [Mouths some words]

Interviewer: Prof. ████████: Excuse me what was that?

Class-D Test Subject: Don't…

Interviewer: Prof. ████████: Don't what?

Class-D Test Subject: Shadows and fear…. Twisted visions, my mother was dying… I was raping her….

Interviewer: Prof. ████████: So you experienced twisted vision and were afraid?

Class-D Test Subject: [Leans closer] You see that gun in your pocket?

Interviewer: Prof. ████████: [Looks at his gun] Yes?

Class-D Test Subject: [Quickly crawls over the table, grabbing it out of the pocket as the Interviewer attempts to stop him, failing and puts it against his head] Goodbye…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The Subject killed himself and upon examination of his body it was found that he had clawed at his arms prior to the interview. Upon looking over the recording of this interview it was discovered that the Subject's voice and mannerisms had changed drastically from how they were prior to being placed inside SCP-XXX.

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